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Jam 5.16 +

Jam 5.16

“Confess your faults [NIV says ‘sins’] one to another

& pray one for another, that ye may be healed…”

“The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith,

& the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety.” 

– George Mueller

Some churches have been not only invaded by, but conquered by, worldly music. The sweet songs of Watts, Wesley & “What’s His Name” have been replaced, sadly, by petty words from shallow minded “musicians.” If you have anything to do with what songs are sung at church, if you have anything to do with who sings, I beg you go to prayer. Ask God to help you find a new love for deep old hymns. God CAN use music & has. satan can also use “music” & sadly is in too many churches. – 9/29/21     

“The secret of all true effectual service is joy in God,

having experimental acquaintance with God Himself.”

– George Mueller

Circuit Riders – our land was blessed, far beyond understanding, yours & mine, by Circuit Rider travels in spring’s mist, summer’s heat, fall’s rain, & winter’s wind. Their trails lay through swamp or over hill. Their trials included where they had to lay their heads – this night on musty cot, that night on a cabin floor. They were treated well here & sadly treated poorly in the other side of the ridge. But they rode on so new communities would hear the message of heart purity. God bless their memories. Amen. – 9/29/21 

666 ?

Is six, six, six in the Book?

You’d better take a deeper look.

Six hundred, three score and six? Yes.

These are the same?  Too many guess.

Deception can hide in a small nook.

– eab,  9/29/08


A one-world church will soon find form,

To thus join-in will seem the “norm,”

To help the displaced, the poor, the weak

Sounds good – till measured by The Meek.

Such a church won’t stand earth’s final storm.

– eab,  9/29/08

Can you give a logical answer why? Why do you: 1.) Take some earth (all pigment, all paint has its source in the ground) & put it above, below, beside your eye? 2.) Take other earth & place it on your lips so they look an unnatural hue or even a weird color? 3.) Why do take a still different earth product (shaped by a smith) & place it on your finger, through a hole you made in your ear, or through a hole in your lip or nose? Its all just dirt (various forms) & when you die goes back to earth. Why do you do this?  

“Mr. Law’s ‘Christian Perfection’& ‘Serious Call’…convinced me, more than ever, of the absolute impossibility of being half a Christian; & I determined, through his grace, (the absolute necessity of which I was deeply sensible of;) to be all-devoted to God…”

– John Wesley

2Ki 9.30

“…Jezebel heard…& she painted her face

…& looked out at a window.”

“I want to be Happy All. The. Time.” First, allow me to say, Good. God has a place for you – it’s called heaven. As I understand Scripture all will be beyond happy – we’ll be Joyous there. Second, permit me to say, Not Going To Happen Here. No saint is happy all the time. There are burdens about which to pray, sinners for which to pray, sin to be fought. Saints are at times happy but not all the time. Sinners? They’re not as happy as they tend to “let on.” Go to heaven – it’s wonderful there. – 9/29/21

“Is there a thing beneath the sun, That strives with thee my heart to share?

Ah! tear it thence & reign alone, The Lord of every motion there!”
– John Wesley

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