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Ecc 8.10 +

Ecc 8.10

“And so I saw the wicked buried,

who had come and gone from the place of the holy…”

Great possessions are generally accompanied with pride,

idleness & luxury & these are the greatest enemies to salvation.”

– Adam Clarke

Suicide is a terrible subject; I don’t enjoy talking about it. I write, hear this, I write to hopefully PREVENT it. If a poor soul was beyond being mentally responsible God knows & will handle such. But satan is slick; he may try to convince you that “you’re not responsible enough” so go ahead. Please – whether you agree with eab or hate me for speaking this – I’m trying to point out suicide is SIN. Do not do this; once dead you can’t repent. If God allowed so-n-so into heaven that’s up to Him. Don’t think He smiles on suicide or is taking a lesser view because corrupt society is accepting it. Never. – 1/16/22

“Christ loves little children because he loves simplicity & innocence;

He has sanctified their very age by passing through it himself.”

– Adam Clarke

Have you learned to be content? “…I have learned…to be content”(Php 4.11). Are you learnING? Do you want to be content? [These don’t relate to your walk with God but to “needing things.”] satan wants you to desire Things, more Toys, more Money. Friend (or if you’re southern, “Honey ch’l”) Things, Toys, $ can’t make you content. “Learn” is Paul’s word. Ask God to help you. Start (the trail may have a little climb to it) but start toward contentment. I think you may Like It. – 1/19/22


Into His presence with song

In private – away from the throng

Adoring the One to Whom I belong

Now and through eternity, endlessly long.

– eab,  1/20/09

You may wonder at eab posts. If you’re helped in the least Give God all the Praise. If you get mad, you can blame me (I may have missed it somewhere, some yr) BUT – read this carefully – your anger at me might be a sign you needed to read those words; & profit from them. BTW I’d like for us to be friends but I’m not on social media to make friends – I want you to go to heaven. In the mean time, I’d like for you to be wise. To stop believing satan (& his cohorts) & to start reading/obeying the Good Book. – 1/19/22

Luk 16.23

“And in hell he lift up his eyes,

being in torments…”

“Sadducees, liberals of the NT,

Pharisees legalistic ones of the NT.”

– Paul Finch, Sr.

If you grew up in church where the Holy Ghost moved at times (I hope you did-that’s a great heritage), are not *now obeying Biblical teachings on “x y z” but loved the freedom of the Spirit, allow me to sound a warning. You’re in danger. You’re in danger of accepting a substitute spirit (no capital letter) which has unholy roots. satan is fooling many with music (swaying & clapping or hands in the air) or with “good works” they support. STOP. Please come back to right living; back to the HOLY WAY. – 1/20/22

“Why are men ‘lovers of the world more than lovers of God’

Is it not because they really believe…the world can make them happier than God?”

– John Fletcher

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