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Heb 11.6 +

Heb 11.6

“…Without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is,

& that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”

“I had rather wear out, than rust out.”

– Whitfield’s last spoken words; he was only 56 years old.

There’s no better place for you to anchor your thought-life than the Bible. Sure, philosophers have ideas – they change. Medical “authorities” have ideas – they change. The world of finance has ideas – they’re inflating the dollar (BTW expect that bubble to bust – it could do it before this post is a yr old). Churches & modern preachers have ideas – they change. God’s Word is a Powerful, Permanent base for your life – now & for all Eternity. Anchor in It. – 9/6/21

“Lord Jesus, I am weary in thy work,

but not of it.”

– George Whitefield, English revivalist

A prospector may work western creeks & rivulets for yrs & find little gold. But an honest man (with Bible in hand) who’ll take time with God, *will* find Truth. The prospector hopefully knows gold when he sees gold. A seeker after Truth may find Truth – & at the same time wish he hadn’t – it makes him uncomfortable. Friend, Truth is good for you: Now & for all Eternity. Jesus will help you change so that Truth will comfort you, instead of making you uncomfortable. Seek Truth. – 9/7/21   

Ditch the substitute             

Need more money? Print more money.

It has value.  Why would you ask?

If you believe in it – it’s a coupon

For a temporary task.

Need value, dig, refine gold;

Its value can’t be oversold.

Paper will burn.  How much worth is ash?

Gold will not burn – value beyond a “crash.”

Man’s religion – ever so bright and crisp,

Will not survive the fire of earth’s night.

God’s salvation is forever,

Ditch the substitute – get the right.

– eab,  9/9/09

Do not take into you body smoke, powder, liquid from any unknown substance, regardless of who is  giving, selling it or what they say their qualifications are. God made provision for you to live healthy from Fruits, Grains, Meats, Nuts, Veggies & healthful drinks & water. Do not start to depend on pharmacy product or pray about stopping such dependency. Be in charge of your life and, hear it AND ready to meet the Lord anytime. – 9/9/21

“Cursed be all that learning

that is contrary to the cross of Christ.”

– President James Madison

1Co 6.19

“…Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you,

which ye have of God & ye are not your own?”

A friend recently noted “The bride of Christ is not comprised wholly of ‘holiness’ denominations.” He is right. I hasten to add all the bride have Holy Hearts. Many groups of churches fail to emphasis living holy but their Paper Work has “Holy” or “Holiness” in its paragraphs & Thank God, among its congregations is a saint, Holy & longing for the Holy Land Above. Sadly, very sadly, there are too many in “holiness” groups who are not Holy & seem to have little desire to live Pure. – 9/9/21

“Fear is the darkroom in which negatives are developed.”

– from a marquee  

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