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Jam 4.17 +

Jam 4.17

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good

& doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

“Teach me, Lord Jesus…not to be hungering for the ‘strange & peculiar’

when the common, ordinary & regular, rightly taken, will suffice to feed & satisfy the soul.” 

– Jim Elliot

The sinner is released, at conversion, from the burden of sin with-out. The sanctified soul is freed from the very nature of sin, with-in! (“Good bye, world, good bye”.) As we mature in Christ we also begin to free ourselves of material things; a little last week, a little today. Are you diminishing your hold on, & your “need to hold,” a tangible world? [Nothing is going with you either Up or down.] Therefore now’s a good time to weed out, to give away possessions. – 9/21/21  

“Faith makes life so even, gives one such confidence,

that the words of men are as wind.”

– Jim Elliot

Home school. Work? Surely. Boring at times? Yes. The devil will fight you? Of course. Why do I say, “Of course”? satan wants your child to go to hell. One of the best ways you can “Train Up” a child & get his feet on the narrow way to heaven is to home school him – satan knows that. Don’t try to home school without Jesus. Pray for yourself. Pray for your child. Pray *with* your child. A dedicated, disciplined parent may educate a child, but you want an educated Christian at the end of school. – 9/24/21


The rest of the deer from that stage in time,

On that far away rolling ranch,

Have now ceased to be, dying by

Cottonwood, outcrop, or a Dead Horse branch.

One buck from that era of western time,

A non-typical one that fall,

Still “lives” on, in a sense you’d say,

Majestically, he hangs on my den wall.

– eab,  9/24/08  

Are you a child of God? Or a slave of the devil? God would love for you to be His child. He could MAKE you become one (i.e. robot style) but He refuses to do so (He wants you to love Him because you *want* to). satan would like you to be his slave. He would make you a slave if he could – God has denied him that power. Praise the Lord. So, if you be God’s or satan’s is strictly your decision. – 9/24/21 

“When the Lord saved me He gave me something I never had, & always wanted.

 When He sanctified He took out of me something I never needed & never wanted.”

– Bud Robinson

1Co 13.4

“Charity suffereth long & is kind; charity envieth not;

charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up”

Too many people who are concerned about survival (or lack thereof) are Not concerned *enough* about their souls. They talk as if they’re ready to give their life for a country, when they’ve not given their life FULLY to Christ. They’re afraid the land won’t survive – please listen – it won’t. No country lives forever but your never-dying soul will be alive 1000 yrs from today. Please pray for America (I do) but please pray more for REVIVAL here & be ready yourself to meet Jesus – you could die today. – 9/27/21

“Holiness seed never rots. 

Plant it & it will grow.”

– Bud Robinson

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