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Heb 12.14 +

Heb 12.14

“Follow peace with all men & holiness,

without which no man shall see the Lord”

The Spirit, forever distinguishsed

yet never divided from the Lord.”  

– George MacDonald

If you answer more quickly to the word “Patriot” than to the word “Christian” you either are not saved or, Or you have not thought this through. Too many seem to love a chunk of earth more than they love the Creator of the earth. They seem to love their “freedoms” more than they love sinners. They seem ready to kill a sinner who stands in the way of their “way of life” more than they love his/her never dying soul. PLEASE, before a revolt starts settle it – you’ll intentionally kill no sinner. – 9/13/21

“A man may take the dark for light, but

he canna take the light for darkness.”

– George MacDonald

The holy man doesn’t want to be noticed. An unholy man rather enjoys you seeing his flashy suit, loud tie & expensive shoes. The unholy dude has purposely gotten a modern hair cut & purposely trims his beard for the looks it may bring. “Brother” do you enjoy seeing heads turn as you walk by? Many a man in hell was a slave to pride. I beg you to die out to the world & ALL its fashions. Today! – 9/15/21

Thus saith the Lord

Never be afraid to say, “Thus saith the Lord”

IF the Lord said thus.

Fear not the face of man, ah

Fear not one of us.

Speak as a prophet with

No strings or things attached,

Pray and preach, preach and pray

Let Truth be said, let Truth be hatched.

The world and the worldly church

Need once again to solemnly hear

The Word of the Lord spoken

Without favor, with faith, without fear.

– eab,  9/15/17 

The distain some seem to feel for the Classic of all English Bibles is acquired. Either acquired by you or perhaps by a pastor or professor who influenced you. No one is Born with enmity toward the King James Bible. “Well, Bryan, I don’t think I actually dislike it – I like XXX better.” Christ said “He that is not with me is against me & he that gathereth not with me scattereth”(Luk 11.23). The support (or lack of support) for the Authorized Bible is similar – you can’t love it equally with your XXX. – 9/15/21

“God nowhere tells to give up things for the sake of giving them up…

give them up for…the only thing worth having–viz. life with Him.”

– Oswald Chambers,

Mat 12.30

“He that is not with me is against me &

he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

Entertainment can be repeated. There is no song, drama, performance, speech (IMO) which can’t be done again with almost the same smile, raise of the hand, put-on-laughter, “fake” teary-sounding voice. It’s a “show.” Yes, I understand, the one doing it may not yet see it as a program but unless they have God’s presence that’s what it amounts to. By contrast – please hear this – when a man speaks under the Anointing, his actions are God-ordained for that audience, for that night. It is not a show. Glory to God. – 9/15/21

“If you are depending upon anything but Him [God],

you will never know when He is gone.” – Oswald Chambers

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