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Pro 16.18 +

Pro 16.18

“Pride goeth before destruction,

& an haughty spirit before a fall.”

Whatever destroys the home

is the deadliest enemy of the nation..”

– Samuel Chadwick

What you believe will decide (to some extent) what you read (or don’t read), where you place your dollars, how & where you school your children – basically everything about you. Please, Friend, ask God to guide you in ALL major points of your theology & guide you in applying Practical Biblical Theology daily in your life. – 1/1/22

“The mark of God’s man

is that he sighs & cries over sin.”

– Samuel Chadwick

Do you have a Life Verse? That is, do you have a verse from the Bible which you long-ago memorized, which you recite to yourself, upon which you lean? If not, you might ask the Lord to direct you to such a verse. It can strengthen your walk with Him. Perhaps you need a verse you “own,” to hold onto & which also will hold you. Don’t be afraid to change from a verse which helped you to another one for your current stage in life. – 1/2/22


You pray, don’t you

More than “Now I lay me down to sleep

Watch o’er me as I count sheep”?

And more than

“Thank you Lord for the water & bread”

Or other churchy words you’ve heard said?

Pray, Friend. Speak to God. Speak today.

Salvation is only a Believing Prayer away.

– eab,  1/2/20

Uh – – – that diet you were going to follow (once New Years passed) – how’s it going? Are you including a lot of meat? – The Meat of God’s Word? Put yourself on the strongest Bible Reading Schedule of your entire life! With a world lying to you about “news,” about “science falsely so called”(1Ti 6.20), about health issues, allow yourself the Pleasure & Potential of receiving Truth directly from Holy Scripture. – 1/2/22  

Heb 2.15

“And deliver them who through fear of death

were all their lifetime subject to bondage.”

“To say ‘Oh I’m no saint’ is acceptable to human pride

 but it is unconscious blasphemy against God.”

– Oswald Chambers

Thank you. You know who you are. You started dressing ways of which Dad/Mom don’t approve but the last visit, you knew pics would be made & you dressed so your parents would be happy. I thank you. You’re to be commended. Please do it next visit also. AND (now that I have your ear) pray about coming back this way not only in wardrobe but all importantly, in heart. Your Father in Heaven would like you to dress right a.l.l. the time! – 1/2/22

“There is a passion for souls that does not spring from God

but from the desire to make converts to our point of view.”

– Oswald Chambers

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