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1Jo 1.5b +

1Jo 1.5b

“…That God is light &

in him is no darkness at all.”

…A father must live in such personal regard to God’s authority & integrity

…to be held in esteem by his children.”

– H L Ferguson (Leonard Sankey’s f-n-l)

Circuit Drivers – Is it time to have Circuit Driving Preachers? Is it time that church “A” serve as base & furnish a house? Church “B” supply the heat & lights for the parsonage (at “A”)? That church “C” pay ½ of his cash income & church “D” do the other ½? Each church could have a service a week: one Lord’s Day AM, one Lord’s Day PM, one Wednesday, one Thursday (or any variety that worked for all). This would give 4 communities to which the local sinners could be invited. Pray about it Please. – 9/29/21

“Faith will annihilate fret or

 fret will annihilate faith.”

– C W Ruth

Are you the kind of parent who requires your child to eat a little of what’s served? Do you insist they clean up their plate? Both of these will help your child later in life. (If your parents *failed you* on this point, allow me to suggest, you learn with your child – explaining that you don’t like “X” either but “we need to be grateful for food.”) Picky eating makes a hard-to-get-along-with husband. And – – – if anything, a worse wife. Try to raise a child with whom your future s-n-l/d-n-l will find life easy. – 10/2/21


A monster he was

Though still drinking milk.

A monster she was

Though surrounded by silk.

No innocent food,

Nor an innocent cover,

Can change the old nature

Can carnality smother.

Only God can remove

That tiger inside.

Holiness, Christ died to

Justly, wholly provide.

– eab, 10/20/07

Some of us were taught to not make fun of people. One set of parents may have emphasized not making fun of a different color, other parents not making fun of cripples, others, those who are poor, etc. Hark – I’ve heard of preachers making fun of those who stand with the King James Bibles. What a shame for a ministers! Preach the Word. It’s not a preacher’s job to make fun. If you’re so modernistic as to use a mis-translation, please be decent enough not to make fun of those who don’t. -10/20/21 

2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.”

“…Even Christians turn to psychotherapy rather than to sanctification

 as means of dealing with soul problems.”

– Bobgans & Mahan

The most evil “holiday.” There are lies associated with “christmas:” santa (satan’s letters rearranged?) “rudolph,” fat-man in skinny chimney, etc. And lies connected with “easter:” bunny rabbits, brightly colored eggs, its “floating” date, etc. But the worst day by far is “halloween.” Please Dad/Mom have nothing to do with it. Pastor, school man, have nothing to do this. Spirits from below are nothing to play with or joke about. Don’t try to picture them. Depart from all that’s “halloween.” A*L*L* – 10/20/21

“The word of cheap grace has been the ruin of more Christians

than any commandment of works.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

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