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Pro 22.6 +

Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

& when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

The actor who had to play the part of pagan gods & heroes,

the teacher who was forced to teach pagan mythologies in pagan schools,

the gladiator who had to take human life for sport, the soldier who wielded the sword, the policeman & the judge all had to renounce their heathen professions if they wanted to be baptized.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

People have sought too much happiness in worldly “things”: 1.) What they wear, 2.) Where they live, 3.) Their conveyance to work (or their pride that they didn’t HAVE to work), 4. That upon which they feast, 5. The sights they’ve seen, etc. AT the same time many have not SOUGHT joy. They don’t want to think about Jesus Christ & His sacrificial death for them. Change, dear Friend. You will soon leave this world of things & go Up, where things do not matter, or down, where things matter even less. – 1/7/22

“When reproached they [the meek] hold their peace…

they will not go to law to defend their rights…”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

“Has been documented…” (I just read this). Stop. Ask yourself “By Whom?” Or someone writes “Experts say…” Oh? Who are the supposed “experts”? Or perhaps you read, “Doctors are convinced…” Again stop. What is his name? Doctor of what? We’ve been fooled too long by words – mere multiple-syllable words. You have a right to question everything but the Bible. Do it. Everyone but God. Do so. Exercise this right. Think. Pray. Question. Now do these again, in the order of your choice. – 1/7/22


I cannot live tomorrow,

Nor should I even try.

I cannot live yesterday,

It’s gone for aye, bye-bye.

I cannot live the morning,

If it’s already past the noon.

I cannot live the evening,

(unless it comes “real soon.“)

I must live this hour!

Enjoying it, in the Lord,

Must live it in His power,

Through His presence and His Word.

– eab,  1/8/06

It is possible some men have large libraries to be Impressive. Maybe they want to Impress themselves of *their* importance. Maybe they desire to Impress others of their intelligence. So – you have a larger book collection than “x” – that’s proof of what? You can have 4 books started in the same week but you can only read one-at-a-time. Once you’ve read it you’ll likely not read it again. Be no Proud, Bro. of your books. AND as life slops toward an end be more In Love with THE BOOK than ever before. – 1/8/22

Job 27.8

“For what is the hope of the hypocrite, though he hath gained,

when God taketh away his soul?”

“There is a blessed variety in the personal leadings of the Holy Ghost & if we follow…our testimonies no two will be alike & no trite expression will mar the beauty of their originality or of their inspiration.”

– H A Baldwin

A farmer spends many hours working for the good of his family; many of them under the sun. He has a healthy look from all the labor & sunlight. The Christian – in various ways – works for his family & works under the Son of Righteousness. He also has a healthy appearance – his face shows his connection to Christ. Sadly, there’re people who go to “tanning saloons” wanting to appear as healthy as a Farmer with a man-made machine. And, there are fake “christians” whose faces do NOT reflect the Son. – 1/8/22

“Nothing good can be said of carnality.

It is evil, only evil & always evil.”

– H A Baldwin

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