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Ecc 12.13 +

Ecc 12.13

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God &

keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

“The value of holiness. Its presence is life

– its absence is eternal death.”

– R S Foster

You do not need lint on your coat.

You do not need LENT on your calendar.

Remove both. – 1/23/22

“Am I holy…when I trade when I mingle in debate & strife

 when I am chided & maligned when I am off my guard…?

– R S Foster

Harken. Your life can be harmonious with God. When it is, you’ll be in harmony with God’s people. When you are in harmony with God & His people – are you ready for this? – you will be OUT of harmony with those souls & systems who are out of harmony with God. Learn, please learn this now – you can love sinners but you can’t truly fellowship with them. Light is Light. Darkness is darkness. – 1/22/22

WAY  TRUTH  LIFE             

Jesus is the Way

This applies to our everyday

Up hill and down

Mid smiles, the occasional frown

Always take His Way.

Jesus is the Truth

Applies to you and Moabitish Ruth

Across millennia and tired miles

In spite of lying “bits” and files

Let Him be your Truth.

Jesus is Life

Applies beyond present struggles and strife

Be brave

There IS life beyond the grave

True for Adam, true for you

Live His Life.

– eab, January 2015

There is a False Ecumenical Movement. It is all around us & if we aren’t careful will drag us into its smashing/crashing wheels. All cults will unite under the coming “antichrist”(1Jo 2.18ff). Join nothing which has connections to “fake christianity.” God has a True unity – souls from many groups who have been covered by the Blood of the Lamb. These two (the false & the true) will “spend” eternity in two opposite places: the false in damnation, the True in Glory. Watch, Pray, ask God for wisdom. – 1/22/22

“If the Scriptures are not reliable in details

how shall we reach general conclusions.”

– Eldon Fuhrman, PhD

Rev 16.13

“…I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon

& out of the mouth of the beast & out of the mouth of the false prophet.”

Please, Bro. please Sis. we are not mere traditionalists. We are not ritualists. We serve the God of PERFECT ORIGINALITY. The Almighty is so Original He did not need to make any two of us alike. If He did not need to create two humans the same (not even what we call “identical twins”) He does not need to be worshiped in a puny man-made 1) 2) 3) pattern. Never. If your god requires ritual of you, your god is too small. Come to the True God. Leave ritual behind – it tends toward carnality. – 1/23/22 

“Success is more toxic than failure.”

– Jeremy Fuller

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