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Ecc 3.1 +

Ecc 3.1

“To every thing there is a season &

a time to every purpose under the heaven”

“All that Calvary provided for us,

judgment will require from us.”

– Millard Downing

GAMES  Dad/Mom – with several weeks of “winter” ahead let me ask you to pray about the games you allow your children to play. Dice doesn’t belong in a decent home, let alone a home professing Christ.

I know, you can “gamble” with anything but few items are more closely associated with that wicked vice than dice. Kick dice out, leave dice out. – 1/11/22

Keep the romance alive; I’ve never had to take the credentials

from a man who stayed in love with his wife.”

– Elbert Dodd

We’ve a group (evangelical & “holiness”) who’ve taken it upon themselves to refuse the Authorized (aka KJV) Bible. Some attended a left-leaning U. or seminary (almost all lean left) & picked up the idea that intelligentsia rejected It & they listened. Do Not Follow These (male/female, dressing careful or not, preacher or not). Some the brightest minds who’ve preached the Word in the last 400 yrs have used the KJV. The desire however, to appear “smart” has landed many in hell. Stay with the Classic. – 1/13/22


Millions upon millions of words are in ink

Scattered on stone, glass, and metals that clink.

Nickel and steel, wood, plastic, and lead

Hold terms and words of what’s been said.

They bring love, direction, info, and cheer

Or doom in a message, a torrent of fear.

Who invented these tidy vehicles of thought

Whether expressing “bad” or what they ought?

God invented articulate sound spoken and heard

Oh, the power and beauty of a timely word.

– eab,  1/17/17

Do you, Friend, yes YOU, still have Carnal Anger, Envy, Pride Etc. in your heart? Have you been taught (sch.? or church?) that such can’t be removed? Or do you understand that Jesus’ sacrificial death was not only for sinS (capital on purpose) but also for sin – that nature of sin, the Adamic nature, carnality? If you want to be, you CAN be freed from the traits of carnality. You have to want this – yea, want its removal so much that you allow Jesus to destroy the nature of Adam. I urge you to do this. – 1/16/22

“He loves God with all his heart who loves nothing

in comparison to him & nothing but in reference to him…”

– Adam Clarke

1Jo 4.1

“…Believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are of God:

because many false prophets are gone out into the world.”

Do NOT believe what you see on TV (if you own such-hope you don’t). Do NOT believe the fictions spread by hollywood, disney, & the like. If social media says “yea” be prepared to believe “nay.” Don’t believe any modern news source to the exclusion of all others. Even the most right “news” may be correct on point A & be off (on purpose or otherwise) on point B &/or C. There are some who may not want you to think; That’s exactly what you need to start doing – YESTERDAY! 1/17/22

“Neither apostle nor private Christian can

subsist in the divine light without frequent influences from on high.”

– Adam Clarke

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