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1Jo 1.7 +

1Jo 1.7

“But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another

& the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.”

“…There are those who still think the way to save the world is for the Church to become worldly. 

But when the world & the Church mix it is the world that captures the Church & not the Church that captures the world.”  

– J B Chapman

I.H.S. For what do those letters stand? “They stand for ‘Iesus Hominum Salvator’ ‘Jesus the Savior of men.’” Are you sure? Could they have older, BAD meanings? Yes, they could. The heathen deities, the “Egyptian trinity,” were Isis, Horus, & Seb (mother, child, father). “I.H.S.” has no business in evangelical churches (nor, of course, holiness ones). Please remove them from your worship. They have pagan roots. “But I just bought the fabric with them.” I beg you trash them. – 10/21/21  

“The most important lesson we can learn

 is how to pray.”

– E M Bounds

Family Altar B. 7.) Don’t worry that “x” word is mis-pronounced (Family Altar’s a natural extension of Home School. 8.) Allow an older sibling to give the correct pronunciation & if they’re wrong, move up. 9.) Take prayer requests – here’s a place to teach a priority in requests – so they don’t pray to much for pets (for example) 10.) Pray around (age order) – thus the youngest can pray about the easiest-remembered request, & allow the older children to expand to the harder ones. God wants your family worship. – 10/21/21


Two bulls just had a calf?

(Are you trying to make me laugh?)

Nor did two cows, for that matter.

God makes biology you can believe.

satan’s “news-attempts” deceive.

Accept little of TV/radio’s lying chatter.

– eab,  10/21/21

Do you have Family Altar? “I don’t know how.” 1.) Make a time that works for both Dad AND Mom. 2.) Find a place where all can be seated in comfort & see each other. 3.) Pray earnestly before first session. 4.) Don’t be surprise that satan fights – one of the last things satan wants is for a family to worship God together – turn off phones. 5.) Choose an easy Bible book to read together. 6.) Allow the youngest child to read first then the next etc, ending with Mom & then Dad. Have a great Altar. – 10/21/21

“…Ananias & Sapphira showed how perilous

pretended or half-hearted adhension might be.”

– F F Bruce

Isa 54.13

“And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;

& great shall be the peace of thy children.”

Some seem fond of saying the Bible is not a science Book. Is there a motive to this statement? Are they looking for a reason to reject or at least down-play what Scripture says about such man-made divisions as “astronomy” “botany” “geology” “zoology”? I will say the main reason for the Bible is not science but Salvation. But that in no way proves the Bible is inaccurate on its statements about the plant/animal world, sun, moon & star world & all in between worlds. Read & BELIEVE the Bible. It. Is. True. -10/21/21

“In Christ a person loses none of his individuality;

rather he becomes the true self that God created him to be.”
– Andrew W Blackwood

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