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Rev 3.19 +

Rev 3.19

“As many as I love, I rebuke & chasten:

be zealous therefore, & repent.”

…the devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting & destroying,

he doth it under color of correcting & building up”

– Martin Luther

Stop believing “science” – START believing Scripture! Evolution is evil. Some fail to see there’s not only Evolutionary Biology; there is Evolutionary Astronomy. One is as evil as the other. The Bible no more agrees with millions of “light yrs” for “assigned” distances to stars than it agrees with millions of yrs for an ameba to “become” a frog. Read your Bible. Bring all trust in “science, falsely so called” (1Ti 6.20) to an immediate halt. – 11/21/21

“…Where the Holy Ghost dwelleth,

he will not suffer a man to be idle.”

– Martin Luther

It’s good that you found a careful Holiness church – attending it won’t save you. The church pastor/board, are grateful (I assume) for your offerings – giving won’t save you. When they sing Classic Hymns I’d say the song leader is happy to see your mouth wide-open in song – that won’t save you. Allow me to urge you, yes YOU, mind the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Be redeemed, Be empted of self & then filled with the Holy Ghost. Heaven is only for the FULLY obedient. – 11/29/21


I heard a little rustling,

A noisy sort of bustling,

On a cold November morning,

Outside my window light.

Then I looked into the street;

The leaves were on their feet,

Marching, marching onward; no retreat

The wind had called the fight.

They’d been called on that day,

With others brown and gray,

And the mother tree that nourished them

Now couldn’t bid them nay,

As they scurried and hurried with their might.  

– eab, Nov. 1970

PLAYS. No saint did a charade in the NT. Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5) put on an “act” & both died that day. “OK, Bryan, prove acting is wrong.” (Nothing can be *proved to a soul whose mind is made up to not be convinced.) The above is 1 proof (for me). The fact that plays have heathen roots (Greek/Roman drama) is a 2nd proof (for me). When the Holy Spirit moves in a service no “practice” is required to *get it right (as opposed to “play practice”) is a 3rd proof (for me). Learn to THINK. – 11/29/21

Act 5.9

“Then Peter said unto her, ‘How is it that ye have agreed

 together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord?’”

“I went to America to convert the Indians. But oh! Who shall convert me?

I have a fair summer religion…But let death look me in the face & my spirit is troubled.”

– John Wesley (penned 1/25/1738)

Is it wrong for a teen girl (or her mother or grandma – for that matter) to wear lace? No (IMO). Can she wear too much lace? Definitely. For those of you 50 & under, there was a time holiness ladies dressed plainly. Only the more daring ones (not a compliment) ventured to the frilly, showy, too thin garments. Now, sadly, I see women who think themselves Christians, wearing stuff in public her ancestor would hardly have worn outside a bedroom. Please Pray, PRAY, ladies about what you wear. – 11/30/21 

“Chance has no share in the government of the world.  The Lord reigns,

& disposes all things, strongly & sweetly, for the good of them that love Him.”

– John Wesley (penned 2/11/1779)

[1] After living three falls without seeing or hearing falling leaves was interested in the sound of wind pushed leaves on an old brick sidewalk right outside our master bedroom window, Paris, Ohio.

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Rev 3.17 +

Rev 3.17

“Because thou sayest, I am rich & increased with goods & have need of nothing;

& knowest not that thou art wretched & miserable & poor & blind & naked:”

“The most perfect & holy men are always subject…to imperfections…

false conclusions…unfaithful memory…incorrect & even absurd opinions.”

– Randolph S Foster

Some may think the inhabitants of Hell are mainly those who killed their enemy or slept with another man’s wife. Those are sins, yes. But Hell also holds those who had Pride. Some had Pride of Face. Some Pride of Lace. Some Pride of Pace. Some Pride of Race. Some Pride of Chase. And, sadly, some even had Pride of supposed “Grace.” If you have Pride in your life God can remove it. Let Him. – 11/12/21 

“Sin committed &

depravity felt are very different.”

– Randolph S Foster

2 Pet 1.5-7 (Greatest “Addition problem” in the Bible) “And beside this, giving all diligence,

ADD to your faith virtue;                  AND to virtue knowledge;

AND to knowledge temperance;   AND to temperance patience;

AND to patience godliness;     AND to godliness brotherly kindness;

AND to brotherly kindness charity.  – 11/21/21


In the beginning – of measured things,

Before the clock of time was wound,

It was know that man would sin,

And a remedy had to be found.

After a period of loving thought,

It was decided by the Great Three-In-One,

That God would send man a Gift –

His Fellow Creator, Partner, and Son.

– eab,  Nov. 1969

“Don’t believe everything you read.” Not original with me – but VERY important. Don’t believe [almost] ANYTHING you see on TV. (I don’t own one – hope you can say the same.) If you see a TV at a barber shop, friend’s house, etc. ignore it or pretty well know there’s another (better?) side to their “news.” NOW HEAR THIS – even what you think is a “conservative” news source should not be fully trusted. Live your life above/beyond news. Do not make news the center of your day! – 11/18/21

“If I were master of the country

I would not allow them to practice usury.”

– Martin Luther

Mat 6.7

“But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do:

for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.”

In yrs of pastoring I knocked on many doors. In the process several dogs barked at me. To some I said, “You like your voice, don’t you”. For your information – there are preachers who “like their voice” – they enjoy attention. If/when you sense this, ask God 1.) to take out selfishness (if they’re carnal), 2.) to change them (if this is personality), 3.) to give you the grace to put up with this, or 4.) to give you guidance if you’re to change churches.  Long-windedness is seldom necessary. – 11/29/21

“In God we may acknowledge the unchangeable & certain motion of the stars of heaven;

the sun each day rises & sets in his place…”

– Martin Luther

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Rev 3.8 +

Rev 3.8

“…I have set before thee an open door & no man can shut it:

for thou hast a little strength & hast kept my word & hast not denied my name.”

I wonder what would happen if the preacher stopped in his sermon next Sunday morning

& said, ‘Have you paid your debts this week?’”

– Gipsy Smith

My prayer for 8 grandsons (this can be expanded to the men who marry, or will marry our 10 grand daughters) is – that they be preachers. No, not just a Baptist or Congregational preacher (though God has blessed a few of such). No, not just “apparent holiness” preachers (God doesn’t often bless shallowness). This generation needs men who’ll preach against Carnal anger, Fornication, Jealousy, Pride etc. & preach Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering etc. May our grandsons become those preachers. – 11/15/21

“The way to Jesus is not by Cambridge & Oxford, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Socrates, Plato, Shakespeare or the poets–It is over an old-fashioned hill called Calvary.”

– Gipsy Smith

False Sense of Loyalty! Please don’t listen to satan. A man may fear his wife is not in heaven & satan tempt him to not go there SO he could be with his wife. Don’t Listen To satan. A wife may sense her husband didn’t go up & hear satan tell her to go be with him in hell. Don’t Listen To satan. (Marriage, as we know it, ends here.) Never listen to the devil anytime BUT for sure on this issue. Hell is horrible, smells bad, has flames, has no water – do ALL in your power to miss it. You CAN by God’s Grace. – 11/22/21


What more could an angler wish?

Brother Peter “got paid” to fish.

He had a coin right out of the blue,

It paid HIS tax and Peter’s too.

The rest could be served in a dish.

– eab,  11/28/05

A sad deception of our age is the number of “religious entertainers.” They try to imagine that they’re ministering. No. God eternal business is not entertaining. The presence of God is not pleasing to the carnal mind. A true man of God may (could even be said “must”) make some souls mad before they’ll get awake enough to pray & forsake all their sins. – 11/27/21

2Ti 4.2

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season;

reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering & doctrine.”

“We need men with the gift of knowledge. 

In their place we have men with scholarship – nothing more.”

– A W Tozer

The world has become sickeningly “politically correct.” What a mess – but it does not stop here. The “evangelical” world is too conscious of what’s acceptable & what will disturb folks so they won’t come back to “church.” Again, one could wish it stopped here. Sadly, some churches which are supposedly “holiness,” may be willing to taper their message or guard this or that, so they don’t lose attendees. Preach Christ & Him crucified. Preach hell hot & heaven holy. Let truth be unshackled! – 11/28/21 

“…Let us beware of that imitation faith which is no more than a mental assent to truth…

True faith invariably brings a witness.”

– A W Tozer

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Rev 1.7 +

Rev 1. 7

“Behold, he cometh with clouds & every eye shall see him & they also which pierced him:

& all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.”

The preacher who will proclaim this glorious truth & magnify the cleansing power of the blood of Christ will find that his message of full deliverance touches life at every point. He is doing a disservice to his hearers & is dishonoring his God if he substitutes any other theme.”

– Duncan Campbell

Backsliding & backslidden church people adopt the world’s dress/hair styles. Sliding back churches mimic the world’s “music”(name is questionable). These same groups adapt the methods more worldly churches use to build a larger “following:” games, contests, preachers being dunked in water or having pies thrown in their face. Worldly people want worldly fun times. God’s people want a sense of the presence of God which only comes with time spent in His book, with His people. – 11/15/21

“This desire for heart purity

is a creation of the Holy Spirit at work in the heart.”

– Duncan Campbell

Your high sch. “best bud” or close friend in college or old neighbor, moved to the Left – you did not. Or an equally near pal moved to the Right – you did not. What to do? Love the friend but do not embrace his new position. Pray for him to return to a Biblical view. Be friendly when you see him. Never confuse his mistaken ideas with the worth of His Never Dying Soul. But also guard against changing your full appreciation for the Word of God. Love people, but love God more. – 11/16/21


Tall, empty, and bare, are the trees,

That each had their share, of green leaves,

To cover skeleton rough, and supply food enough.

Now the trees stand undressed; evening’s come.

Time to stop and rest, work is done.

Time to lay clothes down, with a faint rustling sound.

And now a new cover’s there, on each limb;

Laid with mother’s natural care.  Light is dim.

A blanket of snowy fluff, the nights brisk cold to bluff.

– eab,  Nov. 1966

In yrs of teaching Earth Science I taught pupils the nearest star (“not counting the sun”) was 4.3 light yrs away. I apologize. First – because the Bible puts the sun in 1 category & puts stars in a different category. Sorry. I was wrong to refer to our local sun as a star. God didn’t; I shouldn’t. Second – to teach you’d have to travel at the speed of light; a “supposed” 186,000 mi.per second x 60(seconds) x 60(minutes) x 24(hrs) x 365(days) is man’s idea & not provable. Let God be God. Don’t make “science” god. – 11/21/21

1Co 15.41

“There is one glory of the sun & another glory of the moon

& another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.”

“The merchant is no longer to hoard up treasures on earth.  The soldier is not longer to fight for glory, the great scholar is no longer to pride himself in the depths of science; but they must all with one spirit ‘count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus.’”

– Wm Law

No. Having your kid’s picture “made with sant_ claus_” is NOT innocent! Your 2-3 yr old doesn’t know this guy in red suit is a paid “actor” dressed up to please a sinful society & thus carrying-on a lie. These fat-boys detract from the birth of Christ. They ought to be ashamed for playing such falseness. But you can avoid this Lie. You can NOT deceive your child. Bear this is mind – pictures last a long time. If you’ve already had a pic made this yr, destroy it before your child grows up & sees it. – 11/21/21

“I never knew happiness till I found Christ as a Savior. 

Read the Bible; read the Bible.”

– Wm Wilberforce.

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Rev 1.3 +

Rev 1.3

“Blessed is he that readeth & they that hear the words of this prophecy

& keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

Regeneration is salvation from the voluntary commission of sin;

sanctification is salvation from the being of sin.”

– R T Williams

Some unthinking souls imagine the greatest “work” they could possible do is shoot a ball thru a hoop, or kick it between two posts, or hit it beyond a fence – & get paid to do it. Sorry. That is play. The greatest possible job of earth is being an ambassador for the King of Heaven. The greatest possible work is helping rescue fellowmen from the broad road (sometimes that’s a churchy road) & getting them pointed toward heaven. Pay? What matters? The reward is the Eternal Approval of your King. – 11/15/21

“Man sanctifies himself through consecration. 

God sanctifies him by the baptism of the Holy Ghost & fire”

– R T Williams

The King James Bible is the greatest Book in the English language. It has been read by more people than any other book. It has been read THROUGH by more than any other book. It has been read through REPEATEDLY by more souls than any other book. Parts of It have been memorized by more people than any other text. And no book has had more tear stains on its pages (as It was being read) than the CLASSIC KJV. If you, friend have dropped to a lesser “bible” come back to the Authorized. – 11/17/21 


In Britain, in recent weeks

A school boy’s question was heard

“Why did Mary and Joseph name

Their Baby after a swear word?” 

– eab,  11/18/05    

Carnality or GracE

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

What’s laborious for one is another’s high pleasure.

What makes the difference in this wide measure?

The degree of carnality or of grace.

– eab,  Nov. 2005 

Living in fear? satan wants you to; to fear him. Christ does not. He has a MUCH better plan “…Fear God & keep His commandments…”(Ecc 12.13). When you’re redeemed & Spirit-filled you don’t have to be afraid of politics or the power they want you to *think* they have. “…Fear not them which kill the body…”(Mat 10.28) – that’s all they can do. When satan (or his sinners) kill saints they merely release our souls to go to heaven. So do not fear sinful men – Fear & Love the God of Glory. TODAY. – 11/18/21

Mat 10.28

“…And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul:

but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul & body in hell.”

“…Self—the most popular of all the false god…”

– Wm J Bryan

If you have a memory of going to Grandpa/Grandma’s you recall furniture was always in the same place. Curtains had not changed. Couch was the same. BUT, you didn’t go to see “change” – you went to see a nice old man/a “pretty” old lady. PLEASE *PASTOR & BOARD* don’t feel you need to remodel the sanctuary – Do make sure the Wonderful God (men expect to find there) IS there. Plead Him to come. He. Is. Who. We. Need. To. See. At. Church. Repainting / Remodeling is much easier than Revival! – 11/18/21

“No man should be in public office

who can’t make more money in private life.”

– Thomas Dewey

[1] As reported by Paul Harvey news – sad!

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Countries of World

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COMING – of Christ

COMING. Friend private messaged – I’ll write so others can see. “Rapture” is not in Bible. It’s a theory. Let me say Christ is going to come! I’d die rather than deny that FACT. satan & his hollywood world is aware Christ is coming. If they can arrange “science” so the appearance of anti-christ fools people they’ll damn millions. Mat 24.30(“…all the tribes of…earth mourn…”) & Rev 1.7(“…All kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him…”) suggest world-wide deception. Don’t believe “rapture” idea. 11/8/21  11/8/21 fb

COMING. Part of this false teaching is that’s “secret.” Oh? 1Th 4.16 “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a SHOUT with the VOICE of the archangel & with the TRUMP of God & the dead in Christ shall rise first.” 2Pe 3.10 “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great NOISE & the elements shall melt with fervent HEAT, the earth also & the works that are therein shall be BURNED up.” (emphasis added) – 11/8/21  11/8/21 fb

COMING. Following show antichrist comes 1st 2Th 2.3 “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first & that man of sin be REVEALED the son of perdition.” 2Th 2.8 “…then shall that Wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth & shall DESTROY with the brightness of his coming.” The false-christ to be known before the Real One comes. antichrist has to be here for Christ to destroy him. (emphasis added) 11/8/21  11/8/21 fb

COMING. Become a student of the Word. Read little (if any) books on prophecy old or new. Instead read the Bible. Get your eschatology from Jesus Christ & the men inspired to write the Bible – especially the NT. (If you include OT prophecies of the end times make sure they align with the NT.) satan does not want you to figure out who the antichrist or his system is. satan is deceiver & sadly can do it well. Stay away from films, videos, & any speaker whose life-style is left of center. 11/8/21  11/8/21 fb 

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Jude 25 +

Jude 25

“To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory & majesty,

dominion & power, both now & ever.  Amen.”

“It is a kingdom that no orator, artist, preacher, or poet can ever describe.

You will have to have His kingdom within to ever know the joys of this supernatural religion”

– J B McBride

My wife & I are blessed to have 4 children. One of them said (yrs ago) “I can tell my dad/daddy [whichever they said] anything.” I considered that a compliment. But let me tell you better words than those – I whispered a prayer yesterday & was blessed to realize (hopefully it was for the Nth time) “I can tell my Father anything.” Friend o’mine – you can also. Confess your sins, Believe His Promises (thus He is your Father) & you can then tell God all your little or BIG needs. He Cares. – 11/15/21

“He [Christ] was born in abject poverty, grew up in abject poverty,

died in abject poverty but ‘he became poor that ye thorough his poverty might be rich.’”

– J B McBride

There are many guys – dare I say wimps – who are RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). They make me unhappy. Man Up or change party names. Amen? *BRACE yourself.* There are too many preachers who are HINOs (Holiness In Name Only). The church they pastor (or which calls them as evangelist) is / was Holiness but they don’t preach the Fullness of Salvation. Many of their “sermons” could be given at the next church up the road. Get sanctified Brother & preach holiness – – – or change groups. – 11/15/21

Childhood Survived

Do you still delight

To see a bird in flight

Or watch him bring his feet from the rear

And put down his “landing gear”?

Do you thrill to see

Geese in their vee

Pushing north in the spring

On out-spread wing?

Do you like to see the limb sway

When a squirrel on his way

Jumps from one tree to his neighbor

With seemingly small labor?

Do you still somehow enjoy

As you did when a girl, a boy

The slight sly form of Mr. fox

Slipping by in his white socks?

Do you bend your head low

To smell flowers in their glow

Or take a few in where it’s mild

Samples of God’s “natural wild”?

If one of the above “is you”

(You still do as you used to do,)

Rejoice.  A little of your childhood days

Survived the balding or the “grays.”

– eab,  November 2009

Hay rides wrong? No. Not if properly chaperoned. Back yard/“back 40” hotdog campfire wrong? No, if such events are managed as Family Activities. (A church/pastor/youth leader can be taking away from what ought to be family events.) Same with a pick-up a (note word “pick-up”) softball game. The church should not be the center of upper-crust (or red-neck) social life. Let the Church Be the Church. Let the family be family, leading in family picnics, other youth events & ending in songs & strong prayer. – 11/15/21

“…While you are setting some folks in their place,

the devil is pushing you down the road to Hell.”

– Warren C McIntire

Rom 5.1

“Therefore being justified by faith,

we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”

Please end *your* Love Affair with movies. They’re huge lies. The script is often 100% fiction (i.e. NOT true) or is fictionized to suit the director. The actors are false. They get paid to pretend (to act out a lie). The “wall” is not real (therefore fake). The “trip into space” is as false as false can be. They’re lie built upon lie, upon lie. If you love Truth (Christ is “…the Truth” Joh 14.6) you should have, DO HAVE a revulsion against lies. That surely involves hollywood/disney lies. Kick these out of your life. – 11/15/21     

“When you refuse to get sanctified that is not the end. You have insulted the third Person of the Trinity…You cannot stay saved long if you take an attitude of refusal…”

– Warren C McIntire

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Jude 25 +

Jude 25

“To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory & majesty,

dominion & power, both now & ever. Amen.”

The tragedy of today is

that the situation is desperate but the saints are not.”

– Vance Havner

There are 5 important “W” words. They are Who, What, Where, When, & Why. Please look at your hand. The thumb is short (put 3 letter Who there), the index is longer (put 4 letter What there), the middle finger is longest (put 5 letter Where there), the 3rd finger is shorter (put the other 4 letter word When there), & the little is shorter yet (put 3 letter Why there). All have a place on your hand but don’t let WHY fool you – it can be most important of all. Never be afraid to ask this “W” word. – 11/9/21

The devil is not fighting religion. He’s too smart for that. He is producing a counterfeit Christianity, so much like the real one that good Christians are afraid to speak out against it.”

– Vance Havner

There is a danger in ritualistic religion – men following mere dry, dusty form & thus hoping to go to heaven. Avoid it. There is also a danger in following a “free spirit” (not the Holy Spirit) & thus being unholy, irreverent, even blasphemous. The Answer? Follow the Bible & God’s present Holy Ghost in worship. You can do this totally in private & hopefully you can find a group of like-minded souls & meet once a week (at least) & there obey both the Scriptures & the Spirit. Blessings. -11/12/21

Let me love

Let me love those to my left

Let me love those to my right

And, let me love those, who

Unless they change,

Are headed for eternal night.

– eab Nov 2009

The devil hates the Word. The Word lets us know that satan even exits (he’d like you to doubt that). The Word of God describes satan as a liar. The Word tells us (humans, weaker than he is, yet redeemable still – he’s not) that satan will be defeated (satan will like you to believe he can win; he can NOT). The Word is our greatest (tangible) guide to defeating satan. The devil hates the Word & wants to see the Bible destroyed. – 11/13/21

Jude 5

“I will therefore put you in remembrance, though ye once knew this, how that the Lord

having saved the people out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed them that believed not.”

“…We who are Christians are expected by & by to be like Jesus,

not only in one particular but in every particular…”

– J B McBride

We may have seen a dad in a store with afflicted child (mentally/physically) & felt sorry for him (not the child – the child’s being well cared-for). When Jesus invited us to call God “Father” He, in a sense, put God in the position of the dad with the afflicted child. Feel sorry for God – He has to be “seen in public” with us. Therefore we ought to fully obey Him & be at our BEST, considering Who we represent. Thank you, Jesus. – 11/13/21 

“One can be joyful, happy & congenial; but there is no place where

we can be trifling, light & funny & live in the is inner-circle with Jesus.”

– J B McBride

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Jude 24 +

Jude 24

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling

& to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy”

“All the power & wisdom & cunning of satan will be exercised to secure your defeat.

He hates a holy man.

– J M Pike

God loves INDIVIDUALITY. He created it. He allows the sons/daughters of Adam to have the pleasure of re-creating it generation after generation. Sin obliterates individual-ness. satan can control you better if you wear a uniform, if you’ve sworn allegiance to a secret order (religious/secular), if you’re a loyal member of “the team.” Stop going with the crowd. The crowd is on the Broadway a-n-d it leads to destruction (Mat 7.13). No one, but no one, is as individual as the Fully Saved person. How Wonderful! – 11/10/21     

“…History of the motion picture business testifies…to a lust for money that overrides

…the social good & the Christian conscience. ”

– Paul Rees

Save the old shirt/blouse, pants/skirt, shoes, coat in case you aren’t able to buy new ones. Save the tool. Save the surplus garden food: can it, freeze it, dry it, root-cellar it. Save the extra wood: if finished, it can be redone (if/when you can’t afford to buy new), if unfinished you can burn it for warmth or to cook. Save the blanket, quilt, wrap to snuggle in on cold nights so you can lower the thermostat (or if you have no electric). Save pencil/pen & paper to write prose/poetry if you have no power. Save candles. – 11/10/21


A rock and a tree are side by side,

The one alive, the other never died.

The one trim and tall, the other squat,

One “changeless,” the other will rot.

The one was here when Adam was here,

When human’s first sin brought the first stinging tear.

It felt the lap of The Flood in its face,

And knew earth’s tremor, when Christ died “in disgrace.”

– eab,    Nov. 1977             


If you think you have answers sublime,

Tell me, What is this thing called time?

The coming expected “big deal”

Seem before a “century away”

Is now past, its distance surreally unreal

What happened to that day?

– eab,  Nov.2005

LIAR-LIE. The Bible refers to lies/liars in negative tones: “…When he [devil] speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar & the father of it”(Joh 8.44) – 1st NT ref. to liar. “For without are dogs, & sorcerers, & whoremongers, & murderers, & idolaters, & whosoever loveth & maketh a lie”(Rev 22.15). – last NT ref. to lie. But I think we’ve softened up on such by re-naming. He “fictionized” the account. He was merely “exaggerating.” He was “less than truthful.” – 11/12/21

Rev 21.8

“The fearful & unbelieving & the abominable & murderers & whoremongers & sorcerers & idolaters & all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone”

“Every true believer is an expression of the mind

& thought of Christ.”

– Ken Rice

LIAR-LIE. The following are taken from my computer Thesaurus – do we too readily accept substitutes?

LIE (verb) – tell untruths, perjure yourself, fib, tell stories, be economical with the truth.  LIE (noun) – untruth, falsehood, fib, story, tall tale, propaganda.  LIAR – fraud, fake, pretender, impostor, hypocrite phony.  FICTION – falsehood, fabrication, lie, untruth. Yet Friend, our world is full of the above on radio, TV, hollywood, disney, & yes those dubbed “christian movies” as well. Wake up, Christian. – 11/12/21

“Christ of prophecy became the Jesus of History

& will become the Lord of Glory.”

– Delbert Rose, PhD

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