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1Jo 2.2 +

1Jo 2.2

“And he is the propitiation for our sins & not for ours only,

but also for the sins of the whole world.”

“There is no more fitting Christmas present & New Year’s gift

than souls rescued from sin & presented to our Lord.

– M W Knapp

Books labeled “science” books are written by men. Allow me to add, *mere men. A man may have spent 20, 30, 40 yrs studying a certain flora or fauna. He may have devoted more time looking, listening, learning about such than any man alive or who ever lived. But he is still just a man. (Unknown to him a man may have studied said plant/animal almost as long but on a different land mass & may have come to some opposite conclusions.) God ONLY knows science in it total-ness. Read HIS Book. – 10/21/21

“He who is popular with the world cannot at the same time please God

…sometimes only another name for a ‘man-pleasing preacher.’”

– M W Knapp

Some, sadly put up hanging/seated skeletons days/weeks ago – Why? Some have fake “spider webs” on house or bush – Why? Some made a substitute “party” to take the place of halloween – Why? Why do you contribute to the WORST, most satanic day of the yr? Are you not thinking? Or, OR do you lack the backbone to stand against the worsening treads of our corrupt society? Please answer this (not to me, not on fb) in your mind & beg God to forgive your weakness toward sinful things. – 10/26/21


The Almighty always good, and wise God

Really knows what each of us can handle.

One has so many talents; he’s an odd

Chandelier – Others a single candle.

The many-talented guy has a place

In some great hall swung from the high beam joint,

But more single candles come face to face

With student/scholar seeking the “fine point.”

You’re a chandelier? Scorn not a brother

Who’s a lone glowing candle on yon shelf

You’re one candle? Don’t seek to be other;

Shine brightly on your domain – be yourself.

– eab, Fall 2016

Rebel that man is, he has fallen under the influence of satan, a rebel since before the Garden & they (sinner rebel & satan the rebel) are pushing an all-out war against the standards of God. This revolt includes a desire to obliterate the line between male & female making guys sissies & making girls weirdly masculine. Have nothing to do with this corruption. Teach your daughters to not only be feminine but to *love being so – your sons to be masculine & *love being as God made them. – 10/26/21  

Jos 24.15

“…Choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me & my house

we will serve the LORD.”

“…Jenny Lind was requested to sing on Sunday at the palace of the King of Sweden

…she refused. [he] called on her & as her sovereign commanded her to sing…she said,

‘There is a higher King, sir, to whom I owe my allegiance.’”

– George B Kulp

Who is the center of your worship at church? The singer(s)? It would appear so – if you clap after they finish. The preacher? – again, clapping suggests he is the center. Please stop clapping in a worship service. If God is the true center – as He should be – it is He & He alone who can show He is pleased (or not pleased) as He comes in His sweet presence or, OR as He fails to come. His failure to come may mean there IS sin “in the camp.” If so, its time (past time) to “clean house;” not clap. – 10/28/21

“O beloved you are wondering why God left you? Why there is no power?

No unction? God never left a soul that wanted Him to stay.”

– George B Kulp

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1Jo 2.1 +

1Jo 2.1

“…And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father,

Jesus Christ the righteous:”

“Heaven…is a condition,

a state of the heart no less than a place.”  

– A M Hills

Some things may not be a Sin (*sin* is between you & God) but they are a Sign. You’re wearing your sleeves shorter, your skirts/pants shorter than you used to. Is this a sin for you? – please carefully review your reasons for doing such – but it’s a sure Sign to your children, your unsaved relatives (“She/he is getting more like us”) & to careful living friends/relatives (“they’re moving away from where they once stood”). THINK about what you’re doing & the direction you’re headed. – 10/26/21

“Deacon Stephen & Deacon Philip were as anxious & laborious

to secure the conversion of people as were the Apostles Peter & James.”

– A M Hills

Christian dads & moms have NO desire to blur the line between the sexes. Decent dads & moms though not (or not yet) Christians do NOT want to smudge the line between male & female. Sadly, it’s the worldly parents, influenced by TV, hollywood/disney movies who’re thoughtlessly allowing sons to become feminized & daughters to become masculine. At least some are drifting here thoughtlessly – others are purposely rebelling against the very laws of God & the nature He created. – 10/26/21 


Slain before the foundation of the earth, 

               What a plan!

Four thousand years in the making,  

               What an age!

And the price to the Creator, Was His life, 

               What a cost!

This great plan of salvation,

Is this world’s best Possession!        

– eab,  Oct.’73

What did you SEE for the first time as you read your Bible this AM? Nothing? A little something? A major eye-opener? If you saw nothing new, nothing that made you weep, nothing that made you say “Praise the Lord,” your reading is in danger of being a form. If you saw a minor or major chunk of Truth, thank God for it & meditate on it today as you drive, work, walk. Bible reading (“Lord, please help us ALL.”) should be a highlight of our day – if not a spiritual meal, at least a spiritual “snack.” – 10/27/21

“Elegance of language must give way

before simplicity in preaching sound doctrine.”

G Savonarola

Mar 10.12

“And if a woman shall put away her husband,

& be married to another, she committeth adultery.”

Drama does NOT have Christian or Jewish origins – it’s heathen. It is at best fiction & fiction is not high on the list of Truth Collectors. It’s worse than written fiction because of the presence of bodies, bodies with little to no clothing, bodies in swaying, twirling, sexual positions. “Look, churches & christian schools have put on dramas for yrs.” Sadly, they have. Does that mean they’re right? Most thinking people know that putting a little “holy water” on something does not cleanse it. Drama is no exception. – 10/27/21

“The whole world knows that His glory

has not been spread by force & weapons, but by poor fishermen.
G Savonarola

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1Jo 1.9 +

1Jo 1. 9

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful & just to forgive us our sins

& to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

“We have records of professions of perfect love in all the journals of the old Methodists

…the golden pot of Methodist biography is brimful of the manna of sanctified experience.

– J A Wood

Are you a Grandfather? A Grandmother? Do you allow your child’s child to “get by” with what your child could not? Really? Why? “Well, I want them to love me & to know that I love them.” Is this how God “operates”? Does God allow His children to “do” as they please? Is that how He shows love? True love doesn’t allow wrong (either defined as sin or what is unkind, ill mannered). Be a better grandparent. -10/2/21

“When men are opposed to holiness

it is because holiness is opposed to them.”

– J A Wood

Imitation “bibles” might be comparable to imitation “treasure maps.” The Great Treasure is in heaven. satan knows that – he was once there. satan will never be able to go back but it seems he knows that you & I CAN go to this treasure. Since the devil knows there is this Great Treasure rather than deny it, he’s made imitation maps. Parts of it appear somewhat right (& may suit the modern ear) but can lead astray. God’s Great Book will lead you to His Great Treasure. Satan’s imitations won’t – on purpose. – 10/20/21


Make it your firm conviction

To not live in the world of fiction.

Search Truth, cherish, love her;

Never put a fable above her.

Pursue her, as one does an addiction.

– eab, 10/24/17

Consider dropping words that are from temporary “science, falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20). Think about replacing them with words from the ageless Word of God. Example (just one for now) “universe.” This word was unknown until the 1580s. “That’s a long time ago, Bryan.” Tsh. The Biblical expression which is as big or bigger yet so picturesque, has been in use since Genesis 1.1 is “Heaven & the earth.” – 10/24/21  

Mat 24.35

“Heaven & earth shall pass away,

but my words shall not pass away.”

“Faith is what makes a Christian. Love & peace are blessings

from God that follow after faith.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

Men like to reform, to change themselves, if they can brag about it. They want their losing weight (or being able to lift more weigh) to make them look better. Or they gain a degree & therefore show themselves intelligent. Or they build this, or travel there & the list of accomplishments (or pseudo ones) goes on. Too many of men’s deeds center on ego. “I improved me – See!” True salvation is about admitting how wrong we were & letting God CHANGE US. Are You Saved? – 10/24/21

“Righteousness emphasizes the right relationship with one’s fellow man,

while holiness emphasizes the right relationship with God.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

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1Jo 1.7 +

1Jo 1.7

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another

& the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.”

“…There are those who still think the way to save the world is for the Church to become worldly. 

But when the world & the Church mix it is the world that captures the Church & not the Church that captures the world.”  

– J B Chapman

I.H.S. For what do those letters stand? “They stand for ‘Iesus Hominum Salvator’ ‘Jesus the Savior of men.’” Are you sure? Could they have older, BAD meanings? Yes, they could. The heathen deities, the “Egyptian trinity,” were Isis, Horus, & Seb (mother, child, father). “I.H.S.” has no business in evangelical churches (nor, of course, holiness ones). Please remove them from your worship. They have pagan roots. “But I just bought the fabric with them.” I beg you trash them. – 10/21/21  

“The most important lesson we can learn

 is how to pray.”

– E M Bounds

Family Altar B. 7.) Don’t worry that “x” word is mis-pronounced (Family Altar’s a natural extension of Home School. 8.) Allow an older sibling to give the correct pronunciation & if they’re wrong, move up. 9.) Take prayer requests – here’s a place to teach a priority in requests – so they don’t pray to much for pets (for example) 10.) Pray around (age order) – thus the youngest can pray about the easiest-remembered request, & allow the older children to expand to the harder ones. God wants your family worship. – 10/21/21


Two bulls just had a calf?

(Are you trying to make me laugh?)

Nor did two cows, for that matter.

God makes biology you can believe.

satan’s “news-attempts” deceive.

Accept little of TV/radio’s lying chatter.

– eab,  10/21/21

Do you have Family Altar? “I don’t know how.” 1.) Make a time that works for both Dad AND Mom. 2.) Find a place where all can be seated in comfort & see each other. 3.) Pray earnestly before first session. 4.) Don’t be surprise that satan fights – one of the last things satan wants is for a family to worship God together – turn off phones. 5.) Choose an easy Bible book to read together. 6.) Allow the youngest child to read first then the next etc, ending with Mom & then Dad. Have a great Altar. – 10/21/21

“…Ananias & Sapphira showed how perilous

pretended or half-hearted adhension might be.”

– F F Bruce

Isa 54.13

“And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;

& great shall be the peace of thy children.”

Some seem fond of saying the Bible is not a science Book. Is there a motive to this statement? Are they looking for a reason to reject or at least down-play what Scripture says about such man-made divisions as “astronomy” “botany” “geology” “zoology”? I will say the main reason for the Bible is not science but Salvation. But that in no way proves the Bible is inaccurate on its statements about the plant/animal world, sun, moon & star world & all in between worlds. Read & BELIEVE the Bible. It. Is. True. -10/21/21

“In Christ a person loses none of his individuality;

rather he becomes the true self that God created him to be.”
– Andrew W Blackwood

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1Jo 1.5b +

1Jo 1.5b

“…That God is light &

in him is no darkness at all.”

…A father must live in such personal regard to God’s authority & integrity

…to be held in esteem by his children.”

– H L Ferguson (Leonard Sankey’s f-n-l)

Circuit Drivers – Is it time to have Circuit Driving Preachers? Is it time that church “A” serve as base & furnish a house? Church “B” supply the heat & lights for the parsonage (at “A”)? That church “C” pay ½ of his cash income & church “D” do the other ½? Each church could have a service a week: one Lord’s Day AM, one Lord’s Day PM, one Wednesday, one Thursday (or any variety that worked for all). This would give 4 communities to which the local sinners could be invited. Pray about it Please. – 9/29/21

“Faith will annihilate fret or

 fret will annihilate faith.”

– C W Ruth

Are you the kind of parent who requires your child to eat a little of what’s served? Do you insist they clean up their plate? Both of these will help your child later in life. (If your parents *failed you* on this point, allow me to suggest, you learn with your child – explaining that you don’t like “X” either but “we need to be grateful for food.”) Picky eating makes a hard-to-get-along-with husband. And – – – if anything, a worse wife. Try to raise a child with whom your future s-n-l/d-n-l will find life easy. – 10/2/21


A monster he was

Though still drinking milk.

A monster she was

Though surrounded by silk.

No innocent food,

Nor an innocent cover,

Can change the old nature

Can carnality smother.

Only God can remove

That tiger inside.

Holiness, Christ died to

Justly, wholly provide.

– eab, 10/20/07

Some of us were taught to not make fun of people. One set of parents may have emphasized not making fun of a different color, other parents not making fun of cripples, others, those who are poor, etc. Hark – I’ve heard of preachers making fun of those who stand with the King James Bibles. What a shame for a ministers! Preach the Word. It’s not a preacher’s job to make fun. If you’re so modernistic as to use a mis-translation, please be decent enough not to make fun of those who don’t. -10/20/21 

2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.”

“…Even Christians turn to psychotherapy rather than to sanctification

 as means of dealing with soul problems.”

– Bobgans & Mahan

The most evil “holiday.” There are lies associated with “christmas:” santa (satan’s letters rearranged?) “rudolph,” fat-man in skinny chimney, etc. And lies connected with “easter:” bunny rabbits, brightly colored eggs, its “floating” date, etc. But the worst day by far is “halloween.” Please Dad/Mom have nothing to do with it. Pastor, school man, have nothing to do this. Spirits from below are nothing to play with or joke about. Don’t try to picture them. Depart from all that’s “halloween.” A*L*L* – 10/20/21

“The word of cheap grace has been the ruin of more Christians

than any commandment of works.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

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2Pe 3.10

2Pe 3.10

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise

and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”

“God is to be glorified, holiness is to be practiced,

& the spirit of religion is to be the common spirit of every Christian…”  

– William Law

It is important that we distinguish between temptation & sin. They are not the same. (satan may confuse you if you get behind-light.) All saints are tempted while still on earth – no saint is tempted in heaven. No saint sins in either earth or heaven. If he/she slips & sins, Thank God, “we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous”(1Jo 2.1). If your are sorely tempted satan will accuse you of sinning. No. Sin is when you yield to the temptation, not when you’re merely tempted. Keep the faith. – 9/29/21

“For as great as the power of the world is, it is all built on a blind obedience

& we need only open our eyes to get rid of its power.”

– William Law

How much did you pray before your church invited Bro X to be pastor? “But I wasn’t on the search committee” (or) “I’m not on the board.” Thank God, you don’t HAVE to have an official position to pray. (And, yes, the Lord can open/close doors as well with your prayers as the men on the board.) So – how much did you pray? A new man will tend to bring in HIS friends to fill the pulpit when he’s gone, HIS friends to preach special services. You need the right man EVERY time for your church. PRAY. – 10/13/21

player vs. prayer

It is said (semi-sanctimonious nod)

A sport makes a “team player.”

When the man often close to God

Is a solitary, lonely, Pray-er.

– eab, October 2011

One of the most dangerous places a backsliding person can go is to a “gospel sing.” You know you’re doing what you shouldn’t be, but in that singing hand-clapping atmosphere you feel better. satan then, unless you are mighty careful, will convince you that you’re OK “Remember how you felt that night?” By contrast, a backslider in a service where true holiness is sung & preached doesn’t feel better; he feels worse. Backslidden Friend, Please return to God & to a true walk with Him. Today. – 10/15/21

“True faith is the most wonderful thing in the world.”

– Samuel L Brengle

Eph 5.18

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess;

but be filled with the Spirit”

Education is TOO often a substitute for the Holy Ghost. The indwelling Holy Spirit gives heavenly Authority. When a man refuses to be emptied of himself & then filled with the Holy Ghost (or when he’s busy “here & there” & looses the Spirit) he may move toward the earthy authority of “Dr” – there’s a world of difference. Some holy men have had some earthly schooling. Too many church men have had too much worldly education – – – & even touted it. – 10/15/21

“What is this fire? It is love…faith…hope…passion, purpose, determination…devotion. 

It is a divine discontent with formality, ceremonialism, lukewarmness…noise…”
– Samuel L Brengle

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2Pe 3.9 +

2Pe 3.9

“The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.”

“…John Calvin who justifies Christians getting angry

is historically known for his disposition & exhibition of anger.”  

– Warren               C McIntire

We just returned from a wedding trip to VA. We saw flagmen wanting us to show down; we even had to stop. Did I appreciate this? No – – – and yes. No, because I wanted to go at my speed, Yes, because safety would actually help me reach my destination. The posts you see from eab, you may not appreciate – I do not mean to be mean. I do (as your friend, whether Peer, former Pupil or former Parishioner) want you to make Heaven. Please *stop doing what the Spirit says. Please *start doing what He says. – 10/13/21

“…We should feel only pity to the sinner. 

If we are angry at the person as well as the fault we sin.”

– Wesley (quoted by Warren McIntire)

Please pastor, pay close attention to who is using Bro So-n-So before you call him. If a backsliding church/sch./mission org. brought him in – he won’t do your church much (if any) good. They have him figured out: it’s UN-likely he’ll preach against the god of Sports or watching hollywood disney movies, or preach on immodesty. “Dying out” to pride, jealously, carnal anger etc. aren’t likely to be preached. Men without a man-fearing spirit aren’t popular. – 10/13/21


To be a clown, may require some paint.

No paint is required to be a saint. 

A clown’s paint may a hollow soul hide. 

Paint-less saints glow from the inside. 

– eab, 10/26/10

Some who’ve stressed education may site Moses, Paul, Luther, or Wesley. Please read on:

Moses, PhD, name could be written but he got this BEFORE meeting God at burning bush

Paul, PhD, name could be written but he got this BEFORE meeting God on road to Damascus

Luther was made a doctor by the catholic system but that was BEFORE penning the 95 Theses

Wesley held a master’s degree but it was BEFORE meeting God at Aldersgate. – Oct 2021

“A little knowledge makes men irreligious but

profound thought brings them back to God.”

– Francis Bacon

Tit 2.5

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands,

that the word of God be not blasphemed”

Did I see a daughter in a ball uniform so short both knees showed? “You can’t play soccer in a dress below the knees, Bryan.” Well, then, sir/ma’am don’t push/allow her to play soccer. My wife & I were blessed with 2 daughters, happily married, mothers (now), who’ve spent yrs on mission fields & they made it without playing soccer. Any sport in which a girl has to wear her skirt above her knees or wear pants in order to participate ought to be stopped. We need ladies in the holiness movement. – 10/17/21

“Seriousness is the very thing wherein consisteth our sincerity.

If thou are not serious, thou art not a Christian.”
– Richard Baxter

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2Pe 1.21 +

2Pe 1.21

“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man but

holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost”

…It [heart purity] is instantaneous in the sense

that a marriage is instantaneous.”

– Wm McDonald

Literature – A. Perhaps some (1 in 100? J) may be interested in thoughts on Literature (my BA is “in Lit”).

1.) Do not read after any writer who committed suicide (their life wasn’t worth living, they have nothing to add to you). 2.) Do not read fiction with four-letter words (if you own the book burn it, if borrowed return it). 3.) Do not read the fiction of a writer who was a known drunk, druggy or lived a depraved life, nor one who left evangelicalism for a cult (regardless of how famous the cult may be). – 10/2/21

“Love is without hate, faith is without doubt,

humility is without pride, meekness is without anger.”

– Wm McDonald

Literature – B. “Bryan, you draw a tight circle – leaving out a lot of books.” You can’t read but a puny fraction of what’s in print. If you start reading at 15 & in addition to living Real Life (jobs, successful marriage, parenthood, & most of all, a Walk with God) you average 2 books a week (2 wks off for vacation) for 50 yrs. That, as you readily see, is only 5000. Even a village library may have multiples of that. You need a “tight circle” to not waste time & God-given-talent. BE Selective. – 10/2/21

Do Likewise

A wedding can be a lovely thing;

I know; I’ve seen a few.

A wife-to-be meets her groom

“ Boom.” A home “brand-new.”

But the truly pretty stuff

Is the older man & his oldish wife

Still in love through thick & thin

Married: one, happy, holy, long life!

– – – Go Thou And Do Likewise!

– eab,  10/14/18

Compromise is plaguing what we used to call the “Holiness Movement.” There was a day few holiness men had MAs or were called “doctor.” Some of these have contributed to compromise. There was a day no holiness pastor’s wife cut her hair. A desire to be like the world has hurt the “Movement.” There was a day pastor/people wanted God on the service enough to pray at home, to come early to pray in a pew, & to pray “a house-a-fire” at service prayer time. Lack of prayer is at the HEART of compromise. – 10/13/21

1Th 5.17

“Pray without ceasing.”

“Then [Luther’s time] it was the Bible being added to by the traditions of men.

Now it is the Bible being torn to pieces by the criticisms of men…the truth & authority of the Bible are destroyed.”

– Carl McIntire

Are you listening to the Holy Spirit? Is He calling you to a ministry of prayer? Have you considered – as seriously as you ought – “…Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2)? Are you willing to be hid in a Prayer Closet? Praying is not glamorous. Praying won’t make you popular. Praying is like work. Praying can start as a duty, be turned into a delight, but if not kept fresh by the Holy Ghost, can slide back into a duty. God, help us to pray. – 10/13/21

“Communism, socialism, fascism, nazism, all destroy

when any compromises are made with their systems.”

– Carl McIntire

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1Pe 5.8 +

1Pe 5.8

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil,

as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”

“You can’t be good without helping others to be good &

you can’t be evil without helping others to be evil.”  

– Earl Newton

Generally speaking the men who’ve achieved success as entrepreneurs have NOT had to have “X” at a certain time, in a certain way, on a certain day. They’ve been able – no, no – they’ve made themselves (called “discipline”) wait until the time/circumstance were right before allowing a pleasure to interfere with their goal. Our land, our churches, our supposed holy churches are lacking in self discipline. I failed to say our HOMES (where is all begins). Amen? Ouch? – 9/30/21

“I’m convinced there are a lot of people

who want the benefits of Christianity without the purity.”

– Earl Newton

Some try to make salvation too hard. They seem to want you to labor & labor & never be SURE you’re saved. Others want to make salvation too easy. They rely on mere head belief or turning over a new leaf.  “But without faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is & that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him”(Heb 11.6). We are saved by faith (or not saved at all) & we walk with Him daily by faith. “…Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ…(Act 16.31). – 10/8/21


I do not recall just what year;

It had to be after the grades,

Somewhere between the freshman fear

And being a senior with “shades.” [1]

Nor is the season clearly in mind,

Though a long-time favorite is fall.

The day was more “springish” in kind

As I now, distantly, recall.   

And, spring-like weather can be spread

Across April and May and June,

So the month must be left unsaid,

No exact one can “carry this tune.”

Nor do I know the day of week,

Though I doubt it a Lord’s Day,

And it won’t help to “take a peek”

At a calendar that far away.

Year, nor season, nor month is known,

I can’t even tell you the hour.

But the moment, though “ancient” grown,

Has not fully lost its power.

I can take you to the outcropped hill,

Which basically faced the west,

 – If developers have left it still;

I doubt they have bulldozed that crest.

Bear right and climb above the trail,

Sit still in the late afternoon sun,

Be willing to let the mind “sail”

Meaningfully, slowly – don’t make it run.

Look beyond the nearest old home,

And beyond the farthest old hill,

Allowing thoughts (as I did) to roam,

And a wandering, wonder may fill

Your mind as it did mine, “back when”

In a moment of maturing.

Life had new thrill and meaning just then,

Briefly, yet decades enduring.

Vision I did not feel nor see,

Nor did my mind have dreams,

Yet living took on new life for me,

The day I saw “more than it seems.”

I’ve never forgotten the thrill,

Caught on that Cincinnati hill.

– eab,  10/13/05 

Stop. Please friend, stop trying to separate a man’s “good words” from his less-than-holy works. “But Bryan, he has such Great Things to say.” Oh? Do his works match? If he’s a pastor or school man or  mission head – is his work clean? Does he use people who wear jewelry? Does his inner-circle include a divorced/remarried person? Does he employ women with cut hair/men who desperately need a haircut? Please stop judging a man by mere words – if his work doesn’t back them up He. Is. Weak. – 10/13/21

“Some do not want to hear the whole story because it disturbs them

& they do not want to be disturbed.”

– Carl McIntire

Luk 6.44

“For every tree is known by his own fruit…”

Are you growing in Christ? You should be (& because of His abundant grace) CAN be. As you grow you’ll change your view of “x” “y” or “z” (perhaps all 3). To grow is to leave some things behind. They may be deeds, types of reading, places, even lefty “friends.” To grow is to accept as true what you once doubted, to accept as Possibly True what you once derided, maybe even to fully embrace what a close friend sees as idiotic. No matter. You’re growing In The Lord & loving Him more everyday. – 10/13/21

“The church…is not a forum, debating society or an opinion arena.

It has only one message, ‘Thus saith the Lord.’”
– Carl McIntire

[1] Term from the 60’s for sunglasses.

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1Pe 4.18 +

1Pe 4.18

“And if the righteous scarcely be saved,

where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

How much better to be possessors of the Make of gold

 & silver instead of the metal!”

– M W Knapp

If you’re going to keep a pure mind in this age of image-upon-image you are going to have to Man Up (Woman Up if you like J). Wimps have never stood against the sins of their age, but if anything, our age is more polluted. Please do not watch the “trailer” being pushed on the fb feed. Please avoid the pics which pop up on the side of some news. Filthy is the word for them. To remain pure in this wicked age will take effort – your effort. But, Praise God, heaven will be worth the fight. Fight on. – 9/30/21

“Do you love to be corrected when in the wrong

& do you take such correction kindly?”

– M W Knapp

Seldom, if ever, call a man a liar. But be attentive to see why you’re being told this/that particular thing. Stop. Listen. Look. Your physical well being could depend on it. Your mental health could be thwarted. Your spiritual growth could be decreased by what you’re being told. If the “messenger” is an old friend, he could be mistaken. If messenger is a new friend, you may be seeing a side of him you had no idea existed. Weigh what you’re hearing in the scales of Truth. Does it balance with God’s Book? – 10/4/21


Jonah did not drown

‘Cause he was found

By a finely-timed finny “friend.”

He swallowed him down

But in three days found

He couldn’t keep him in.

A prophet “gone bad”

Even makes a whale sad.

– eab, Oct. ‘01

Ask God to turn your reading of His Word into a delight. If you like “junk store” bargains (Absolutely no disrespect intended), read God’s Book looking as for treasure as in such a store. If you collect coins, read the Bible looking for that rare truth you’ve not grasp before. If you’re a buffet eater, read Scripture seeking that tidbit you’ll find suiting your taste this AM. God can turn duty into delight. But allow me to say – we help Him by applying ourselves, by spending TIME in this Timeless Book. – 10/8/21

Psa 40.8

“I delight to do thy will, O my God:

yea, thy law is within my heart.”

“An allegory is when a thing is signified & understood otherwise than as the words express

…to play with allegories in Christian doctrine is dangerous.”

– Martin Luther

The world is crazy about competition. Car races, sports teams, horse races all want to win, win, win. But all of these require losers – there has to be a loser!  The Greatest Competition is Christ against satan battling for your soul. When a soul joins Christ, he wins, the Lord “wins” (all the creditors of that soul & his friends win). Only satan looses. He chose to fight against God, so deserves to loose. – 10/11/21   

“…Jerome & Origen, God forgive them,

were the cause that allegories were held in such esteem.”

– Martin Luther

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