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Ecc 9.18 +

Ecc 9.18

“Wisdom is better than weapons of war:

but one sinner destroyeth much good.”

“…Every clergyman is not a candidate for a bishopric,

but every man is a candidate for heaven.”

– John Fletcher

In the last months before I was saved a popular song was “O, Yes, I’m the Great Pretender…” As I see what some call “camp meeting” I’m afraid I see other “pretenders.” Are singers (with the evidence of the world on them) trying to sing, substituting “rhythm” & catchy words for solid hymns? Are their clapped hands attempting to replace the saint’s shouts? Are compromising preachers trying to make their fellow compromisers comfortable? Pretended worship is such a poor substitute & will end in hell.

What is faith?

It is believing heartily.”

– John Fletcher

Some poor souls – to the disappointment of those around – have “developed finding fault” to an *art (art it is NOT). Please old sir, please elderly ma’am almost anyone can see a problem if That is what they seek. Most anyone can find a flaw if That is what delights them. Ask God to help you compliment the cook. Ask God to show you how to say nice words to those helping you. Few enjoy being around a complainer. It sort-a-fun to be with a Complimenter. – 1/8/22


When you’re young and tender

And things are going good,

You seldom think of death,

As often as you should.

Then life gets busier;

Death comes, but it is rare.

You give it a slight nod,

Acknowledging it’s there.

Children gladden the home;

Soon their kids too arrive.

Slowly it dawns; you see

Friends are gone – not alive.

Then the rate increases

More go through death’s cold door;

Former playmates, classmates

Falter, fail – are no more.

No one lives forever

(Methuselah too died).

Death – started in Eden,

“Has” to be satisfied.

Prepare for its coming

By the Blood of our Lord.

Christ died to save your soul

Receive, believe His Word.

– eab,  1/21/16 

Please get right with God. This has immeasurable importance beyond death. Does it have importance before death? Immense!!! Please read (then re-read) Heb 2.15 “And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.” When you’re not right with God, you’re (unless stupid) afraid to die. Therefore a force (“legal” or illegal) which threatens murder can control you. When you’re right with God the threat of death is useless. You’re not “subject to bondage” anymore. Praise the Lord! – 1/19/22

“…No man can gladly receive the truths of God

who gladly receives the lies of satan.”

– John Fletcher

Tit 1.2

“In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie

promised before the world began;”

God never lies. Sadly there were some “good” (word used rather loosely) men in the OT who lied or at least used deception. Praise the Lord such shenanigans (if God winked at them then or sins, as we see them) are missing in the NT. There are several differences between the Testaments – Truth telling is one of them. Not only does God not lie – He doesn’t want you or me to lie either & as His followers we don’t. – 1/21/22

“…Predestination…represents God

 as the author of sin.”

– John Fletcher

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