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Isa 1.18 +

Isa 1.18

“Come now & let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet,

they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool”

…say no more than you know

 the God above will say ‘Amen’ to…”

– John Bunyan

It’s been yrs (decades for some) since I’ve seen your face. Without being unkind I dare say you’re not the epitome of beauty/handsomeness. I hasten to add – nor an extreme of ugliness. Some of us are un-happy with an arch to the eyebrow, curve to the mouth, a nose shape, ect. Friend, a reminder, you (& I) will soon leave physical features on this earth. Let us strive to be lovely INSIDE. After all, that’s what God sees right now. His assessment is the true value of our looks. Blessings.  – 1/24/22

“There is no dignity quite so impressive & no independency quite so impressive

as living within your means.”

– Calvin Coolidge

God does not NEED any movie, pic, statue, painting. Few (if any) of these truly help His cause. – 1/24/22

H. ROBB FRENCH [1]     

Today the old soldier goes to rest

Slipped gently in earth’s pocketed vest

And the world in useless business of years

Will not notice nor care for the saint’s soft tears

H. Robb French is dead.

He pastored and plead with his church

Preached mightily from many a camp “perch”

He prayed and believed, believed and prayed

Until God came, until God stayed

But today Robb French is dead

A camp in southern peripheral land

Swamp and pine and palmetto and sand

And from that camp a school did grow

Zooks and Frenches the “seed” did sow

Now the giant French is dead

In pick-up truck, he and his wife

Geraldine, she was, other half of his life

Traveled the circuit, delivering the Word

Revival and Rapture–that’s what you heard

Before the revivalist French was dead.

– eab,  January ’85  

Heads UP. God bless everyone who’s home schooling but watch what books you have the child read. This, of course, includes the main books/booklets for basic subjects. But also includes books you provide for extra-curricular reading as well. Your basic texts may be Bible-centered but if the other books you allow (from a library or otherwise) are full of sinful people, war, sex-driven ideas you are not home schooling as you Could, nor as you Should. Be alert. satan is working to ruin your child. – 1/24/22

Jas 4.17

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good,

& doeth it not, to him it is sin.”

“Never do anything I would not want

to be doing the last hour of my life.”

– Jonathan Edwards

The Lord built into you a Moral Compass. Instead of always pointing north, It always points to God.  If you expect to make it out of the Big Woods alive, believe a regular compass. Your only hope of going to heaven is to believe God & His Moral Compass. Do not mess with it. Do not dabble in cults (partly “christian” or not). Do not believe the average preacher in what used-to-be a holiness church. Do not read a false bible. Walk (if need be crawl!) toward God. Keep moving His direction. Keep saying “Yes.” – 1/24/22  

“There never was a good war

or a bad peace.”

– Ben Franklin

[1] Brother French 12/26/1891-1/24/1985 was the most Godly man I’ve known. Privileged to have been in a few Saturday prayer meetings at cottage & sought his advice. Many men have my respect but he stands above all.

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