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1Pe 4.18 +

1Pe 4.18

“And if the righteous scarcely be saved,

where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?”

How much better to be possessors of the Make of gold

 & silver instead of the metal!”

– M W Knapp

If you’re going to keep a pure mind in this age of image-upon-image you are going to have to Man Up (Woman Up if you like J). Wimps have never stood against the sins of their age, but if anything, our age is more polluted. Please do not watch the “trailer” being pushed on the fb feed. Please avoid the pics which pop up on the side of some news. Filthy is the word for them. To remain pure in this wicked age will take effort – your effort. But, Praise God, heaven will be worth the fight. Fight on. – 9/30/21

“Do you love to be corrected when in the wrong

& do you take such correction kindly?”

– M W Knapp

Seldom, if ever, call a man a liar. But be attentive to see why you’re being told this/that particular thing. Stop. Listen. Look. Your physical well being could depend on it. Your mental health could be thwarted. Your spiritual growth could be decreased by what you’re being told. If the “messenger” is an old friend, he could be mistaken. If messenger is a new friend, you may be seeing a side of him you had no idea existed. Weigh what you’re hearing in the scales of Truth. Does it balance with God’s Book? – 10/4/21


Jonah did not drown

‘Cause he was found

By a finely-timed finny “friend.”

He swallowed him down

But in three days found

He couldn’t keep him in.

A prophet “gone bad”

Even makes a whale sad.

– eab, Oct. ‘01

Ask God to turn your reading of His Word into a delight. If you like “junk store” bargains (Absolutely no disrespect intended), read God’s Book looking as for treasure as in such a store. If you collect coins, read the Bible looking for that rare truth you’ve not grasp before. If you’re a buffet eater, read Scripture seeking that tidbit you’ll find suiting your taste this AM. God can turn duty into delight. But allow me to say – we help Him by applying ourselves, by spending TIME in this Timeless Book. – 10/8/21

Psa 40.8

“I delight to do thy will, O my God:

yea, thy law is within my heart.”

“An allegory is when a thing is signified & understood otherwise than as the words express

…to play with allegories in Christian doctrine is dangerous.”

– Martin Luther

The world is crazy about competition. Car races, sports teams, horse races all want to win, win, win. But all of these require losers – there has to be a loser!  The Greatest Competition is Christ against satan battling for your soul. When a soul joins Christ, he wins, the Lord “wins” (all the creditors of that soul & his friends win). Only satan looses. He chose to fight against God, so deserves to loose. – 10/11/21   

“…Jerome & Origen, God forgive them,

were the cause that allegories were held in such esteem.”

– Martin Luther

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