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1Jo 3.8 +

1Jo 3.8

“…He that committeth sin is of the devil;

for the devil sinneth from the beginning.”

“Actions may be colored by circumstances, early training,

mental attitudes or physical ability while the intentions are perfectly pure.

– R G Flexon

Preach To The Living. Most of us would be very uncomfortable if, when attending a funeral, the preacher informed the crowd that the deceased is in hell. Too few of us feel alarm, however, when a minister tells the crowd the deceased is in heaven. Preacher Friend – this is not your job. Preach to the living – they can still get right with God. Frankly, neither man (above) knows, so he is at best winging it. A word on salvation, a glimpse of Holiness, the certainty of death – preach these. -11/4/21    

“Conscience, which is largely influenced by education,

cannot always be trusted…”

– R G Flexon

It is a trick of the devil to convince you that you’re a christian when you’re not. (If you believe this lie you’ll never stop & repent.) Part of your deception may be based on *emotion (you feel so good swaying, clapping in a song service). Part of this fraud may be based on *devotion (you’re so devoted to your church/cult you’ve convinced you can’t possibly go to hell). You may even pray a ritualistic pray But, hear it, you have not stopped sinning. You are far from holy inside. Please return to Jesus. – 11/6/21


Read the Word as you go to bed

Read the Word when you arise.

Read the Word in a secret chamber

Read the Word under clear, open skies.

Read the Word when troubles come

Read the Word when you’re sad.

Read the Word when heaven is blue

Read the Word when joyful or glad.

Read the Word to your children;

Read the Word with/to your spouse,

Read the Word when-ever you can.

It’s the Best Book in your house.

– eab,  11/7/21

If a husband is working & the wife also working (outside the home) please pray about reducing your “standard of living.” We had an expression last century, “Keeping up with the Jones.” Wake up. You don’t have to have every “do-dad,” every neighbor has. Please quite trying to “keep up” with your sibs. Don’t try to impress friends. (Not all of your acquaintances are as happy as they “let on.”) Spend less time on things – Spend more time together as a family. Be content. – 11/6/21

“…The Spirit of truth can never by any possibility contradict itself.”

– Joseph John Gurney

Tit 2.5

“To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands,

that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

My dad, Clyde D Bryan, was a good man, a bit rare for his generation (h.s. grad.,1923) & I loved him. But let me tell you about my Father. He is God. He is far, Far, FAR, above what we humans call “good,” He created intelligence (anyone who has any, received it from Him) & I love (present tense) Him. Dad was a reason I’m on earth – God’s the only reason I have hope of heaven. Glad I had, knew, got along well with dad. So appreciative someone told me about God & that He’s the main part of life. – 11/7/21

“The first great & primary business to which I ought to attend every day

 is to have my soul happy in the Lord.”

 – George Müeller

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