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Heb 11.1 +

Heb 11.1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,

the evidence of things not seen.”

It is Christ-like to see something in the other fellow

that is better than the things you see in your own self.”

– Buddy Robinson

satan tried to make a substitute for Miracle – he calls his imitation magic. Please Mom/Dad, don’t buy your child a book which uses anything magic. If you know your household owns a book which speaks positively about magic – burn it. Today. Don’t borrow a library book which glorifies magic. Don’t think satan can’t empower a devil of his to make magic “work.” He will fool saints unless God helps us. – 9/1/21

“Lord, I thank you for letting me see the sights of New York

& Lord I thank you that I didn’t see anything I wanted.”

– Buddy Robinson

Be very “Curious.” Be never curious. What? Please be “inquisitive” “inquiring” “interested” (entries 1, 2, & 4 from my computer Thesaurus) as to what our Lord Jesus taught, & what His disciples penned.  You can’t inquire too much into the 27 NT Books. Please don’t be inquisitive about the “power of darkness” (Col 1.13). Some (as I understand) have gotten curious about satan’s forces & been drawn in, to perhaps never escape. Don’t show any interest in devilish power. Period. – 9/1/21


If the joy would flow

You have to three things know:

That you were lost, headed below

That Jesus washed you white as snow

And you’re NOW ready to heavenward go.

– eab,  9/4/12

CAUTION – Please holiness pastor, holiness leader, be very careful about attending meetings (local or larger) which bring together ministers from various backgrounds. Shun most (if not all) confabs labeled “interfaith.” “Ecumenical” is a word from which you should run. “But, Bryan, they say some ‘good things’.” They may. Had we listened to a NT Pharisee talking we might’ve been impressed. Jesus was NOT. He did not cooperate with them – nor Paul, nor Peter. We shouldn’t. – 9/1/21

2Co 6.14

“…What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?

& what communion hath light with darkness?”

Freedom it the open window through which

pours the sunlight of the human spirit & human dignity.”

President Herbert Hoover

Too many modern choruses were written by musicals – the words may match a tune but they at times fail to rhyme. If just read, some would be boring, perhaps nonsensical. Most of the great Hymns were penned by poets. Many of these men/women created meaningful rhyme schemes. Many of these Hymns make perfect sense when read. And, only God knows the number of them written in the heat of the greatest battle(s) of their life. Hymns are testimonial. Hymns were NOT penned to entertain. – 9/3/21

War is death’s feast.”

– George Herbert

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