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Rev 1.7 +

Rev 1. 7

“Behold, he cometh with clouds & every eye shall see him & they also which pierced him:

& all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.”

The preacher who will proclaim this glorious truth & magnify the cleansing power of the blood of Christ will find that his message of full deliverance touches life at every point. He is doing a disservice to his hearers & is dishonoring his God if he substitutes any other theme.”

– Duncan Campbell

Backsliding & backslidden church people adopt the world’s dress/hair styles. Sliding back churches mimic the world’s “music”(name is questionable). These same groups adapt the methods more worldly churches use to build a larger “following:” games, contests, preachers being dunked in water or having pies thrown in their face. Worldly people want worldly fun times. God’s people want a sense of the presence of God which only comes with time spent in His book, with His people. – 11/15/21

“This desire for heart purity

is a creation of the Holy Spirit at work in the heart.”

– Duncan Campbell

Your high sch. “best bud” or close friend in college or old neighbor, moved to the Left – you did not. Or an equally near pal moved to the Right – you did not. What to do? Love the friend but do not embrace his new position. Pray for him to return to a Biblical view. Be friendly when you see him. Never confuse his mistaken ideas with the worth of His Never Dying Soul. But also guard against changing your full appreciation for the Word of God. Love people, but love God more. – 11/16/21


Tall, empty, and bare, are the trees,

That each had their share, of green leaves,

To cover skeleton rough, and supply food enough.

Now the trees stand undressed; evening’s come.

Time to stop and rest, work is done.

Time to lay clothes down, with a faint rustling sound.

And now a new cover’s there, on each limb;

Laid with mother’s natural care.  Light is dim.

A blanket of snowy fluff, the nights brisk cold to bluff.

– eab,  Nov. 1966

In yrs of teaching Earth Science I taught pupils the nearest star (“not counting the sun”) was 4.3 light yrs away. I apologize. First – because the Bible puts the sun in 1 category & puts stars in a different category. Sorry. I was wrong to refer to our local sun as a star. God didn’t; I shouldn’t. Second – to teach you’d have to travel at the speed of light; a “supposed” 186,000 mi.per second x 60(seconds) x 60(minutes) x 24(hrs) x 365(days) is man’s idea & not provable. Let God be God. Don’t make “science” god. – 11/21/21

1Co 15.41

“There is one glory of the sun & another glory of the moon

& another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.”

“The merchant is no longer to hoard up treasures on earth.  The soldier is not longer to fight for glory, the great scholar is no longer to pride himself in the depths of science; but they must all with one spirit ‘count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus.’”

– Wm Law

No. Having your kid’s picture “made with sant_ claus_” is NOT innocent! Your 2-3 yr old doesn’t know this guy in red suit is a paid “actor” dressed up to please a sinful society & thus carrying-on a lie. These fat-boys detract from the birth of Christ. They ought to be ashamed for playing such falseness. But you can avoid this Lie. You can NOT deceive your child. Bear this is mind – pictures last a long time. If you’ve already had a pic made this yr, destroy it before your child grows up & sees it. – 11/21/21

“I never knew happiness till I found Christ as a Savior. 

Read the Bible; read the Bible.”

– Wm Wilberforce.

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