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Heb 13.12 +

Heb 13.12

“Wherefore Jesus also, that he might sanctify the people with his own blood,

suffered without the gate”

“There is a pleasure in being in a ship beaten about by a storm when we are sure that it will not founder. The persecutions which harass the Church are of this nature.”

– Blaise Pascal

When you die isn’t important, though I wish you long life (if that’s your wish). Where you die is of little consequence, though if you have a preference, I’d wish that for you too. With whom you die is not that important though I could wish a close friend Close. Why you die can be VERY important – don’t waste your death on a frivolous cause (that could give satan pleasure). “Where you headed, Bryan?” HOW you die is of great, very Great value. Die at Peace with Christ. Die Blessing His Name. – 9/16/21

“Nature has some perfections to show that she is the image of God

& some defects to show that she is only His image.”

– Blaise Pascal

Do you know of a Bible believing church near you who has a Prayer Mtg. where they *just* pray? No talky, talky. No 10 minute “sermon,” & 5 minutes of prayer. But two-to-several people slip in to pray, pray, & slip away having met God (or tried to) without socializing with humans. Go if you can. Those who know me know I’m opposed to ecumenicalism. Period. But if the church is Bible-believing (not a cult) though not your stripe – such a time of praying might encourage your walk (& theirs) with God. – 9/17/21


Out in the west, where the wind likes to blow,

Blowing dust, blowing moisture, blowing snow,

They plant trees and shrubs row upon neat row,

Diverting the wind, telling it where to go.

The Holy Spirit is “typed” to us as wind,

Moving softly or forcefully, He does send.

Do nothing, oh, please do nothing to offend,

The Spirit’s moving on your home/heart, my friend.

– eab,  Sept 2009 

Dad/Mom, encourage your child to begin their private devotions at an early age. Try to provide a quiet bedroom or corner of living room or someplace they can be alone with God. Provide them a PAPER Bible (not one on a phone or tablet). Try to awaken them in time to have this Special period with God before their day starts. Don’t be nosey but when you talk to you about their Bible reading or prayer, stop whatever you’re doing & listen. This is one of your most important times with them! – 9/17/21   

“…God is ready to share His holiness with men…”

– L D Wilcox

Act 4.10 Be it known…by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.”

Dear church piano player – as pastor for most of 1974-2013 I ask a favor. Don’t play after the minister calls the saints in at the close of the altar call. Stop & knell (if you’re able) praying with seekers. A sinner trying praying through, a backslider fighting his way back to God, a seeker after heart purity, needs your heart-felt prayers & needs your tears much more than more piano cords. Never heard this in holiness churches 50 even 40 yrs ago. If you disagree, please PRAY about it. God might lead you to change. – 9/17/21

“The term original sin was a term first used by the Calvinists…”

– L D Wilcox

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