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Heb 11.2 +

Heb 11.2

“For by it [faith] the elders

obtained a good report.”

“There can be no alternative;

it is either Holy Ghost revival or apostasy.”

– Jonathan Goforth.

Do you read your child (who doesn’t yet read) fairy tales? Should you? Please make this subject (“touchy” to some) a matter of prayer. What you read Johnny is not (with due respect) the affair of either your parents or your wife’s parents. God gave Johnny to you! Reading him true accounts (or a kid’s story that COULD be true) is far better than having him believe in *Make Believe.* Amen? Ouch? – 9/1/21

“We cannot emphasize too strongly our conviction

that all hindrance in the Church is due to sin.”

– Jonathan Goforth.

Please sir/ma’am, don’t concentrate your Prayers on a foreign (or local) political figure. Pray for a Spiritual Awakening. All men (“good” guys & bad guys) are going to die. Therefore they need saved. You may agree 95-100% with “x” but if he’s not been Born Again, he’s on his way to perdition. You may disagree equal percentages with “y” but if not saved, he’s headed to hell. Raise your prayers above “party” lines. America needs, Canada needs, the World needs an awakening. Pray! Pray!! – 9/6/21

Sonnet to Watch

Once they wanted heaven,

Now they’re happy with earth.

Once liked holy laughter,

Now seek out cheap mirth.

Once saints were their company,

Now saints they seem to shun.

Once they were in the race,

Now have forgotten how to run.

Be watchful little pilgrim,

Be humble in your own sight,

Be loving to your neighbor,

One near, one in swift flight.

Work, walk, be awake, watch.

Day soon turns to dark night.

– eab, 9/6/09

BIBLE – The Bible contains facts of science. Its details on botany, zoology (& all between) are accurate. Pseudoscience contradicts the Bible & does so purposely. The god of science is not the God of Scripture; God was first; the god of science is satan. He started off with “…Yea hath God said…” & followed that with a lie, “…Ye shall not surely die”(Gen 3.1&4). Start reading your Bible SEEING how often science books say the opposite of God’s Word. Then do what all Christians do: BELIEVE the Bible. – 9/6/21 

1Ti 6.17

“Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded,

nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;”

The Gospel in miniature” –

– What Luther called Joh 3.16

BIBLE – Pseudoscience says the moon is a reflector. “Reflector” is not in the Bible. The Bible says the moon is a light “…God made…the lesser *light to rule the night…”(Gen 1.16). 3 great OT prophets say the moon is a *light “…Moon shall not cause her *light to shine”(Isa 13.10). “…LORD…giveth…the ordinances of the moon…for a *light by night…”(Jer 31.35). “…The moon shall not give her *light”(Eze 32.7). Christ Himself said “…The moon shall not give her *light”(Mat 24.29&Mar 13.24). Oh, Believe HIM! – 9/6/21 

It is a miracle how God has so long preserved his book!

How great & glorious it is to have the Word of God!”

– Martin Luther

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