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2 Ti 4.7 +

2 Ti 4.7

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course,

I have kept the faith:”

“Old time religion wll keep you out of the grave longer

& get you out sooner.”

– C B Fugett

Can *you* tell truth from fiction? Can you tell truth from a lie when it’s written down?  in a picture? in movies? satan has done much to fill the world with mirage, illusion, holograms. satan wants you enslaved to laughter, lightness, trivia till your finger & toenails turn blue & its too late to have a clear-minded talk with God. STOP. Stop the almost constant “drug” of fiction. Become a seeker for truth. You don’t have to find a cave to do this, but you should kick out TV, hollywood/disney. TODAY. – 8/19/21

“Attacks on the Bible are really attacks on Christ.”
– Eldon Fuhrman, PhD

I could wish the church were not so influenced by the world. Why is it? It has to be because “the world” is still inside too many church members & yes, sadly, inside the man who should be a “man of God.” Does this have to be? The best of churches will have a tinge of this earth; after all, we live here & are still humans. But God has an experience of Grace called Sanctification, in which we die out to craving the world’s approval. Have you been Sanctified? – 8/21/21

second birth

A man of the most common birth

Born anywhere on this whole earth,

Can, by the “second birth” BE,

The son of the King of Eternity.

– eab,  8/22/14


They sang the hymns of Wesley & Watts,

Listened to the preacher’s prayers & thoughts

And slipped outside in reverence & in fear;

Knowing the Almighty had just been very near.

– eab,  8/22/19

Is it your goal to go to Heaven? I know of no better Book to tell us of Heaven’s splendors. Are you reading It? If you were planning to visit Asia or Europe I imagine you’d read up on this or that about where you wished to visit. Going to Heaven is even more crucial – the saint is moving there permanently. Read, yes study, even memorize things about this future Home – If. You. Plan. To. Go. Blessings on your reading. – 8/22/21 

Mat 7.14

“…Strait is the gate & narrow is the way,

which leadeth unto life & few there be that find it.”

How important it is to ascertain the will of God, before we undertake anything,

because we are then not only blessed in our own souls, but also the work of our hands will prosper.”

George Mueller

Some readers had a saint for a Dad. Some of you are doing things against which your Daddy preached. DO YOU THINK GOD HAS *2* STANDARDS:  One, for your holy progenitor & a different one for you?  “Daddy was too strict on X & on Y too.”  Dear son, dear daughter Are? You? Sure? Are you sure Daddy was too strict or, hear it, OR have you grown worldly? I’m happy your Dad (Bro So-n-So to me) is in heaven – I want you to go too. Please love God enough to obey Scripture. Search It! – 8/22/21 

Never come out of your chamber in the morning

until everything is right between you & God.”

– George Mueller

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