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1Pe 1.15 +

1Pe 1.15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation”

“…I have been among Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists & members of many other denominations & I have found that no amount of baptismal water can keep the devil out of the hearts & lives of Christians.”  

– Jonathan Goforth

“…Having food & raiment let us be therewith content”(1Ti 6.8). Paul was not “into” wearing clothing with labels showing – – – nor dear sanctified soul, should you be. In the holiness movement (too many women & sadly, even some men) are too conscious of their outfit, their shoes, their accessories being *In Style.* A person too concerned about outward impression is often not filled with the Holy Ghost. – 9/29/21  

“Surely, since the sinless Son of God had to be made sin for us

an over‑emphasis upon sin is in the nature of things impossible.”

– Jonathan Goforth

Teach your son, Dad, how to be a man. Not with onezy, twozy, threezy necessarily but by daily example. Dress like a man (not in stuff that could be either sex). Walk like a man (not in steps that look feminine). Stand like a man with both legs straight at the knee unless purposely kneeling. Talk like a man avoiding any sound that’s womanish. Talk about manly subjects, not that which borders on a lady world. And show your son how to treat a woman with love as you treat his mother & sisters. Blessings – 9/30/21


A certain kind of people

Meeting under a tall steeple

Imagine that that’s the church.

Tall walls do not a church make.

New birth is more than a handshake;

Which these find out when in a lurch.

The church is made of redeemed hearts,

And though they meet in various parts,

Under clear sky, under a huge tree;

Worship, that’s why we gather

Even in cold, wet weather.

Church is you and me.

– eab, 10/1/08

“Practice” is not in Bible or “practiced,” “practicing” (suggests dead repetition). The man who suggested practicing to get into God’s presence was a ritualist. No, Friend. I hope you prayed yesterday – & hope you sensed God’s presence as you “conversed” with Him. Hope you talked to God this AM – & hope your time with Him was different from yesterday – it should’ve been. (God is not “samish.”). Go tomorrow to your place of prayer & as you pray expect yet an other “experience.” He’s a God of infinite variety. – 9/30/21

“If one does not believe in the eradication of sin in the heart

he does not believe in holiness.”

– R T Williams

Joh 13.35

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples,

if ye have love one to another.”

You’ve noticed the new pastor isn’t calling in homes – not new visitors, not regular people (including you), not “cold-turkey.” What to do? 1.) Pray before you do anything, 2.) If after prayer you feel clear, make an appointment & ask him about this. 3.) Be prepared in the discussion time to offer a.) to go calling with him b.) to come to the church & pray for him as he goes calling. 4. If you refuses to agree that he SHOULD call, be careful what you say to him. Start praying for a pastor who likes people. – 9/30/21  

“It is quite easy

to change one’s theory to suit his experience!”
– R T Williams

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