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1Ti 6.10 +

1Ti 6.10

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after,

they have erred from the faith…”

“I remember when the Titanic sank in 1912, it was the ship that was supposed to be unsinkable. The only thing it ever did was sink. When it took off from England, all kinds of passengers were aboard – millionaires, celebrities, people of moderate means, and poor folks down in the steerage. But a few hours later when they put the list in the Cunard office in New York, it carried only two categories – lost and saved. Grim tragedy had leveled all distinctions.

– Vance Havner

You have taken a look at hell & know you don’t want to go. You’ve liked the idea of going to heaven, being “on God’s side,” even working for Him. Question. Have you died out to your desires? Or are you trying to do God’s work *your way*? Do the songs you sing make your voice, look good? Do the sermons you preach show-off self? Is your work for God covered with selfish fingerprints? You can & yes, I’ll say you Must, be born again (& later sanctified holy) to do God’s Full Will. – 8/7/21

“Paul was not ignorant of Satan’s devices, but we are not so wise. Among his most successful devices today are these: exalting tolerance above truth; emphasizing the head more than the heart; making size more important than sort; stressing the positive to the neglect of the negative; putting happiness above holiness; majoring on this world instead of the next.”
– Vance Havner

How are you praying for America? Asking God to help in politics? In government virus? In jobs? These may have a place – a small place. The HUGE need is a Spiritual Awakening. Brother/Sister, we need a Holy Ghost Revival. God (I don’t know but pose the possibility) may not spare America. The USA has had rampant immorality, killings, whiskey / drugs, & worship of the god of sports. We need humility in pulpit & pew. We need a hungering for God. Are you? Am I hungering for righteousness? – 8/12/21


Carnal man likes to be seen,

Likes you to know his fair worth,

Wants to stand out in his crowd,

Longs for acclaim on this earth.

Holy hearts want the Lord seen,

Lift up His name for acclaim,

Readily give up “lime light,”

Backing away from cheap fame.

– eab, 8/12/05  (2 of 7 parts of poem)

Have you considered giving God 100% control over your life? “Uh – He’s pretty much got that now.” Are you happy with that answer: it seems shallow. “Well – – – I don’t want to do anything radical; I still want to be able to go to my ball games.” Please sir/ma’am, I strongly urge you to give God all of you. Give Him as much as you’ll wish you had when the death rattle is in your throat. – 8/12/21

1Ti 6.20

“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,

avoiding profane & vain babblings…”

“A sharp pen may be guided by a kind heart.”

John Fletcher 

You were born with a name you don’t like. I understand you can do to court & change it. You pay a fee (I suppose) & get a new name but even if you change it to a moneyed person’s name, you won’t be on their will. Now, Headed UP. You (because of the marvelous Gift of God’s Son) can come to God & change your name from “sinner” to “saint.” But this is not just a name change – God removes the load of quilt & makes you a new Creature. And – HEAR IT, you DO get to inherit heaven as well. Thank. You. Jesus! – Aug. ‘21

If remorse is confounded with repentance

hell is filled with penitents…” 

John Fletcher 

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1Ti 6.6 +

1Ti 6.6

“…Godliness with contentment

is great gain.”

“The door of the visible church

is incomparably wider than the door of heaven.

Richard Baxter

satan lies. Liar that he is he tries to convince young, tough guys “Only sissies are Christians.” The Strongest Man who ever walked the face of the earth was Jesus Christ. He had a burden on His shoulders – your sins. But it didn’t stop there – His burden included the sins of your brothers & sisters. The heavy, load Jesus carried included the sins of every man/woman who lives in your village, your county. Christ carried the weight of the WORLD on Him as He died on the cross. He was a Mighty Man. – 8/11/21

“Whereas once the church believed in, spoke of, & practiced the cure of souls,

it has shifted its faith to a secular cure of minds.”

Bobgans & Mahan

Dear Sinner (for whoever needs this) – you just got word – you have terminal cancer. I can imagine satan saying “It’s not fair to God to turn to Him now. You’ve lived long for me, you’d live such a short time for God; go ahead & die a sinner & ‘tough it out’ in hell.” DO NOT LISTEN TO THE DEVIL. Flee to Jesus. Jesus died for sinners *just like you.* Besides, you never know 1.) The Lord could allow you to live twice as long as expected. And 2.) You could win some old cronies to Jesus. – 8/11/21


God, at the Judgment high above,

May charge shallow men with libel.

Who tried to raise a lesser “book”

Purposely miscalling it a “bible.”

– eab,  8/11/15

God gave mid-limb joints: elbow in arm, knee in the leg. It would be presumptive to say these are mainly “joints” for modesty. But an elbow IS a natural stopping spot for a sleeve in public appearance, as is the knee for skirt/trousers. “That’s sooo legalistic, Bryan.” Legalistic? Think twice. They’re logical demarcations. If the sleeve is raised above it, there’s no natural stopping place until the arm-pit. If pants on men or skirts on women are raised above the knee there’s no natural stopping place till a crotch. Please back away from “legal” & consider the word logical & Stop falling away to worldly appearances. – 8/11/21 

“Conscious confidence (faith) and

conscious rebellion cannot co-exist..

J A Wood

Rom 14.7

“For none of us liveth to himself,

& no man dieth to himself.”

God allowed the cells to join which started you & allowed your mother to birth you. God made provision (by giving His Son) that you can be Born Again (& then after living for Him) go spend eternity with the Almighty. Never consider taking your own life. First – live for God. Second – live for others (helping them physically or mentally or best of all spiritually). Third – live for yourself. SUICIDE IS SIN. God only forgives sins that are past. Never think you can ask forgiveness for killing yourself. Never. – 8/11/21    

Man’s departure from God was voluntary;

his return must likewise be voluntary.”

L D Wilcox

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1Ti 3.7 +

1Ti 3.7

“Moreover he must have a good report of them which are without;

lest he fall into reproach & the snare of the devil.”

The Middle Ages featured ‘mystery plays’…in theaters or public squares.

The Reformation replaced theatrics with biblical exposition.”

– John A Bjorlik

Young lady, only God knows who you should marry. Do not be fooled by the guys size, his strength, his ability to make money. Don’t be swayed by his thoughtfulness & roses. (It could appear the “game of catching” a girl – making sure she doesn’t marry the “competition” can End at the altar – some wives are “taken for granted.”) You’ve got the feeling (& kind-a-wish) he’s going to ask you to marry him. Pray like you’ve not prayed about anything except your soul. You dare not wed until God says yes. Please. – 8/7/21  

The Scripture…warns about psychotherapy: being spoiled through ‘Philosophy & vain deceit,after the traditions of men,after the rudiments of the world’ which ruin beleivers by taking away their dependence on Christ & God’s Word.
– Bobgans & Mahan

One Being can save you from a sorrowful marriage. You spell His Name G. O. D. That girl may look like a dream. Her mother may like you. Her dad may think you “tops.” And your folks may like her too. She may be able to play x instrument & sing in church. She may give a spiritual testimony. Do not ask her to marry you until you have clarity from God. Marriage is for life. This is the BIGGEST decision of your life now (assuming you’re already redeemed & Spirit filled). Pray until you are assured of God’s will. – 8/7/21  


There’s a horrid blight call pride

(Which the unsaved delight to show).

With the unsanctified it’s still inside

Suppressed, because they now know

It’s so unlike their Savior & Lord

They’re seeking to get it off-board.

The Holy Ghost specializes in taking it out

Along with carnal anger, jealousy & hate

And self-will with it’s hidden snarl & pout

All related to Adam biting satan’s bait.

With these all gone the heart is pure

And able to more easily temptations endure.

– eab,  8/10/18 

“Not everything the left-wing church in town does is wrong;” No, it’s not wrong to ring the bell at service time, not wrong to have a parking lot. But if that leftish church is not seeing souls truly converted (few-if-any are) please, evangelical/holiness pastor do not, repeat Do Not copy their VBS theme a yr or two later, nor bring in the same singers for a youth emphasis. Your church, Brother, needs Holy Ghost power. He’ll draw not just souls in, He will draw in the souls ready to quite sin. – 8/9/21 

Jas 5.16

“Confess your faults one to another & pray one for another, that ye may be healed.

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

“…He [Christ] will pronounce the most terrible, yet tearful, maledictions against the hypocritical formalist & the lukewarm professor who are the friends of the world & consequently the enemies of God.”

Samuel Brengle 

May I urge you to get alone with God? Ask God for a deeper desire for One-on-one fellowship with Him. Your country needs a Holy Ghost awakening. (Do you see it? Do you see it enough to pray more?) Your village needs to hear God’s holy anger against sin. (Hear it again – – – or perhaps your town has never had a REVIVAL.) Your group of fellow christians & your family need to feel the impending wrath of God. Please slow down (or drop) a shallow, time-wasting hobby & pray or PRAY MORE. – 8/9/21     

Be sure of this, it is not Jesus that is torturing you with thoughts of the future for He has commanded you to ‘take no thought of the morrow’…but when you come up to the point of obedience, be true, if it takes your life.” 

Samuel Brengle 

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1Ti 3.5 +

1Ti 3.5

“For if a man know not how to rule his own house,

how shall he take care of the church of God?”

“Oh, that I had a thousand lives & a thousand bodies! All of them should be devoted to no other employment but to preach Christ to these degraded, despised, yet beloved mortals.

Robert Moffatt

“I’m proud of my son” or “You make me proud” or “So proud of what you’re doing;” Proud, Proud, Proud. From where, dear believer in Heart Purity, is all this coming? Have we forgotten that one of the main things Sanctification does remove Pride? No man, no woman, Filled with the Holy Ghost is proud. Please examine your heart. If pride has not been removed it can be, it should be. OR please examine your vocabulary & remove from it words you either do not mean or words you Should not mean. – 8/6/21

“In the vast plain to the north I have sometimes seen, in the morning sun,

the smoke of a thousand villages where no missionary has ever been.”

Robert Moffatt

Just because a man is unknown or has few “followers” doesn’t mean he’s right. But when a man’s message is popular & he’s leading multitudes, consider taking a Hard look at him. He may be a false prophet. When a man preaches/teaches Truth today, Truth tomorrow, Truth every time he speaks he’s bound to offend. “If ye were of the world the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you”(Joh 15.19). – 8/9/21


O to live in the place

Where God’s shining face,

Upon us each moment He glows.

And to have, constantly,

That desire to be,

One of His little ones, that grows.

Then to move as He goes,

For He always knows

The walk our feet should take.

He’s there to keep,

Even when we’re asleep

So there isn’t any mistake.

– eab, August 1975

Did you worship God yesterday? I realize it was the Lord’s Day – I don’t necessarily mean did you go to church (although I hope you did). Did you worship? In the hour you awakened, did you seek out a place where you & God would be alone together? Or did you take a PM walk (again just you & God) where you saw Him in a bit of His Majesty, where you heard His voice of Fatherly rebuke or compassion, or love & you told Him you loved HIM With. All. Your. Heart? Did you worship? – 8/9/21

“Trust wholly in Christ; rely altogether on His sufferings; beware of seeking to be justified in any other way than by His righteousness. Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient for salvation.

John Wycliff

Jer 17.9

“The heart is deceitful above all things

& desperately wicked: who can know it?”

satan doesn’t mind you being religious – some of his most loyal, devilish slaves are part of this cult or that. The devil can handle you going to hear “So-n-So” sing with their “toe-tappen, hand-clappen” roll-of-the-drums “music” (There’s little-if-any-room for the Blessed Holy Sprit in too many “sings.”) The fact is many/most “sings” are dangerous for the backslidden soul – they can make him feel all is well, feel free to raise his hand (which he wouldn’t do for a strict holiness preacher) & thus deceive him. – 8/9/21

Ignorance of the Holy Scriptures is the cause of all evils.

If we go unarmed to battle how can we escape.”


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2Ti 3.3 +

2Ti 3.3

[A bishop] “Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of

filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

Augustine supported military force against those who were rebaptized…

[Therefore do not read or model your theology after Augustine.]

– from Dave Hunt

We mere mortals need to pray, every & more than once a day. Ah yes, & Oh yes, how we need God – our prayer is so needful to us. God needs nothing (He is God.) needs not our measly words, nor our weak worship but (forgive me as I be reverently, boldly say) He “enjoys” hearing from us. Think of a man of wealth in his at-home-office receiving a timid knock & then having his 3 yr old child give him a posy she/he just picked – Need it? Not at all. Enjoy it? Immensely! It came from his/her loving heart. – 8/3/21 

Luther…wrote, ‘In the beginning I devoured Augustine, but when…

I knew what justification by faith really was, then it was out with him.’
– from Dave Hunt

The church (organized “organ” of man) is too charmed by art.

Some have artsy statutes inside (& out) in spite of the prohibition against images.

Some have artistic architecture surrounded by artfully placed walks & trees & flower beds.

Some have paintings of leaders or a supposed picture of Christ (no one knows what He looked like).

Some use the “art of music” to excess (beyond the “spiritual songs”) exalting singer or group.

Church – please return to simple worship of God, honest praying, plain teachings of the Word. – 8/3/21


If you must admire trivia, give it only a brief glance

Don’t let it trap you with its glint or swift dance

There’s no end of ways satan would side-track

And have you waste time which will never come back

Stack up tooth picks, carve ice, made images in sand

Which for a moment look neat, even a bit grand

But in the light of eternity, In the sight of God

Were wasted days, months, years – even or odd

These days could have benefited the Lord or man.

Have a hobby? Do it slightly. Keep it in hand.

– eab,  8/4/21

When you want to wear a necklace; realize the Bible prohibits pearls, so you wear sea-shells or plastic

When you want to wear a ring; realize God’s word prohibits gold, so you wear silver or wood

When you want to be entertained; know hollywood is rotten, so you substitute a “christian” film

When you want to play cards; don’t want gambler’s cards, but play game after game with imitations

When you want holiday “sparkling” drinks; won’t use alcohol, but have bottles which are look-a-likes

Please, Bro. Please Sis. either get saved from such or, if saved, ask God to help you Grow Up. – 8/6/21

1Ti 4.1

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times

some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits & doctrines of devils;”

“He must be sanctified; he must know that his heart is cleansed, that pride & self-will & carnal ambition, & strife & sensitiveness, & suspicion & unbelief, & all unholy tempers are destroyed by the baptism of the Holy Spirit.”

Samuel Brengle 

Four of us walked into the night woods: Uncle Hardin carrying his rifle, my f-n-l carrying a sharp double-bitted ax, my b-n-l & me. Coon hunting was not my “thing” but tonight was a time to share a family experience. After the dogs had treed the rifle changed hands with the ax & Carson & I held the dogs. Uncle Hardin, hardened mountain man he was, started into the tree. Down, at an angle. Lower, more level, Down, at an angle, Lower, more level. “But someone might get hit with a chip.” We possible were (I don’t recall). Let. The. Chips. Fall. Where. They. May! The tree fell, dogs were released, chips were long forgotten. Too many are concerned about the chips & not concerned about the object of the hunt. See, as God helps you, see the Big Pic. The Reward. Not the chips. – 8/6/21 

The difference between wise men & fools, rich men & poor men, saints & sinners, saved men & damned men does not usually result…from difference of circumstances…as in the difference in their use of time.” 

Samuel Brengle 

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2Ti 3.2 +

2Ti 3.2

A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant,

sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach;”

I call God to record against the day we shall appear before our Lord Jesus, that I never altered one syllable of God’s Word against my conscience, nor would do this day, if all that is in earth, whether it be honor, pleasure, or riches, might be given me.”

– Wm Tyndale

There is no such thing as a sinning Saint. Nor, is there a “righteous” sinner. You are one or the other.  You can (By God’s grace) go from sinner to being a Saint or sadly, you can go slide back from being a Saint to again being a sinner. No one is ever both, at the same time. No one. – 6/24/21

Christ forbiddeth his disciples & that oft…not only to climb above lords, kings & emperors

in worldly rule, but also to exalt themselves one above another in the kingdom of God
– Wm Tyndale

There was a day (thank God for such a time) when a speaker or writer could assume his hearers/readers knew Holy Writ & therefore connected with truth as he referenced this or that OT/NT person or event. Sadly movies or TV shows (& the worldly actors who play such) have replaced some of this. I see a movie/TV name show up on social media – used to identify an action or personality. Christ Himself asked “…When the Son of man cometh shall he find faith on the earth?”(Luk 18.8) – 7/31/21


I’m not building a church or other org

This side tomb, this side the morgue

Trying to bring you in or shut you out

Because this doctrine you hold or that you doubt.

But the Savior who died for your sin

(Both those outside & those within.)

Is building His Church & it has rules

(His ways separate the wise from fools.)

He even left us a Book to instruct –

So we don’t need to feel sad or stuck.

Love God with all your soul & heart

Toward your neighbor do a rightful part

And, if heaven you hope to joyfully sight

Walk now, Brother, walk in ALL your light.

– eab,  8/4/21

Prayer is communion. It is a two-way trail winding from earth to heaven & Praise the Lord, also ascending from the Throne to your home. You may freely pass along it. God, or course, also passes freely there. At times you & God meet. A head-on-crash? Not at all. This meeting on the path of prayer is not disastrous, it is glorious. It is the mingling of an earthy child with The Heavenly Father. It is the mixing of a redeemed creature with the Creator who provided for that redemption. A Holy Union while still below. – 8/3/21

Heb 9.27

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die

but after this the judgment:”

“I believe that in the end the truth will conquer.”

John Wycliff

Someday you’ll last slouch in that favorite chair, talking to a best friend – The 1 of you 2 will be gone.

Another friend dies – you didn’t realize the last time you saw him, was the last time you’d see him.

Some hour you’ll receive news of death of Mrs “X” – there are NO exceptions to the “law” of mortality. Have you caught on yet? You may have avoided death at this intersection only to meet it at the next. We can’t outrun the grim reaper – so – what can we do? Prepare to die, my dear Friend, prepare to die. – 8/4/21

Holy Scripture is the highest authority for every believer,

the standard of faith & the foundation for reform.” 

John Wycliff

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2Ti 2.9 +

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel,

with shamefacedness & sobriety; not with broided hair or gold or pearls, or costly array;”

“God wonderfully helped the preacher [Jonathan Edwards] but

many of his people had been up all night on Saturday praying for God.”

– George B Kulp

“R.I.P.” is often printed just like this, or at times is written out, “Rest In Peace.” Often this comes from sinners & is too easily said. If the deceased lived right (so he could DIE right) R.I.P. is unnecessary – he/she is a place so peaceful (if we could glimpse in) we’d be amazed, having never seen anything like it. AND, if the deceased dropped into hell’s horrors, he’ll never know peace. R.I.P. is shallow. – 7/24/21

“God cannot be for & against the same thing at the same time.”
– Abraham Lincoln (quoted by George Kulp)

Teach your child to read. It could be said “Reading is the greatest KEY to the good life on earth.” But – it gets better – to be able to Read the Bible is the KEY (along with obedience to Christ) to all that lies ABOVE earth. A man who can read can learn all he needs to know about the grammar & literature of his native tongue. He can likewise acquaint himself with history, geography, & what science & math he needs to do his work. The Key is being able to read & a desire to do so. Teach your child both. – 8/1/21


Things have strings

And tie you down with their weight.

The more things, the more strings

Don’t let sinking be your “fate.”

Cast off the ropes, the tether

Of woods and metals and leather

Give it all away – or if not

Break the strings – let them rot.

Be free from the bindings of earth

Both its sorrows and its bit of mirth.

Ready to lift away and fly

(No suitcase is needed up on high)

Own all you own; not it *own you.

String-less riches are the True!

– eab,  8/2/17 

You want to dress/talk/be like the world? You want to go where they go, listen to their junky “music” & laugh at their off-color “jokes”? How long can this last? Regardless of how long the world stands your life could be over in less than 50 yrs – maybe less than 10 yrs – could be less than 10 days. What you WANT to *look like, *sound like, *be like, will soon be gone; then what? Eternity. Then what? ETERNITY. Read it one more time E*T*E*R*N*I*T*Y. That friend is a long, Long time. – 8/2/21

Gen 17.1

“…I am the Almighty God; walk before me

& be thou perfect.”

“Do not be discouraged; there are no hard cases with God. He will answer prayer &

save the sinner if we get in earnest & then refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer…”

J B McBride

God’s man will preach/write some things an un-Filled man is afraid to say. Churches have divorced & remarried couples comfortably attending because a pastor is silent. Some go to professional sports events because a pastor is silent. Others have a night they watch hollywood disney movies because a pastor says nothing. “There’s more to preach, Bryan.” I fully agree, but weeds grow when not mentioned – & weeds can crowd out the good within the family. Preach against the world at times. – 8/2/21    

The soul that will indulge in lightness & foolish conversation & idle away God’s valuable time

in loitering around with the world’s crowd can never speak ‘as the oracles of God.’” 

J B McBride

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