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Rev 5.12 +

Rev 5.12

“Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power

& riches & wisdom & strength & honor & glory & blessing.”

Dare to be true.  Nothing can need a lie:

a fault which needs it most, grows two thereby.

– George Herbert

How did you do it? What faulty mind-process allowed you to separate a song from the singer? You (according to what I see on fb) “enjoy” hearing “x” gospel song – even hymn – *sung* by Miss Worldly or a group not known for holy living. Why? If the “vessel” singing “x” is unclean it contaminates the song. The singer may have (what you think) a great voice but his heart is polluted by things of earth. Please stop buying their products. Stop going to hear them. Stop hearing them on CD. – 11/29/21

“He that is not handsome at 20, nor strong at 30, nor rich at 40,

nor wise at 50, will never be handsome, strong, rich or wise.

– George Herbert

You did WHAT?!? You wanted attention so badly you put a ring in your nose? That’s sad. Bored 3 holes in one ear? Did you actually encase a bit of lip with metal? If you had a great one-on-ONE (last ONE is God) relationship with the Almighty, you don’t *need* the attention of people. You could forget about dying hair pink or green or blue. You could forget about wearing weird or skimpy “clothing.” I can NOT urge you too strongly – Seek God, become His child, & flee this dying world. – 12/2/21


Jesus Christ was on earth born

Some distant midnight or early morn,

In a cave near a bovine horn,

He brought Light to our world that night.

Jesus went to the temple that day.

Though twelve – He had no desire to play;

His mother & step-dad went away.

He brought Light to “the religious right.”

Christ walked the Galilean shore,

Healing the blind, deaf, lame, & more,

Offering His people a wide-open door.

He brought Light, beyond human sight.

Christ was “captured” & was mis-tried

Witnesses were hard to find, then lied.

The Jews were not happy until He died.

He brought Light to “sepulchers” painted white.

Jesus saved the thief; He heard his last prayer,

Forgave those below, who’d placed Him there;

“It is Finished” they heard Him declare.

He brought Light, midst military might.

They buried Him but “Low” He arose again,

Victor over death & hell & all that’s called sin;

Heathen Rome “took it on the chin.”

He brought Light – their seal didn’t hold tight.

Jesus Christ will come back to reign;

(To not follow Him shows one’s not sane)

Come. Do not longer His love distain.

He can bring Light – Make *You* Holy & Bright. 

– eab,  12/5/18 

Build a simple house, warm, cozy but simple. (If you buy a house look for the same simplicity.) Drive a simple car – the more gadgets it has the more repairs can follow. Attend a simple, i.e. more plain house of worship – ornate sides & top (inside or out) may appeal to the more carnal hearts – less gaudy often appeals to those with more Godly. Let LOVE be the great beauty of both your house & the house of God. – 12/4/21

“The sanctified are new creatures…They stand at the threshold

of limitless possibilities in character building & development.”

– T M Anderson

Rev 5.9

“And they sung a new song, saying,

Thou art worthy to take the book & to open the seals thereof:”

Dear Grandchildren, I like you, & yes, I love you (these are not exactly the same thing J). I see good qualities in this section of your life & perceive desired traits over there. But (bear with me) You are not good enough to go to heaven – none of us are. You have to be Born Again – Are you?  After being “Saved” have you allowed the Holy Spirit to take up His sweet residence in your soul? I pray for you. Please *pray *for *yourself and also *obey *for *yourself. Love, Gramp – 12/4/21

“All sanctified persons have found they have wandering thoughts in prayer.

This is due to the lack of mental control & concentration.”

– T M Anderson

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