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1Jo 2.1 +

1Jo 2.1

“…And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father,

Jesus Christ the righteous:”

“Heaven…is a condition,

a state of the heart no less than a place.”  

– A M Hills

Some things may not be a Sin (*sin* is between you & God) but they are a Sign. You’re wearing your sleeves shorter, your skirts/pants shorter than you used to. Is this a sin for you? – please carefully review your reasons for doing such – but it’s a sure Sign to your children, your unsaved relatives (“She/he is getting more like us”) & to careful living friends/relatives (“they’re moving away from where they once stood”). THINK about what you’re doing & the direction you’re headed. – 10/26/21

“Deacon Stephen & Deacon Philip were as anxious & laborious

to secure the conversion of people as were the Apostles Peter & James.”

– A M Hills

Christian dads & moms have NO desire to blur the line between the sexes. Decent dads & moms though not (or not yet) Christians do NOT want to smudge the line between male & female. Sadly, it’s the worldly parents, influenced by TV, hollywood/disney movies who’re thoughtlessly allowing sons to become feminized & daughters to become masculine. At least some are drifting here thoughtlessly – others are purposely rebelling against the very laws of God & the nature He created. – 10/26/21 


Slain before the foundation of the earth, 

               What a plan!

Four thousand years in the making,  

               What an age!

And the price to the Creator, Was His life, 

               What a cost!

This great plan of salvation,

Is this world’s best Possession!        

– eab,  Oct.’73

What did you SEE for the first time as you read your Bible this AM? Nothing? A little something? A major eye-opener? If you saw nothing new, nothing that made you weep, nothing that made you say “Praise the Lord,” your reading is in danger of being a form. If you saw a minor or major chunk of Truth, thank God for it & meditate on it today as you drive, work, walk. Bible reading (“Lord, please help us ALL.”) should be a highlight of our day – if not a spiritual meal, at least a spiritual “snack.” – 10/27/21

“Elegance of language must give way

before simplicity in preaching sound doctrine.”

G Savonarola

Mar 10.12

“And if a woman shall put away her husband,

& be married to another, she committeth adultery.”

Drama does NOT have Christian or Jewish origins – it’s heathen. It is at best fiction & fiction is not high on the list of Truth Collectors. It’s worse than written fiction because of the presence of bodies, bodies with little to no clothing, bodies in swaying, twirling, sexual positions. “Look, churches & christian schools have put on dramas for yrs.” Sadly, they have. Does that mean they’re right? Most thinking people know that putting a little “holy water” on something does not cleanse it. Drama is no exception. – 10/27/21

“The whole world knows that His glory

has not been spread by force & weapons, but by poor fishermen.
G Savonarola

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