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Isa 6.1 +

Isa 6.1

“In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne

high & lifted up & his train filled the temple.”

“Older man declare war.

But it is the youth that must fight & die.

– Herbert Hoover, 1944

When they file past your casket preacher (pastor or evangelist) or attend a memorial service, would you wish folks to say, “There was a man who faithfully proclaimed Holiness & he lived it.” Or “He had such a pleasing personality” or “Our church attendance doubled under him” or other lesser words. The leading sentence is the best. – 1/26/22

“I can’t make you love me,

but you can’t keep me from loving you.”

– Jack Hyles

You were raised by parents who didn’t wear “x” nor would they allow you to wear “x.” They didn’t go to “y” & wouldn’t let you go to “y” (no matter how much you plead). They didn’t play “z” nor would they let you play “z.” God Bless the memory of “Popsy & Momsy.” You got on your own & did ALL the X Y Z you wanted to. Who was right? You or your parents? Which actions line up with the Bible? Which “deeds” do you imagine Jesus doing? Be honest. For the sake of your SOUL, be honest. – 1/27/22


When you & I are stretched out stiff & cold,

And the soul has left its God-shaped mold,

And questions spread among friend & foe

How long was he sick? How did he go?

When was he born? Was he *that* old?

We’ll not hear this twitter, not one word.

If we’ve lived for Him (That was His choice.

He invited us to, if we but heard His voice.)

We’ll have heard the greatest words e’er said,

“Well done.”

Oh, I want to hear THEM, when you think I’m dead.

– eab,  1/28/17

Do not go into debt. “But I have to – thus & thus is happening & I don’t have cash.” Are you fully minding God? If you’re His child – from your topmost hair to the soles of your feet – He’ll supply your need: if it’s His time for you to die (& you’re completely His) He’ll give dying grace. If its not time for you to go, God can feed you with the ravens like He did Elijah. Debt is a type of slavery. You, in a sense, belong (until paid) to the loaner. Trust God. With. All. Your. Needs. – 1/28/22

Luk 10.2

“The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest

that he would send forth laborers into his harvest.”

“Revivals are born after midnight

– Glenn Griffith

I can’t encourage you too much to pray for the world. 1.) Adopt a whole continent – try to pray for it once or more a week. 2.) Adopt a country & ask God to send forth laborers from it – or to it – & do this once a week (or more). Take the “job” of praying for northern ½ of a land, or the western ⅓ or the southern ¼ of a different place. Learn the geography of said locale, pray for men to preach across your section & for women (young or old) to bear a prayer burden there. – 1/28/22

“We are destined eternally to spend eternity

where our treasures are”

– Daryl D Hausman

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