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1Jo 4.4 +

1Jo 4.4

“Ye are of God, little children & have overcome them:

because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

“I preach what I felt & what I smartingly did feel; even under

that which my poor soul did groan & tremble to astonishment.”

– John Bunyan

To home school is work. One of the biggest parent jobs is pre-reading every book, pre-watching every film & all the time asking God for discernment. The Holy Ghost can show you a myth mixed in with truth. (Sadly, satan is slick at slipping in a lies.) WHEN you see the lie, have the backbone to REPLACE that book, REPLACE that film. “But Bryan, my fellow home schooling Dads/Moms use that book.” Dear Parent – you’re not responsible for their child – you ARE for yours. Chuck the book! – 11/5/21

“It beareth the name of Vanity Fair,

because the town where it is kept is ‘lighter than vanity.’”

– John Bunyan

How to prepare turnips – Turn the turnip on its side. Cut of the top shoots & the bottom root. Continue keeping it on its side & cut through it making slices 3/8” – 5/8” thick. Now lay each slice flat & you will see a ring about 1/8” inside from the skin. With a sharp knife par that ring away (& feed to chickens or hog). Cook the remainder of the slice as scalloped potatoes (crackers, cheese, milk) or any other way you like turnips. As one not fond of turnips, I’ll say, I like them this way. – 11/6/21


Black tree, tall, beyond,

Leaves small, bright, blond,

Days short, hazy light,

Nights long, moon bright,

Past the summer brief,

Now autumn, quiet relief.    

– eab,  Nov. 1966

When the Classic Bible of all English Bibles is available & a pastor chooses to use a lesser “bible” he has a reason. Nor is it (IMO) a good reason. Is he wanting his “text” this AM to agree with the “message” he wants to preach? Is he trying to impress some university/seminary prof in the audience (who lowered himself to accept a lesser book)? Pastor. Don’t change “bibles to suit your sermon – change your words until they match the 400 yr old Text of the greatest Bible in English. – 11/8/21

“It [holiness] is not a completed experience but admits of unending growth.

It…places us in a condition where the obstructions to growth are removed.”

– J M Pike

Luk 6.21

“Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled.

Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.”

Some holiness church folk went to a gathering where a “christian comedian” spoke. Why? Why was a comedian scheduled? Why did holiness people want to go? Why are people gravitating toward humor? (Word “humor” is not in the Bible.) BTW there’s a huge difference between an accidental “event” which is funny & “canned” lines – an act, part of a show. Pardon this (if you must) but Christ said, “…Woe unto you that laugh now! for ye shall mourn & weep”(Luk 6.25). Please leave comedians alone. – 11/9/21

“He will only come to a heart that is aflame

with ardent desire for His presence.”

– J M Pike

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