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Pro 29.1 +

Pro 29.1

“He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck,

shall suddenly be destroyed & that without remedy.”

We’ll never reach the world

except with the message of holiness…”

– Glenn Griffith

D & R. When’s the last time your pastor preached against divorce & re-marriage? Or a visiting evangelist? Why this silence? Sadly, it could be money. Taking a Biblical stand against divorce & remarriage may offend Mr Money Bags (board member or otherwise) because his son is living with the second “wife” (his first one is still alive). “If Money Bags changes churches we might not be able to meet our $???.00 a month payment.” Is money more important that Biblical teaching on marriage? – 1/8/22

“Any man who can take another’s wife & get by with it,

must drown the voice of conscience.”

– J M Hames

Suicide 2. Having no TV (Neither the senior Bryans – Dad/Mom, nor the Scarbroughs – Daddy Woody/Mama Stel, owned TVs); & having NEVER owned such a device, I don’t speak firsthand. I fear TV, hollywood & disney have played a part in making suicide popular. When leading male & female actors make do the sin of self murder, a public, that’s been taught to see them as gods/goddesses, tends to see suicide as being OK. Have movies made suicide acceptable? – 1/10/22


Of all the things God did

And all He COULD have done;

He could’ve left us with

A picture-perfect-image

Of His Illustrious Son. 

How many exist? Not one.

– eab,  1/12/20

Musick or Song: Arriving in Cincy (fall of ‘57) I was primarily connected to hymns. Neither parents nor church had (thank God) created a desire for country finger-pick’n or city jazz. In the next 4 yrs I had 5 roommates, 1 of which liked jazz & thru him I heard the names (& some of the recorded music) Benny Goodman, Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey. Sadly the church has slid so far in recent yrs that I’ve heard “big band” sounds coming from “holiness” platforms. -1/10/22

Eph 5.19

“Speaking to yourselves in psalms & hymns & spiritual songs,

singing & making melody in your heart to the Lord;”

“God’s commands to pray

are really veiled personal letters inviting us into His presence.”

– S D Herron

GAME 3 Parents, will allowing a child to play with “cards” make it easier for them to later play with cards? If they get use to distributing, cutting the deck, handling supposed *innocent* cards it could lessen a stigma of them handling cards used in gambling. “You’re just an old man Bryan – thinking too much.” I didn’t even play “old maids” at state school (1949-57), “lived thru it,” & have never played cards in my life. Pray about removing EVERY thing that may lead your child toward the casinos. – 1/11/22

“It is a wonderful thing about the Bible –

it can say so much in such little space.”

– S D Herron

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