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Jude 25 +

Jude 25

“To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory & majesty,

dominion & power, both now & ever.  Amen.”

“It is a kingdom that no orator, artist, preacher, or poet can ever describe.

You will have to have His kingdom within to ever know the joys of this supernatural religion”

– J B McBride

My wife & I are blessed to have 4 children. One of them said (yrs ago) “I can tell my dad/daddy [whichever they said] anything.” I considered that a compliment. But let me tell you better words than those – I whispered a prayer yesterday & was blessed to realize (hopefully it was for the Nth time) “I can tell my Father anything.” Friend o’mine – you can also. Confess your sins, Believe His Promises (thus He is your Father) & you can then tell God all your little or BIG needs. He Cares. – 11/15/21

“He [Christ] was born in abject poverty, grew up in abject poverty,

died in abject poverty but ‘he became poor that ye thorough his poverty might be rich.’”

– J B McBride

There are many guys – dare I say wimps – who are RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). They make me unhappy. Man Up or change party names. Amen? *BRACE yourself.* There are too many preachers who are HINOs (Holiness In Name Only). The church they pastor (or which calls them as evangelist) is / was Holiness but they don’t preach the Fullness of Salvation. Many of their “sermons” could be given at the next church up the road. Get sanctified Brother & preach holiness – – – or change groups. – 11/15/21

Childhood Survived

Do you still delight

To see a bird in flight

Or watch him bring his feet from the rear

And put down his “landing gear”?

Do you thrill to see

Geese in their vee

Pushing north in the spring

On out-spread wing?

Do you like to see the limb sway

When a squirrel on his way

Jumps from one tree to his neighbor

With seemingly small labor?

Do you still somehow enjoy

As you did when a girl, a boy

The slight sly form of Mr. fox

Slipping by in his white socks?

Do you bend your head low

To smell flowers in their glow

Or take a few in where it’s mild

Samples of God’s “natural wild”?

If one of the above “is you”

(You still do as you used to do,)

Rejoice.  A little of your childhood days

Survived the balding or the “grays.”

– eab,  November 2009

Hay rides wrong? No. Not if properly chaperoned. Back yard/“back 40” hotdog campfire wrong? No, if such events are managed as Family Activities. (A church/pastor/youth leader can be taking away from what ought to be family events.) Same with a pick-up a (note word “pick-up”) softball game. The church should not be the center of upper-crust (or red-neck) social life. Let the Church Be the Church. Let the family be family, leading in family picnics, other youth events & ending in songs & strong prayer. – 11/15/21

“…While you are setting some folks in their place,

the devil is pushing you down the road to Hell.”

– Warren C McIntire

Rom 5.1

“Therefore being justified by faith,

we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”

Please end *your* Love Affair with movies. They’re huge lies. The script is often 100% fiction (i.e. NOT true) or is fictionized to suit the director. The actors are false. They get paid to pretend (to act out a lie). The “wall” is not real (therefore fake). The “trip into space” is as false as false can be. They’re lie built upon lie, upon lie. If you love Truth (Christ is “…the Truth” Joh 14.6) you should have, DO HAVE a revulsion against lies. That surely involves hollywood/disney lies. Kick these out of your life. – 11/15/21     

“When you refuse to get sanctified that is not the end. You have insulted the third Person of the Trinity…You cannot stay saved long if you take an attitude of refusal…”

– Warren C McIntire

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