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1Pe 3.3 +

1Pe 3.3

“Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair,

& of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel”

Sin as an act must be forgiven;

sin as a principle must be cleansed.”

– R G Flexon

Some of our fore-parents had a cellar with home-canned meats/veggies. Others had attics with “leather-britches” or maybe other veggies/fruits drying. Some had root-cellars with potatoes, carrots, turnips in sand. A few even had a smoke-house hanging with pork or beef smoked to perfection. The above was normal for them. Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong for you to have food (dried beans, rice, dried pastas, canned meats, soups, veggies) stored. It’s God-given common sense. Do it. – 9/28/21

“Native timidity is no sign of a lack of grace,

& native boldness is not sign of any degree of grace.”

– R G Flexon

If you’re enjoying the lingering look of any man other than your husband, you need to get right with God. Now. Confess to Him your lust (or the wicked pleasure of that guy’s lust) & beg the Lord to remove carnality from your heart. This is a must. Lust will not be allowed in God’s pure heaven. And, never, NEVER allow yourself to be alone with that man. (Lust is stronger than you may realize.) – 9/30/21


Sinners appear to have on earth

The easy way of wine, winning, mirth.

“Appear” is the key word here

Soon come trials, failure, and fear

Sin costs FAR more than it’s worth!

– eab,  10/4/17


Now is the saint’s hardest hour;

Holding out ‘gainst “higher power,”

Looking away from tempting sights,

Praying on some long, dark nights,

And keeping sweet when some go sour.

– eab,  10/4/17 

Some parents who have had backbone enough to refuse to allow their divorced & re-married son to sleep under the parent’s roof with his second “mate.” The D&R couple have been allowed to visit but not to sleep in the same bed at Dad/Mom’s house. Easy? Not at all. Consistent with their belief in NT marriage-teaching of Christ? Yes. Many of these parents didn’t attend the “wedding” of said son. To do so would have put their approval on the illicit union. Living for Jesus takes strength in this decaying world. – 10/2/21

2Pe 1.21

“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man:

but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost”

“A state of mind that sees God in everything

is evidence of growth in grace & a thankful heart.”

– Charles Finney

If you’re not convinced the KJV is correct I suggest you make no statement about your doubt. Give yourself a year to read 1.) The sales pitches for a new “translation” (Please pick out 1 only). 2.) In fairness, read what is being written against your pick of new “translations” by the proponents of a contending “translation.” 3.) And read what a KJV man (or two) has to say about the weakness of your chosen “translation.” A year may not be enough but you may see the foolishness before that. – 10/4/21

“There can be no revival when

Mr. Amen & Mr. Wet-Eyes are not found in the audience.”

– Charles Finney

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1Pe 2.17 +

1Pe 2.17

“Honor all men. Love the brotherhood.

Fear God. Honor the king.”

God is on the lookout today for a man who will be quiet enough to get a message from Him

brave enough to preach it & honest enough to live it.”

– Vance Havner

THINK. Are you a thinker? Thinkers may (if Christians *will*) begin to weed out trivia, the froth. This process makes others – locked into a decaying world system – uncomfortable. “Why can’t you just go along, why do you have to be negative?” Thinkers test (some in area ‘A’ others area ‘Z’). I urge you to think. Compare the Bible with the world. Compare the permanent with the passing. Compare the expensive with the cheap. Compare the solid with the glitz. THINK. Today. Everyday. – 9/27/21

“It is not our business to make the message acceptable, but to make it available.

We are not to see that they like it, but that they get it.”

– Vance Havner

Do you, Christian, pray for the neighbor down the road? “They’re 7th day-something-or-other.” Well, can God save them? Do you pray for the salvation of those in the house up the road? “They go to the catholic church every Saturday night.” Again, can God make them so hungry for the God they see in your life that they want redeemed? The Lord may very well have had you move in (or a neighbor move in) so that you could win them to Christ. Pray for your neighbors. Pray believingly. Blessings. – 9/30/21


Many a soul has started down God’s road,

After knowing the joy of a lifted load.

They had a smile only heaven could paint,

But, oh, something changed; they grew faint.

What caused them to turn from His pierced side?

What renewed their carnal, controlling pride?

Only the judgment will truly, fully reveal

Why they lost out in happy, holy zeal.

Attitudes mean so much in soul and mind,

Ones they grew up with or later find.

Negative attitudes toward a certain stand,

Acceptance of things on the “left” hand.

Education has often pulled men down,

They hated to have the professor’s bad frown,

They wanted to be thought of as quite smart,

Chose secular training, let Christ depart.

Illusions have caused backsliding as well,

Illusions aren’t real – but they seem to tell     

A truth when they are, sadly, a stinking lie,

Some believe illusions and inwardly die.

Omissions are also weak excuses to fail,

Someone left them sidetracked along life’s trail,

They saw (thought they saw?) they were left out.

Joyful walking with Jesus doesn’t go with a pout.

Understandings may contribute to sliding a soul back,

Their idea was wrong, understanding was off track.

Oh, the excuses satan uses to bring down a heart,

Slipping, sliding, they from God’s way depart.

– eab, 10/7/09  

Do you want to learn? – – – or do you want to be “Known as Learned”? The first requires no classroom, no professor, no tuition, & yields no diploma, no degree. The second requires multiply classrooms, several profs (unless a “diploma mill” or modern on-line education) a great deal of money & gives a paper to hang on a wall. The first is the most valuable to the learner. The second is most valuable by the proud of heart. What does God want for you? – 9/30/21  

Pro 16.18

“Pride goeth before destruction,

& an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Lord, ope the King of England’s eies.”

– Tyndale’s last words while tied to the stake

quoted in the Book of Martyrs by John Foxe.

Read the Bible to a child. 1.) Ask God to direct what passage to read. 2.) Pre-read It to yourself making sure of pronunciations. 3.) Pre-read It out loud (after all that’s how you’ll be reading It to them). 4.) Be willing to be interrupted as you read – a.) they may forget their question b.) their question may take you two down a delicious “rabbit trail” – one you’d never guessed they wanted to know. 5.) Interrupt your self with questions to keep them alert & “with you.” Make reading-time a delight to you both. -10/2/21

“Where no promise of God is, there can be no faith, nor justifying, nor forgiveness of sins:

for it is more than madness to look for any thing of God, save that he hath promised.”

– Wm Tyndale

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1Pe 1.15 +

1Pe 1.15

“But as he which hath called you is holy,

so be ye holy in all manner of conversation”

“…I have been among Episcopalians, Congregationalists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists & members of many other denominations & I have found that no amount of baptismal water can keep the devil out of the hearts & lives of Christians.”  

– Jonathan Goforth

“…Having food & raiment let us be therewith content”(1Ti 6.8). Paul was not “into” wearing clothing with labels showing – – – nor dear sanctified soul, should you be. In the holiness movement (too many women & sadly, even some men) are too conscious of their outfit, their shoes, their accessories being *In Style.* A person too concerned about outward impression is often not filled with the Holy Ghost. – 9/29/21  

“Surely, since the sinless Son of God had to be made sin for us

an over‑emphasis upon sin is in the nature of things impossible.”

– Jonathan Goforth

Teach your son, Dad, how to be a man. Not with onezy, twozy, threezy necessarily but by daily example. Dress like a man (not in stuff that could be either sex). Walk like a man (not in steps that look feminine). Stand like a man with both legs straight at the knee unless purposely kneeling. Talk like a man avoiding any sound that’s womanish. Talk about manly subjects, not that which borders on a lady world. And show your son how to treat a woman with love as you treat his mother & sisters. Blessings – 9/30/21


A certain kind of people

Meeting under a tall steeple

Imagine that that’s the church.

Tall walls do not a church make.

New birth is more than a handshake;

Which these find out when in a lurch.

The church is made of redeemed hearts,

And though they meet in various parts,

Under clear sky, under a huge tree;

Worship, that’s why we gather

Even in cold, wet weather.

Church is you and me.

– eab, 10/1/08

“Practice” is not in Bible or “practiced,” “practicing” (suggests dead repetition). The man who suggested practicing to get into God’s presence was a ritualist. No, Friend. I hope you prayed yesterday – & hope you sensed God’s presence as you “conversed” with Him. Hope you talked to God this AM – & hope your time with Him was different from yesterday – it should’ve been. (God is not “samish.”). Go tomorrow to your place of prayer & as you pray expect yet an other “experience.” He’s a God of infinite variety. – 9/30/21

“If one does not believe in the eradication of sin in the heart

he does not believe in holiness.”

– R T Williams

Joh 13.35

“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples,

if ye have love one to another.”

You’ve noticed the new pastor isn’t calling in homes – not new visitors, not regular people (including you), not “cold-turkey.” What to do? 1.) Pray before you do anything, 2.) If after prayer you feel clear, make an appointment & ask him about this. 3.) Be prepared in the discussion time to offer a.) to go calling with him b.) to come to the church & pray for him as he goes calling. 4. If you refuses to agree that he SHOULD call, be careful what you say to him. Start praying for a pastor who likes people. – 9/30/21  

“It is quite easy

to change one’s theory to suit his experience!”
– R T Williams

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