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Pro 18.24 +

Pro 18.24

“A man that hath friends must show himself friendly:

& there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.”

…The reason we are having trouble & the reason preachers are losing their message

& folks are losing their testimony is a lack of the glory of God.”

– Glenn Griffith

If you’re attending a solid holiness church don’t be surprised that satan is attacking it – not the least surprised. A careful, balanced pastor & congregation teaching & living a life above sin is – as far as satan is concerned – the most “dangerous thing” in the territory. satan will try to divide it. satan will try to move it to the left (compromising with the world) or move it the right (depending on “legalism”). Pray for your solid church. – 1/3/22

“The only sin that can be forgiven is a fully confessed

& fully forsaken sin.”

– Glenn Griffith

“Well – the devil is not fighting our church; we’re growing, we just signed at the bank to build a bigger building, & we gave the pastor a hefty salary boost.” Pardon me sir, excuse me ma’am, none of these three prove your “meeting house” is in decent spiritual shape. “Growth” is possible when truth isn’t proclaimed with vigor, a bank loan may actually be a sign of weakness, & salary increases please carnality. – 1/3/22

SENSE GOD [1]     Jan.

I see God in a pansy so small,

In an oak, a mountain wall.

I see Him in the moon’s light ball,

In a canyon’s hall, a leaf’s bright fall.

I see Him over all. Do You?  

I smell God in the month of May,

In new mown hay, on a rainy day.

I smell Him in a salty bay,

In October’s gay, in the dew’s lay.

I smell Him in many a way.  Do You?  

I hear God in the wind’s toot,

In an owl’s hoot, in rain’s dilute.

I hear Him in the music of a flute,

In the drop of fruit, the bird’s “salute.”

I hear Him in rife pursuit.      Do You?  

I feel God in a baby’s skin,

In the grass thin, a grain bin.

I feel Him in a fish’s fin,

In a honey locust “pin,” feathers of a wren.

I feel Him “then.”                   Do You?  

I taste God in an apple so sweet,

In well-done meat, a nutty treat.

I taste Him in the product of wheat,

In salt’s feat, when spices meet.

I taste Him replete.               Do You?

– eab,  Jan. 1966    

God has written the Most Beautiful Book on earth. It has a wholesome variety of peoples, places, & things. Its literary form is un-surpassed. The number of genre is pleasing to any reading soul. And, It has two genre basically unknown elsewhere in Literature: Parables & Prophesy. Please read this Eternally beneficial Book; you owe it to yourself. – 1/3/22

Pro 16.25

“There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,

but the end thereof are the ways of death.”

“The gift of mental power comes from God, Divine Being, & if we concentrate

our minds on truth we become in tune with this Great Power.”

– Nikola Tesla

Thinking, honest thinking will lead you to Truth. Beware. satan may offer a second track (think RR). It may seem to parallel the main “old-fashioned” track. It may appear that you’re *almost going the same direction (just a little to the left). When you get comfortable with this sidetrack, it may verge a little more to the left but so slight you hardly notice. After you’re far enough from the mainline it may take a wide swing & soon be going the opposite direction you were. Friend, don’t leave the Main Track. – 1/4/22

“We are not diplomats but prophets

& our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.”

– A W Tozer

[1] Written one afternoon while cleaning at Lincoln School, Cincy.

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