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Pro 16.7 +

Pro 16.7

“When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh

even his enemies to be at peace with him.”

Carnal anger springs from an unholy principle…

Righteous indignation does not & may be & often is the result of holiness itself.”

– H A Baldwin

What’s worse than not being invited back to some pulpits? If it’s a “fringe” pulpit (used to be a holiness ch./sch. & is still pretending to be) it is better to not be invited back – they heard the message from God & didn’t want to hear more. Worse than not having a second invitation to a “fringe” pulpit is to GET another invite – they’ve figured you as “one of them” or close enough to take a chance on you. – 12/9/21

“…Carnal worry involves my integrity as a holy man;

it disconnects me from God by my doubtfulness & complaints.”

– H A Baldwin

Love God more than you love anything He made. I’ve enjoyed His mountains in car & on hiking trails. I’ve thrilled at His shore line both from a distance & walking the wet sands. I’ve joyed in His prairies rolling hills, His forested “knobs,” His waves of ripe wheat fields, His prickly planted deserts, His smell & sound of creeks rushing to the sea. But, nothing of the above compares to sensing His Personal Sweet presence in a sanctuary or in the sanctuary of your home. O, Bro., O Sis., Love God most of all. -12/26/21


Every dweller in yonder valley

And mountaineer above

Has propitiation provisionally

Because of God’s great, lofty love.

Every desert sheik is deemed

And all the mariners out to sea

Are conditionally redeemed

As are you and me.

– eab, 12/26/18

The wife who loves God more than she loves her husband is the Best Wife. The husband who loves the Almighty more than he loves his wife is the Best Husband. It is a “Holy Triangle:” God, man, wife. (Sinful triangles are sad, sick, & too often end in suicide or murder-suicide) By wonderful contrast the Holy Triangle becomes better & better – there’s no sin or selfishness involved. What’s beyond death? I don’t pretend to know but we can trust God to make our Eternity blissful. – 12/26/21

Mat 1.25

“And knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son

& he called his name JESUS.”

“Entertainment opens the floodgates

& literally submerges the church in worldliness.”

– Beverly Carradine

If you home-school you *owe* it to your child to acquaint him with the Holy Bible. The Authorized Bible (A.K.A. King James Version) is the CLASSIC of all classics! If you lead him to the details of Western Civ., introduce him to the coast line of every island of more than a 1000 souls, if you drill him in grammar, require the reading of the best-known World Lit., push science (& its twin, math) till he’s sick of both, but fail to teach the Holy Scriptures you’ve failed him no you’ve *miserably* failed him. – 12/26/21 

“God wants the church

to be a perfect contrast to the world.”

– Beverly Carradine

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Pro 15.1 +

Pro 15.1

“A soft answer turneth away wrath:

but grievous words stir up anger.”

“To be proud of learning

is the greatest ignorance.”

– Jeremy Taylor

A child sees a picture of a dog. Until he can read “d.o.g” he “reads” a pic as if a word. Later the child learns ABCs, learns to actually read “dog” & no longer needs a pic. The movie industry came along, TV was invented, people started watching movies on computers/phones & words became less important AGAIN. Between hollywood, disney (& “christian” variations of these) we’ve seen dumbing-down. The pic is “wired” directly to your brain. Words are played down – made less important. WAKE UP – 12/19/21

What the sunshine is to that flower,

the Lord Jesus is to my soul.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

Dad & Mom wouldn’t let you play “X”. They restricted where you went & the places they did permit, you had to be home by 10:00. They told you what to wear a-n-d how much. You hated the rules & when you could, you kicked them all aside. You’ve allowed YOUR kids to do “pretty-well-as-they-please” almost no fences (really you should call them guard-rails). Do you actually think your children are better off than you were? Be honest. No. Be brutally honest! Do they even KNOW right from wrong? – 12/24/21


You may be kin to the greatest saint of the age.

Or to a name, which mentioned, brings about a rage.

Neither connection will save or damn your own soul;

Their final “stage stop” doesn’t equal your last goal.

Your “will” will decide where your soul will land

In the hot place, or on “the glory strand.”

Rest not on some saint’s glory.

Cleave not to sinful gory.

You, Friend, must/MAY choose.

Your act will win or lose

THE eternal place to dwell.

Run well.

– eab,  12/25/14

If you’re trying to be satisfied being “religious” you are one of billions (literally) on the Broad Way. If by wonderful contrast, you’re seeking the face of God, i.e. to be “Righteous,” thus fleeing the City of Destruction (Pilgrim’s Progress) you’re looking for (or already on) the Narrow Way. This fleeing marks you as NOT fitting into the world but that is perfectly alright with you. Seek God with ALL your heart. TODAY would be a choice day to find the Savior of the world & make HIM your Savior! – 12/25/21

“Prayer is not prayer

until the soul enters into it.”

– Glenn Griffith

Luk 2.8

“…there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field,

keeping watch over their flock by night.”

If there is anyone, repeat anyone, you want to see go to h_ll, you, sir, you, ma’am, have a wicked heart. I’m sorry they hurt you, even ruined your marriage, or worse, killed a relative of yours, but you cannot (nor as a Christian do you want to) hate them. Or, please read on, or if there is someone you do NOT want to meet on the Golden Street – you probably won’t (IMO). They might make it to heaven but with your attitude you probably will not. STOP. God can help you to love them (as He loves you). – 12/25/21

“We can have revival

if we can be trusted.”

– Glenn Griffith

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Pro 11.30 +

Pro 11.30

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life;

& he that winneth souls is wise.”

The more holy a saint of God becomes

the more he hates sin.”

– H A Baldwin

Home schooling 4? Don’t forget the woodshop. Encourage your student to build something (something practical, hopefully). There’s much to be learned about how to saw wood, drill wood, hammer wood. First, of course there’s the time to learn how to read a “tape” (short for measuring tape – the retractable 16’ (or 20’ or 25’ etc.) box-like-apparatus he carries on his belt. Learn about ½ inch, ¼ inch, etc. about 16th & 32nd & such things as 5/8” & 9/32.” Make a flower box, a bird house, a feeder. – 12/21/21

“Do not be discouraged [that] average men are all…finding fault…

keep your special peculiarity sanctified & go ahead…”

– H A Baldwin

Why do you pray? Unless we’re doing a mere form, you & I pray because we sense, genuinely sense that we need God. We need Him to guide our thinking, our marriage, our finances, our soul-life. Now, allow the opposite question: *Why *Do *You *NOT *Pray? Without stating it in so-many-words, we (in our inner mind/soul) assume we don’t need God. We’ve figured out what to do in this situation. We’ve asked counsel of a friend. We’re relying on past experience. STOP. You *DO* need God! Pray. – 12/22/21

saint or sinner

All men are either saint or sinner,

The tall, the small, the fatter, the thinner.

Man looks on the outside of us all,

Bum, teacher, cop, the woman at the ball;

God sees so well, sees what is “inner.”

– eab,  December 2009

Evolutionists believe

Christians believe the BIG “C”-Creator.

God is greater than that Name!

Evolutionists believe in some little “e”-evolution,

A fate, a myth of shame!

– eab,  December 2009

The preacher’s main job is to Preach. Well, kind-a, but there’s more to being a Man of God than preaching. Then – – – a preacher’s main job is to Prepare. There’s a lot to be said for right preparation -God give us more of it. Ok. then, the preacher’s main job is to make Plenty of house calls. I’m glad you see that – its more important than some guys “figure out” but it’s still not his main job. “What is it then?” It’s some of the above plus, hear it, Plus, Prayer. Without Prayer the above fall far apart. – 12/24/21

Luk 2.14

“Glory to God in the highest, & on earth peace,

good will toward men.”

“Joy can & should be cultivated, just as faith

or any other fruit of the Spirit is cultivated.”

– Samuel               Brengle

Heads – Up. All your entertainment ends at the grave. Everyone’s earthly “fun” ends there – be it as “clean” as a Sunday Sch. picnic or as vile as a house of ill repute. Please sinner, be-forewarned the games ALL end soon. And – professing “christian” trying to squeeze a little carnal pleasure out of some ball event, professional singing jam, “innocent” cruise, your entertainment also closes before the casket lid does. Come to Christ. Have your sins forgiven. Start experiencing True Joy. T.o.d.a.y. – 12/24/21

“You are in danger…if you depart ever so little from Scripture…

from the plain literal mean­ing of any text taken in connection with the context.”

– John Wesley.”

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Pro 6.16 & 19 +

Pro 6.16 & 19

“These 6 things doth the LORD hate…

“A false witness that speaketh lies & he that soweth discord among brethren.”

The carnal nature is the thing that makes you sore

when you get hurt.”

– T M Anderson

As an old man allow me to advise you – don’t waste your precious time watching *any “christmas movies.” They’re fiction. Another name for fiction is false – they simply are NOT true. “Yes, Bryan – but they’re innocent.” satan would love to convince you ALL his “past-times” are innocent – he’s earth’s biggest & most ancient liar. Your time is precious, more valuable than the money in your pocket. Re-read the Birth account in Matthew. Re-read Luke’s details. Learn to love TRUTH (& thus to loathe fairy tales). – 12/20/21

“Consistent living on the part of God’s people

is the condition to obtaining the answer to prayer”

– T M Anderson

Home schooling 3? The parent/teacher can spend a part of each week (the next few) helping students plan a garden. It can, of course, be a part of the family’s larger lay-out. But you may want to encourage Johnny (Suzie) to work up a small patch of ground (location having FULL approval of Dad/Mom). Plan for full sun. Plan location with or without deciduous tree(s). Plan nearness to well or other water source if it doesn’t rain enough. Plan taller plants where they will NOT shade shorter plants. PLAN.  – 12/21/21


There’s coming a day,

Not far away

When God will provide

A great wedding feast,

For West, for East,

The homes of the bride.

God’s gracious to share

His loving care

While we’re below.

But it’s better to know

The best is up the row,

When we all get there!

– eab,  12/22/06 

Father – Son

One cannot have a Father without a Son.

One doesn’t start until the other’s begun.

The Father has always, always been God

The Son equally has ever been – that’s not odd.

The Eternal Son, and the eternal Father

The Spirit makes the Third-Ever-Other.

They are the Mighty, Mysterious “Trio”

More than we comprehend here below.

Always existing in ways we can’t understand

Yet interested in Their prime creature: man.

– eab, 12/22/16 

A man moving closer to God preaches from His Word about Him, His Holiness, His Heaven. A man slipping closer to the world speaks (“preaching” with fire & glory is out, when the soul is sliding) less about God. Such men, reverting to worldliness, tend to quote popular writers or “church fathers” or most anyone of non-holiness stripe. Listen! Who the preacher quotes, tends to be who he’s reading. AND who he’s reading, may indicate a direction he’s headed & the direction he’s pushing the church. – 12/22/21

Luk 16.23

“…In hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments,

& seeth Abraham afar off & Lazarus…”

“How will I behave when opposed?  First & always

you will be free from a spirit of retaliation or revenge”

– H A Baldwin

I don’t know that we’ll have an earthly awareness that we’ve died (the moment others see us as dead). We – just inside “death’s door” may suddenly be aware that we’re more alive than we ever felt before.

Or – Heaven forbid – we may be immediately aware of pain & vivid flashing memories at the same time & thus realize that THIS is damnation. O Friend prepare to GO UP!!! – 12/22/21

“There is not a more original lot of people on the face of the earth

than those who are entirely sanctified.”

– H A Baldwin

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Pro 6.18 +

The LORD hates…

Pro 6.18

“An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations,

feet that be swift in running to mischief”

“…The confession must be as public as the transgression”

– Oswald J Smith

Want to raise a son to be a Gentle Man (space is purposeful)? Start young. There are words he should never learn (or the moment you hear him say them he finds [as you re-act like Jesus] he must UN-learn them.) Teach him About doors (“she” goes first). About ascending stairs (“he” goes first). About sidewalks (“she” goes next to the yard). Teach him to stand when a lady enters the room, to never offer to shake hands first (unless he is pastor or pres. of US), to offer “her” the inside bus seat. And MUCH more… – 12/21/21

God never promises a reward for those who give away their money after they are dead & gone.

Why should they be rewarded for that which they cannot help doing?”

– Oswald J Smith

Want to have a Lady when your daughter is grown? Start young. Teach her how to sit. [I see pic after pic of women who’d feel insulted if I didn’t think them a lady but who cross their legs at the knee. No. NO. N O. (BTW I’ve taught etiquette.)] A lady never crosses her legs at the knee. Teach your daughter to cross her legs at ankles only. Teach her to extend her hand for a handshake (except to a pastor or the US pres.) Teach her to motion a male up the steps ahead of her (if he’s hesitant). And MUCH more… – 12/21/21

hope to hopeless

Thank God for Redemption’s plan

Which came down this time of year

Giving hope to hopeless man

Caught in trouble and in fear.

– eab,  12/21/06


Be very leery

Of holiness just as a theory

Holiness removes the strife

From the sanctified’s life.

– eab, 12/21/18

Home schooling 2? A lot of home-schooling takes place at a dining-rm table. Where else can the parent – teacher & pupil “wander”/“wonder” & thus learn? The Kitchen? Of course – learn about ounces & pounds, about teaspoons & tablespoons, about cups & ½ cups. And the sewing-room, the laundry-room. Let the pupil sew up a new garment including cutting-to-a-pattern. Let them replace a button, or better yet a zipper; I’ve never done a zipper 🙂 There are many places to LEARN at home. 12/21/21 

“Christians never meet for the last time.”

– V O Agan

Tit 2.4

“That they may teach the young women to be sober,

to love their husbands, to love their children”

Home schooling 1? Good. Thank you for the backbone, will-power & extra grace to do this. Teach: HELMS [1] (how to steer ships) H – History, E – English, L – Literature, M – Math, S – Science. History – include US & world plus geography. English – include grammar, spelling & vocabulary building. Literature – include Bible, the best (only the best) Am. & British authors, & hymns. Math – emphasis the practical, not so-called “higher math.” Science – emphasize botany, seasons & weather, zoology. 12/21/21

“You lose your world citizenship

in the process of being sanctified.”

– V O Agan  

[1] The Lord gave me this acronym some 50(?) yrs ago.

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Pro 6.16-17 +

Pro 6.16-17

“These 6 things doth the LORD hate: yea, 7 are an abomination unto him

 “A proud look, a lying tongue & hands that shed innocent blood”

The only way to keep saved is to get sanctified.”

– Glenn Griffith

You’ve purposefully allowed a special time each day which you devote to reading God’s Holy Word. Great. This is a wise decision; very wise. Get in the habit of asking God to help you see in Scripture the truth(s) He wants you to see each time you read. He can “lift words” off the page as you read. He can help you connect “A” with “B” (same chapter, sequential chapters). Allow Him to teach you. – 12/18/21

“If men are not stirred to love God,

they will trifle until they love something else.”

– Glenn Griffith

Never give up your Paper, Authorized Version Bible. If read properly (with an open heart & faith) It is your Life-Line to heaven when you die. And never give up your Paper, Traditional Hymnal. It is so far below the Holy Book that one hesitates to put the two together but a solid Hymnal is so far ABOVE almost any other book that I dare link the two. Sing from a hymnal at church. Sing from a hymnal in family/private devotions. Read from a hymnal to lift your spirits. Hold onto your hymnal!!! – 12/19/21 

Heavenly Father

Heavenly, Wonderful Father above

Knowing all truth, all wisdom in love

Dwelling forever as Father, Son, Dove

Worthy You are just now,

Worthy of all our Love.

– eab,  12/20/05

All Aboard

A celestial railroad runs every day

Taking the prepared Heaven’s way

And sometime, you, saint will hear God say,

“All aboard.”  “All board.”

– eab,  12/20/15   

Will wearing clothing “high enough” “long enough” “plain enough” get you into heaven? We’ll agree – – – No. Is wearing clothes too low, too short, or too fancy likely to head you toward hell? Again many would agree. Behind wearing daring garments is the heart! Why, ma’am, do you wish to expose your chest or thighs or wear the glitter & glitz? Why, sir, do you want to wear shorts etc.?

You owe it to yourself to THINK about this. – 12/20/21 

1Ti 2.9

“In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel,

with shamefacedness & sobriety”

“God gave them the victory

but they had to fight the battle”

– Charlie Haire

“The world is too much with us…” are words penned by Wm. Wordsworth. Allow a jump-off from them into today. Today’s Christian, yes even today’s holiness “christian,” has too much of this world in his Vision, in his Hearing, in his Vocabulary. Please drop “magic” from your conversations (“magic” is satan’s substitute for miracle). The Birth of Christ is the greatest Miracle. satan wants you to ignore that – he wants you to associate magic & myth & worldly music with Christ’s Birth. Do NOT do it!  – 12/20/21

“…If the enemy can’t defeat you any other way…

he will get you into the business of just looking around & watching people critically.”

– U E Harding

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Pro 6.6 +

Pro 6.6

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways & be wise”

>> remember ref. ant has 6 legs. Ref. is 6.6 <<

“…It [Bible] has swayed a greater amount of mind(sic)than any other volume the world has known.

It has the singular faculty of attracting to itself the thinkers of the world”

– Austin  Phelps

Do you read your Bible in private? There’s something to be said for a quiet place, a place where you can take notes (on paper – edge of Bible or notepaper or on computer), where you can weep or smile or even shout in 100% privacy. Having said that, there’s also something to be said for reading your Bible in the living room (or similar place) where children can see you. Hopefully they’ll imitate you & grow-up to be men & women who devoir the Word of God. What a Feast It can be for them, for all their Life. – 12/18/21

Read your Bible, making it the 1st morning business of your life to understand some portion of it clearly & your daily business to obey it in all that you understand”

– John Ruskin, speaking to Oxford students

You heard about “x.” A friend or cousin went to see “x” & gushed over the “lighting” “music” “acting.” But you’re a Christian who’s stayed away from “entertainment” even so-called “christian entertainment” – what to do? I strongly urge you to STILL stay away. It won’t improve your life to watch “x.” Staying away WILL allow you to keep your record clean – no small feat. Staying away also allows you to keep the walls of our mind untainted by sights & sounds you could carry (if you go) to your grave. – 12/18/21

Not as the World

The world sees the greatest need

As a shortness of cash;

Always craves more, wants a bigger stash.

As always, the world is so wrong;

Wrong in theology, wrong in its song.

A shortness of love is our greatest need.

“Lord, give me more love.”

– eab,  12/19/15  

There’ve been many robberies: banks, stores, train heists. All these were about money. Many churches have been robbed. A left-leaning pastor stole the REAL “bibles.” He’d learned (he supposed) that he could substitute a modern translation for the Classic King James & started using the shorter “versions.” The board went along with his request & placed modern “bibles” in the pews. The people were robbed. They are suffering – not the loss of money, no, WORSE, the loss of God’s Word. – 12/19/21 

“You can tell a false prophet not so much by what he preaches

as by what he doesn’t preach.”

– V O Agan   *hArkEn*

Joh 1.14

“…The Word was made flesh & dwelt among us (& we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace & truth.”

“Word” is found in 678 Bible vv starting “…The WORD the LORD came unto Abram in a vision…(Gen 15.1) & ending with “…I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus & for the WORD of God…(Rev 20.4). Words (plural) is found in 523 vv starting with mere human “words” (Gen 24.30) but ending with “And if any man shall take away from the WORDS of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…”(Rev 22.19). It’s impossible to have the WORD of God without using Words. Stop, please stop, being so fascinated by pics. Love Words Again! – 12/19/21

“When the world comes in

it will want to bring with it its idols.”

– V O Agan  

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Pro 3.6 +

Pro 3.6

“In all thy ways acknowledge him,

& he shall direct thy paths.”

Do you ever feel…Love of human praise; a secret fondness to be noticed; love of supremacy; drawing attention to self in conversation; a swelling out of self when you have had a free time speaking or praying?”

– E E Shelhamer

Today is your Best Day to be Saved. Yesterday? Would’ve been great but it’s gone – sealed forever in the Great History Book. Tomorrow? Tomorrow won’t do. TODAY is your day. Go to the bedroom, up to the attic, walk to your place where you feel close to God. Go on. Walk there NOW. Once there, BE HONEST. God knows every sick sin you’ve done. He doesn’t need to be reminded – He needs you to be 100% open with Him. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful & just to forgive us our sins…(1Jo 1.9). – 12/16/21

“Do you ever feel…stirrings of anger or impatience – but worst of all you call it nervousness or holy indignation; a touchy, sensitive spirit; a disposition to resent & retaliate when reproved or contradicted: sharp, heated flings at one another?”

– E E Shelhamer

Christians are to pray. About WHAT are we to pray? Should the words “pray ye” inform that question? “Pray ye” is found five times in the 1st three Gospels. “Pray ye” leads into the Lord’s Prayer (Mat 6.9), it is used twice regarding fleeing (Mat 24.20 & Mar 13.18) [passages which seem more Jewish than Gentile] AND “Pray Ye” (twice) tells directly to the “Lord of the Harvest.” Twice (Mat 9.38 & Luk 10.2) we’re invited/instructed to Partner with God – praying for laborers to be thrust into His Harvest. – 12/16/21

WIFE [1]

I married you in my happy youth

Wife of my first love.

And year by year, I know the truth,

Our union was from above.

Because in you I find the arts

That I admire the most.

And our desires for united hearts

Are not an idle boast.

The habits and joys of one of us,

Are always some how shared,

And the burdens, come what must,

Are likewise mutually beared.

Yes, and you’ve the traits and likes

That a mother always needs.

To keep sweet, our sweet young “tikes,”

Blessed, little seeds.

So all in all, my love sweet,

You make a fine mate.

And if you’ll allow one repeat,

You make a fine mate.

– eab, 12/18/66

The greatest Piece of Literature on earth possibly rests on your end-table, coffee-table, desk. I’m glad you own your very own Copy. I typed “Literary Masterpiece” but was not happy with that expression – it sound too human. The Bible, of course, is no human Book. Its Majestic-ness lies Far, FAR above the several fields of manly endeavors. You own a Copy – – – Question – Does It own you? – 12/18/21

Rev 3.5

“He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment;

& I will not blot out his name out of the book of life,”

“Judgment awaits us

judgment or revival…”

– Oswald J Smith

Only the Almighty knows the vast multitude of saints whose names are written in God’s Book of Life (Php 4.3, Rev 3.5, 13.8, 17.8, 20.12, 20.15, 21.27 & 22.19). That, of course, is the most important place your name can ever be written. Is *your name* written in there? “Well, I plan to make a NEW, New Year’s resolution.” Friend, if it didn’t mean more than last yr., you might as well not make it. But you can be saved YET IN December. Ask God to write your name in His Book of Life, today. – 12/18/21

“The United States spent more on gum in one year

than she spent on Missions.”

– Oswald J Smith

[1] I graduated from high school May 30th and married Martha Mae Scarbrough June 30th 1961. Married in Maryville, Tennessee, her home town and in church I pastored, 1974-75.

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Pro 3.5 +

Pro 3.5

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;

& lean not unto thine own understanding.”

“Truth has never lost ground

by inquiry.”

– Wm Penn

You live in this world – I possibly do not need t remind you of that.

However permit me to remind you – you won’t life in this world much longer. – 12/11/21

The truest end of life

 is to know that life never ends.”

– Wm Penn

Once only a king could have afforded to have a musician who played for him. Later, with the invention of recording music only the super-rich could afford to buy the “records” & then buy of an automatic player for those records. Now, sadly, everyone who wants to own a music-playing device can, & can afford to buy the music genre of their choice. I say “sadly” – there’s something to be said for silence. To be Silent is to think, to meditate, to pray. Music steals peace if you let it. Have quiet times. – 12/11/21  


A child may fill the summer day

With runs and climbs, great acts of play,

Soon the boy ages to the man,

Work and study he now should plan.

True men put child-like “loves” away.

– eab,   12/13/05   

Have you learned to Worship God? Do not say “Lord, I want to worship you”? No, drop the “want to.” Simply (looking heavenward) say, “I worship You, Lord” & then do – – – with ALL your heart. – 12/13/21

“Man’s highest freedom

 is in being a servant of God.”

– George Shaw

Rev 15.4

“Who shall not fear thee, O Lord & glorify thy name? for thou only art holy:

for all nations shall come & worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.”

If God invited you to decorate your little “corner of heaven” I wonder that would be your response? Would you jump on it with an suggested array of earthy pastels or would you want oranges & rusts with a limey green? If God actually made said invitation I’d hope 1.) You’d express to Him how profusely happy you are that He invited. 2.) Then (after a few minutes of thought) you’d say a heart-felt “No, Thank You.” He’ll do a far, FAR better “job” of getting your “corner” right than you ever could. – 12/13/21

“The very essence of sin

 is pride…”

– George Shaw

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Rev 22.7

Rev 22.7

“Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth

the sayings of the prophecy of this book.”

There is in this revival a deep current of reality;

when anything unreal creeps in, the power stops.”

– Evan Roberts

What do you do when “old” friends move to the left? This is fairly easy (sarcasm) when they become poorer, drop in social status, or do what’s considered illegal. It is harder when they become richer, move a level above you socially &/or now are called “doctor” or have positions with political, ecclesiastical clout. Do not cut off such folks but don’t be too close to them. Double your prayers for them & be a rock to which they can return if/when (hopefully) they see their extreme danger. – 12/31/20 

“But one night, after I had been in great distress praying about this, I went to sleep & at one o’clock in the morning suddenly I was waked up out of my sleep & I found myself with unspeakable joy & awe in the very presence of the Almighty God…for the space of 4 hours I was privileged to speak face to face with Him as a man speaks face to face with a friend. At five o’clock it seemed to me as if I again returned to earth.”

– Evan Roberts

Do not consider yourself educated until you’ve read the Bible through. BA? OK. MA? Some see as better. PhD? Top of the pile to many. HEAR ME – if you’ve not read the entire Bible through you are sadly lacking in your education. One reading is better than none, multiple readers will not only expand your knowledge but will allow you to see yourself in the lives of several characters OT & NT. – 12/31/20

Search the library

Search the library high, in the attic, by the sky

Search the library low, in basement or below.

Search in the Great Literature section

In great histories or another connection

And you will fail to find

Anything as lovely, anything so divine

As the Good Book (by comparisons all others are bad).

– eab,  12/12/12

Do all in your power, Dad/Mom, to raise a boy to be manly. If you see a sign he’s girlish Pray. Pray but also look at your home. Dad, what are you doing that’s making this male not want to imitate you? Mom, what are you doing that’s making this male mimic you? His tendency toward femininity may not be that simple but an attitude within your walls may be contributing to his downfall. Research foods & medications he’s taking. What TV/movies has he watched or to what music is he addicted? Don’t allow anything stop him from becoming a man! – 12/29/20  

Rom 16.17

“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions & offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; & avoid them.”

“When asked ‘so…you really expect that you will make an impression on the idolatry of the great Chinese empire?’ relied, ‘No sir, I expect God will.’”

– Robert Morris

Christian – the world’s grabbing for your attention. BEG God to help you turn your ear away. Beg His help in refusing to see its many “come here” signs. One of the best ways YOU can help God, to help you (in your attempt to stay clean) is to refuse to have a TV. If your husband insists on keeping a TV, try to persuade him to only have one & to “park it” in a side-room (not the center of the living rm, definitely not the master bdrm). Then, do you best to avoid that rm. Pray, daily, for the TV to be removed. – 12/12/21 

“When the teachings of men conflict with the Word of God,

it would be wise to go with God.”

– Henry Morris, Ph D

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