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Heb 9.27 +

Heb 9.27

“…is appointed unto men once to die,

but after this the judgment:”

“Every soul that is ever damned,

some time resists the Holy Ghost for the last time.”

– A M Hills

Home school. “Reading & writing & ‘rithmatic” are definitely arranged in order of importance.

Reading is by FAR the most important. Expand the list to include geography, history, science, you-name-it, reading is still Number One.

The man who can read, can read the Bible, the greatest Book ever printed. Period. This Wonderful Text is the reason a Christian wants his child to learn to read. Teach reading! – 8/31/21 

“Man is too godlike in his origin, too glorious in his destiny,

to waste himself in a career of sin.”

– A M Hills

The presence of the Blessed Holy Ghost gives a man Authority; an Authority far beyond himself. When a man refuses Holy Ghost filling he may seek authority & find “it” in education, in degrees, in becoming a popular (ear tickling) speaker, in authorship. They can all be SAD substitutes. – Summer ‘21    


Some live as though it would be nice

To find a sign, “Heaven – ½ price.”

Sadly the idea (if not the sign) does abound

In domestic and foreign religions it is found

Their “arrows” all point horizontally

Promising “this or that,” abundantly.

The true heaven is Up, my friend.

And, you’ll know it’s priced right – in-the-end.

– eab, 9/3/16 

Sad & Blue

Maybe you feel like a “country song,”

Are you truly all sad and blue?

Does it seem everything’s gone wrong?

Friend, I know a Savior for you!

– eab, 9/3/16

Ask God to give you a better understanding of Hell. “Hush, Bryan, I don’t want to even think about damnation.” No. Thoughts of its sadness, its separation from all that’s pure, its lack of drinking water should bother us. And No. I can understand that we do not wish to contemplate the flames, the memories, the endlessness of Hell. But should we not as followers of Christ think about it enough until we’re praying souls into God’s Kingdom? Praying them off the slippery road to perdition? God help us! – 9/2/21

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”

– Dante   > words he imagines over the gate of hell. <

Luk 16.23

“And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments,

& seeth Abraham afar off, & Lazarus in his bosom.”

Devotions a little dry?  Have you tried reading a Hymn? No, I didn’t say singing; I said reading. With due respect to sopranos, altos, tenors & bass guys – sang bass in choirs 1957 (& since), sang bass in 2 quartets – you may get more from the words if not trying to do notes & timing. Read Hymn on your knees or in your prayer-chair. Read Hymn aloud, if no one is around. Read Hymn prayerfully, ask God to underscore truths YOU need now. Read them & think about their weighty words. – 9/3/21

“There is no greater sorrow,
than thinking back upon a happy time,
In misery.”

– Dante

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