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Rev 3.19 +

Rev 3.19

“As many as I love, I rebuke & chasten:

be zealous therefore, & repent.”

…the devil’s cunning…if he cannot hurt by persecuting & destroying,

he doth it under color of correcting & building up”

– Martin Luther

Stop believing “science” – START believing Scripture! Evolution is evil. Some fail to see there’s not only Evolutionary Biology; there is Evolutionary Astronomy. One is as evil as the other. The Bible no more agrees with millions of “light yrs” for “assigned” distances to stars than it agrees with millions of yrs for an ameba to “become” a frog. Read your Bible. Bring all trust in “science, falsely so called” (1Ti 6.20) to an immediate halt. – 11/21/21

“…Where the Holy Ghost dwelleth,

he will not suffer a man to be idle.”

– Martin Luther

It’s good that you found a careful Holiness church – attending it won’t save you. The church pastor/board, are grateful (I assume) for your offerings – giving won’t save you. When they sing Classic Hymns I’d say the song leader is happy to see your mouth wide-open in song – that won’t save you. Allow me to urge you, yes YOU, mind the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Be redeemed, Be empted of self & then filled with the Holy Ghost. Heaven is only for the FULLY obedient. – 11/29/21


I heard a little rustling,

A noisy sort of bustling,

On a cold November morning,

Outside my window light.

Then I looked into the street;

The leaves were on their feet,

Marching, marching onward; no retreat

The wind had called the fight.

They’d been called on that day,

With others brown and gray,

And the mother tree that nourished them

Now couldn’t bid them nay,

As they scurried and hurried with their might.  

– eab, Nov. 1970

PLAYS. No saint did a charade in the NT. Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5) put on an “act” & both died that day. “OK, Bryan, prove acting is wrong.” (Nothing can be *proved to a soul whose mind is made up to not be convinced.) The above is 1 proof (for me). The fact that plays have heathen roots (Greek/Roman drama) is a 2nd proof (for me). When the Holy Spirit moves in a service no “practice” is required to *get it right (as opposed to “play practice”) is a 3rd proof (for me). Learn to THINK. – 11/29/21

Act 5.9

“Then Peter said unto her, ‘How is it that ye have agreed

 together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord?’”

“I went to America to convert the Indians. But oh! Who shall convert me?

I have a fair summer religion…But let death look me in the face & my spirit is troubled.”

– John Wesley (penned 1/25/1738)

Is it wrong for a teen girl (or her mother or grandma – for that matter) to wear lace? No (IMO). Can she wear too much lace? Definitely. For those of you 50 & under, there was a time holiness ladies dressed plainly. Only the more daring ones (not a compliment) ventured to the frilly, showy, too thin garments. Now, sadly, I see women who think themselves Christians, wearing stuff in public her ancestor would hardly have worn outside a bedroom. Please Pray, PRAY, ladies about what you wear. – 11/30/21 

“Chance has no share in the government of the world.  The Lord reigns,

& disposes all things, strongly & sweetly, for the good of them that love Him.”

– John Wesley (penned 2/11/1779)

[1] After living three falls without seeing or hearing falling leaves was interested in the sound of wind pushed leaves on an old brick sidewalk right outside our master bedroom window, Paris, Ohio.

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