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Ecc 12.1 +

Ecc 12.1

“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not

nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them”

God’s forgiveness is full;

it is free, it is forever.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

Allow me to invite you to pray for the world. (You & I are just 1 [each] but we ARE 1 & can pray for huge things as He leads.) He said “…Pray ye…the Lord of the harvest that he would send forth laborers into his harvest”(Luk 10.2). Select a continent (one you’ve visited or one you wanted to) & pray once a week (every Tues, for example) for it. Pray for men to answer God’s call to minister (pastor, evangelist, street-preacher) & for ladies to pray. Ask God to show you HOW to pray for that land. He can. – 1/22/22

“…The average preacher seems to know more about sin

than about holiness.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

When a man gets Saved, Redeemed, Born anew, he doesn’t then want less of God – he wants more. As he walks on toward heaven he realizes he can have more of God by letting the Lord take out all traits of carnality & letting the Almighty give him a Pure Heart. Now does he love God less? Of course not. He walks on with God till he dies & goes where he “shall…ever be with the Lord”(1Th 4.17).  – 1/22/22


It matters not the color of your skin

Nor the language that you speak.

You’re an earthling, therefore,

One whom Christ came to seek.

– eab  1/18/13

Read a Gospel a month? The repeat? Why not? They are each different – they all pictures of our Lord & are therefore interesting. Rarely, you find exact wording, often you find similar ideas expressed. They record the Wonderful Words Christ taught. They record His healing as He touched lives. Sadly they draw our attention to the Mis-trial, the torture, the actual killing of the Savior. Gladly they also tell of His resurrection, Humanness afterward & He ascension. Read the Lives of Christ. – 1/22/22

Exo 30.6

“…The people [backslidden Israel] sat down to eat

& to drink & rose up to play.”

“…The worship of the intellect—an idolatry

as deadly to spiritual progress as the worship of images…”

– Wm J Bryan

Do you find the song delightful because you: 1.) Love its syncopation? 2.) Love the playful way notes “skip” up & down the scale? 3.) Love the unique rhyming? 4.) Love the choice of picturesque words? 5.) Love the memories that float from the past as you sing it? 6.) Love the truth you review/re-live as it’s sung? 7.) Love the Father or Son or Spirit (or all Three) honored by it? Probably it’s not wrong to like a song for any of these – – – Please Love songs the most, which honor God the most. Amen? – 1/22/22

“…Intemperance, gambling, & evil reading…are doing more to undermine

the institutions of free government than all other influences combined.”

– Anthony Comstock

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