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2Ti 3.16 +

2 Ti 3.16

“All scripture is given by inspiration of God & is profitable for doctrine,

for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:”

“God is on the lookout today for a man who will be quiet enough to get a message from Him,

brave enough to preach it &

honest enough to live it.”

– Vance Havner

Many know the question, “What would Jesus do?” Better ask, “What DID Jesus do?” (That’s written in the Bible.) Jesus made no attempt to over-throw Rome. Jesus didn’t promote “His” nation nor its chocked-full-of-tradition religion. He established the Kingdom of God/Heaven. His Kingdom is a Realm of righteousness. As you face the uncertainty of society’s hyped “news” & limitations in freedom, Please Friend do not, Do Not DO what Jesus DID not do. – 8/16/21

“satan is not fighting churches; he is joining them. He does more harm by sowing tares than by pulling up wheat. He accomplishes more by imitation than by outright opposition.”

– Vance Havner

God made humans male & female. satan opposes what God does; he strives to blur the line between the sexes. Parents – do nothing (& I mean nothing) which will lean your son to be less than a man. Do nothing that’ll push your daughter to be less than a lady. In the battle to raise a man or raise a daughter TV is not your friend – get rid of it. Movies from hollywood/disney aren’t friends – do not go to see or rent such trash. Work with the Lord so your son is all male, daughter all female. Blessings. – 8/17/21    

a great fall

The broadway was calling, was beckoning,

And with short-sighted, selfish reckoning

You answered its alluring call.

Now you have “freedom,” “liberty,”

“I’m headed also to heaven, see?”

No, Friend, you’ve had a great fall.

– eab, 8/14/12

Thank God for every 50s Baptist, Congregational, Free Methodist, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, Salvation Army, & Wesleyan Methodist preacher who stood against TV, hollywood & disney. They were right – perhaps more right than they realized. AND the Lord *condemn* every son, grandson or “spiritual son” of such men who caved to this trash. Why did they grow silent on this filth & then buy one? More than one reason, no doubt, but a large one (IMO) was the pastor’s love or his kids love for sports. – 8/17/21

“…We may in general prolong our days by choosing wisdom

& shorten them by choosing folly.”

– John Fletcher

Jer 3:22

“Return, ye backsliding children & I will heal your backslidings.

Behold, we come unto thee; for thou art the LORD our God.”

It’s a sad thing to backslide in your 50s. To leave the Christ who saved you in pre-teen/teen years. What’s MORE sad? To backslide in your 20s & instill in your child a love for sports, to give them dancing lessons, teach them to love the circus, to love immodesty, feed them on the froth of movies, take them to fairs & carnivals, teach them to love racing &/or gambling. What chance do they have of repenting unless they see you repent? Your child may be lost & you too. Return, Prodigal, Return. – 8/19/21 

Error is never more dangerous than

when it looks a little like truth..”

John Fletcher

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