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1Jo 2.2 +

1Jo 2.2

“And he is the propitiation for our sins & not for ours only,

but also for the sins of the whole world.”

“There is no more fitting Christmas present & New Year’s gift

than souls rescued from sin & presented to our Lord.

– M W Knapp

Books labeled “science” books are written by men. Allow me to add, *mere men. A man may have spent 20, 30, 40 yrs studying a certain flora or fauna. He may have devoted more time looking, listening, learning about such than any man alive or who ever lived. But he is still just a man. (Unknown to him a man may have studied said plant/animal almost as long but on a different land mass & may have come to some opposite conclusions.) God ONLY knows science in it total-ness. Read HIS Book. – 10/21/21

“He who is popular with the world cannot at the same time please God

…sometimes only another name for a ‘man-pleasing preacher.’”

– M W Knapp

Some, sadly put up hanging/seated skeletons days/weeks ago – Why? Some have fake “spider webs” on house or bush – Why? Some made a substitute “party” to take the place of halloween – Why? Why do you contribute to the WORST, most satanic day of the yr? Are you not thinking? Or, OR do you lack the backbone to stand against the worsening treads of our corrupt society? Please answer this (not to me, not on fb) in your mind & beg God to forgive your weakness toward sinful things. – 10/26/21


The Almighty always good, and wise God

Really knows what each of us can handle.

One has so many talents; he’s an odd

Chandelier – Others a single candle.

The many-talented guy has a place

In some great hall swung from the high beam joint,

But more single candles come face to face

With student/scholar seeking the “fine point.”

You’re a chandelier? Scorn not a brother

Who’s a lone glowing candle on yon shelf

You’re one candle? Don’t seek to be other;

Shine brightly on your domain – be yourself.

– eab, Fall 2016

Rebel that man is, he has fallen under the influence of satan, a rebel since before the Garden & they (sinner rebel & satan the rebel) are pushing an all-out war against the standards of God. This revolt includes a desire to obliterate the line between male & female making guys sissies & making girls weirdly masculine. Have nothing to do with this corruption. Teach your daughters to not only be feminine but to *love being so – your sons to be masculine & *love being as God made them. – 10/26/21  

Jos 24.15

“…Choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me & my house

we will serve the LORD.”

“…Jenny Lind was requested to sing on Sunday at the palace of the King of Sweden

…she refused. [he] called on her & as her sovereign commanded her to sing…she said,

‘There is a higher King, sir, to whom I owe my allegiance.’”

– George B Kulp

Who is the center of your worship at church? The singer(s)? It would appear so – if you clap after they finish. The preacher? – again, clapping suggests he is the center. Please stop clapping in a worship service. If God is the true center – as He should be – it is He & He alone who can show He is pleased (or not pleased) as He comes in His sweet presence or, OR as He fails to come. His failure to come may mean there IS sin “in the camp.” If so, its time (past time) to “clean house;” not clap. – 10/28/21

“O beloved you are wondering why God left you? Why there is no power?

No unction? God never left a soul that wanted Him to stay.”

– George B Kulp

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