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Jude 24 +

Jude 24

“Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling

& to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy”

“All the power & wisdom & cunning of satan will be exercised to secure your defeat.

He hates a holy man.

– J M Pike

God loves INDIVIDUALITY. He created it. He allows the sons/daughters of Adam to have the pleasure of re-creating it generation after generation. Sin obliterates individual-ness. satan can control you better if you wear a uniform, if you’ve sworn allegiance to a secret order (religious/secular), if you’re a loyal member of “the team.” Stop going with the crowd. The crowd is on the Broadway a-n-d it leads to destruction (Mat 7.13). No one, but no one, is as individual as the Fully Saved person. How Wonderful! – 11/10/21     

“…History of the motion picture business testifies…to a lust for money that overrides

…the social good & the Christian conscience. ”

– Paul Rees

Save the old shirt/blouse, pants/skirt, shoes, coat in case you aren’t able to buy new ones. Save the tool. Save the surplus garden food: can it, freeze it, dry it, root-cellar it. Save the extra wood: if finished, it can be redone (if/when you can’t afford to buy new), if unfinished you can burn it for warmth or to cook. Save the blanket, quilt, wrap to snuggle in on cold nights so you can lower the thermostat (or if you have no electric). Save pencil/pen & paper to write prose/poetry if you have no power. Save candles. – 11/10/21


A rock and a tree are side by side,

The one alive, the other never died.

The one trim and tall, the other squat,

One “changeless,” the other will rot.

The one was here when Adam was here,

When human’s first sin brought the first stinging tear.

It felt the lap of The Flood in its face,

And knew earth’s tremor, when Christ died “in disgrace.”

– eab,    Nov. 1977             


If you think you have answers sublime,

Tell me, What is this thing called time?

The coming expected “big deal”

Seem before a “century away”

Is now past, its distance surreally unreal

What happened to that day?

– eab,  Nov.2005

LIAR-LIE. The Bible refers to lies/liars in negative tones: “…When he [devil] speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar & the father of it”(Joh 8.44) – 1st NT ref. to liar. “For without are dogs, & sorcerers, & whoremongers, & murderers, & idolaters, & whosoever loveth & maketh a lie”(Rev 22.15). – last NT ref. to lie. But I think we’ve softened up on such by re-naming. He “fictionized” the account. He was merely “exaggerating.” He was “less than truthful.” – 11/12/21

Rev 21.8

“The fearful & unbelieving & the abominable & murderers & whoremongers & sorcerers & idolaters & all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire & brimstone”

“Every true believer is an expression of the mind

& thought of Christ.”

– Ken Rice

LIAR-LIE. The following are taken from my computer Thesaurus – do we too readily accept substitutes?

LIE (verb) – tell untruths, perjure yourself, fib, tell stories, be economical with the truth.  LIE (noun) – untruth, falsehood, fib, story, tall tale, propaganda.  LIAR – fraud, fake, pretender, impostor, hypocrite phony.  FICTION – falsehood, fabrication, lie, untruth. Yet Friend, our world is full of the above on radio, TV, hollywood, disney, & yes those dubbed “christian movies” as well. Wake up, Christian. – 11/12/21

“Christ of prophecy became the Jesus of History

& will become the Lord of Glory.”

– Delbert Rose, PhD

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