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Isa 54.13 +

Isa 54.13

“And all thy children shall be taught of the LORD;

& great shall be the peace of thy children.”

“The mere fact of GLOSSOLALIA or any other estatic utteracne

is no evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

– F F Bruce

When a pic of you, your daughter/son, grandd./grands. shows a lot of skin, please do your readers a favor – CROP it. I know you’ve a right (though I wish so much you wouldn’t) to undress at home but be considerate of who’s going to see such. AND on this subject, if you’ve become immodest but are going to see your relatives who do not dress that way – please change clothes. Mom/Dad, Grandpa/Grandma may want a pic with you but hate seeing your bareness. Be nice. – 2/22/22

“Gipsy Smith saw the difference between repentance & conversion

like the difference between awaking in the morning & getting up.”

– Andrew W Blackwood

John, who was inspired to record the Book of Revelation, foresaw AI (artificial intelligence). The entire Book is worth your reading. Let me reference, in particular the 13th chapter, where an image is given

1.) Life,  2.) Articulate speech,  3.) Power to demand absolute obedience.

God knows what is “coming down the pike. Read His Eternal Book. – 2/27/22   


Rahab’s “business” (carnal delight)

Changed with the spies’ visit that night.

She let them down the city wall,

(Stone-upon-stone, about to fall).

Rahab was walking in /her/ light.

– eab  Feb 2011      


Wife Michal loved her famous man;

Informed him and away he ran.

She out a window let him down,

So he could escape her dad, the crown.

Soon David wore the crown of the clan.

– eab  Feb 2011      


Disciples let the “Apostle Paul”

Down the outside of city wall.

(Was he the first “basket case”?)

Saving his life, winning the chase,

He hastened on, fulfilling God’s call.

– eab  Feb 2011      

I don’t know that satan gets “excited” about politics (though he seems to). Nor do I know he has banking interests (but money plays a part in the damnation of many). And, as far as I know, the devil is not a member of any one denomination (however he “attends” church more often than some members). What satan DOES do is get short-sighted humans excited about politics, money, & even religion. What satan DOES NOT want is for you (or me) to become excited in our Love for God. – 2/28/22

Deu 6.5

“And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart

& with all thy soul & with all thy might.”

“A worthy leader know how to listen…The leader also should enjoy every minute.

In a high sense, being happy is the minister’s chief business here below…”  

– Andrew W Blackwood

If there’s good here, please give God *all* the Glory. The Lord directed & helped me to acquire a

Bachelor of Arts with more hours than a major, in Literature. He helped me acquire a (60 sem. hr)

Master of Arts in Biblical Literature. With: 1.) Literary background, 2.) Many hours of teaching both Literature & the Bible, 3.) Hundreds of sermons in churches & schools I’ve seen NO reason to reject the Classic Authorized Bible. Would-be “scholars” are wrong to neglect It. They do this to their harm.- 2/28/22     

“No mental processes can stop the mad race for money. 

Man must be born again.”

– Wm J Bryan

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Isa 53.6 +

Isa 53.6

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way;

& the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

“Pray without ceasing – Like a mother with a sick child;

she may do other things but here mind is on the child.

– Ken Thompson

My dad (I dare say many of your old dads) never wore Bermuda shorts. I have no memory of seeing any adult – note *word – man wearing shorts in public (except swimming or basketball) until I was in my mid-20s. Now professing “christian men” even “pastors” are seen outside the home in shorts. Why? This is a part of what’s making America less masculine & the church also less masculine. The “pants” which come just below the knee are not manly either. Be modest yes. But ALSO be MANLY. – 2/22/22 

“The sin question is settled

in the holiness heart!”

– Ken Thompson

JEWELRY?  When you “hang” jewelry on your God-made body you’re insulting Him. “But, Bryan, I paid $5,000 for my wife’s ring; that’s a lot of money.” I agree it’s a lot of money. NOW get serious with me – what’s your BODY worth? 5K? 50K? 5 million? Your God-made body can’t be priced in $s. It’s a walking, talking Miracle – irreplaceable. It’s much worse than hanging a raccoon tail on a Rolls-Royce (at least a coon-tail is God-made). Stop hanging junk on the Lord’s masterpiece – your body. – 2/24/22


God, who is for ever unexplainable,

Made holiness for humans, *now attainable.    

– eab,  Feb  2010


There is no greater happiness on earth

Than the “Christ-life” which follows the new birth.

– eab,  Feb  2010

Pray before worship (family worship & public) starts. Pray at the very beginning of worship (both quietly in your seat & the leader, aloud). And prayer should be an IMPORTANT PART of each worship service. Never view Prayer as a waste of time. You could do without the soloist. You could omit the offering. Maybe even abbreviate the sermon. But I urge you – both at home & at church – take time to pray. May you truly touch God. That makes meeting for worship VERY worthwhile. – 2/25/22

Rom 8.7

“Because the carnal mind is enmity against God:

for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.”

“God never performs a miracle

to satisfy curiosity…”  

– A L Vess

God won’t not keep you out of heaven because of your personality – He loves variety. (I’m glad He does; I do too.) God DOES keep all carnality out of heaven. That Friend will include your ugly carnality (if you still have it). Be 100% honest with yourself. Stop excusing carnality i.e. trying to label it personality. Christ’s second work of Grace will remove the Old Adamic Nature. That is something about which to shout. Praise God. – 2/26/22

“Charles H Parman & [Wm] Syemour the founders of the Tongues Movement

in the U.S. both accused each other of receiving the gift of tongues from the devil.”

– A L Vess

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Isa 53.5 +

Isa 53.5

“But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities:

the chastisement of our peace was upon him & with his stripes we are healed.

“The term original sin

was a term first used by the Calvinists…”

– L D Wilcox

In a way, wish I could tell you how *this* is going to end – *this* being anything “on your plate”: health wealth, “stealth” (i.e. politics etc.) concerns. I can’t. But allow me to remind you, YOU are going to end. Health will become frail, wealth will fail, bad politicians WILL go to jail (if not on earth, in hell). You (& I) will soon meet our Maker. ALL about which satan tries to make you worry, stays on earth. Heaven will have no health, wealth, nor “stealth” concerns. Get Right, Stay Right with God! – 2/18/22

“There is no scripture to support their theory of separation of rapture

& revelation…proponents are mostly Calvinists.”

– L D Wilcox

Never approve of your son dating a girl who’s divorced; Not the first date. If he’s still under your roof, pray, have a man-to-man talk with him & show him Scripture. If he goes ahead with the first date talk with him again. Let him know that if he marries her, you & his mother won’t attend the wedding (you’re not being controlling, you’re being Biblical). Let him know that if there’s a state-approved marriage (it’s not God approved) that he & her may visit your home but can’t spend the night there. Stand. – 2/24/22 


The degree behind your name

Merely adds to your shame

IF you believe satan’s lies, one or all.

He lied to mother Eve

And Adam right at her “sleeve.”

Sin began – they started man’s prime fall.

Deception still prevails

On women; more so on males;

Delusion pervades our college halls.

The higher the degree

The more danger it’s about “me”

The educated lie so blithely calls.

Please, Dr. So-n-So, awake;

Your ever-living soul’s at stake

If satan does laugh, you are his glee.

God is the source of truth;

Return to the God of your youth.

Deception has an Ever – Lasting fee.

– eab,  2/25/17

You grew up in a right-of-center church. Your parents approved of most (if not all) the church’s “stands.” You got on your own, & dressed “your way.” You started attending amusements of which both the church & your folks disapproved. Yet with your changes you’ve tried to believe you’re OK for heaven. How can this be? Is it logical? If your church/family were right & you’re doing the opposite – can you both go to heaven? STOP. Start thinking clearly. Heaven’s worth YOU changing. – 2/25/22

“Holiness promotes human happiness by affording

a true estimate & interpretation of the ills of life.”

– J A Wood

Eph 6.12

“For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities, against powers,

against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

Please Bro Pastor, don’t talk so much. The service is supposed to focus on God – Let It. A congregation doesn’t need an “opening joke.” Nor do they need to hear about your car troubles (nor how you’re delighting in your new “flivver”). The church group doesn’t need an update on Your recent hunting/fishing jaunt, Your daughter’s new son, nor Your support for some sport. They met to worship God. Help them do that. Don’t hinder worship by your wordy ramblings.  Amen.  Ouch. – 2/25/22 

“Christians are to reform the world

not be deformed by it.”

– J A Wood

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Isa 53.4 +

Isa 53.4

“Surely he hath borne our griefs & carried our sorrows:

yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God & afflicted.”

“Writing makes an exact man

– Francis Bacon

I’m sorry your wife left – I mean that. I’m sad your husband skipped out – that’s bad. Those first few days must’ve been horrible. God, if you let Him, will help you. Do NOT consider marrying anyone (unless you see a death certificate or attend the funeral of your ex.) The modern church is silent about D&R (divorce & remarriage). The Bible is not. Do not allow friends to talk you into it. “But I heard this speaker…” they will NOT go to hell for you. “But I read this book…” – read the Bible. D&R is sin. – 2/18/22

“Of two duties we must choose the greater,

though of two sins we must choose neither.”

– Richard Baxter

Which is the more square feet – your church sanctuary or, OR your “church” gym (count kitchen/dining area)? Are you more interested in spiritual food or feeding a soon-to-be-dead body? Are you more interested in Fellowship with God or in fellowship with humans? “Look, Bryan, we can have both – we’ve learned to balance this.” Let’s pretend you have (I’m not agreeing) found a “balance” – will the next generation? Your precious sons/daughters? YOUR Grand Ones? THINK. – 2/19/22

John Bunyan

There was a man, Bunyan by name,

Twelve years imprisoned – England’s shame.

In jail, his pen found a story,

The world’s greatest allegory,

Pilgrim’s Progress deserves its fame.

– eab, Feb. 2010

JEWELRY? My finger has never needed a ring. Nor has yours. A ring: forged from gold, whittled from green wood, or woven from grass, is at best a man-made trinket. Necklaces, earrings, nose rings, lip rings, toe rings & “belly-button jewels” are trinkets. “Wait, Bryan, wait – – – a diamond is not man-made, nor a pearl – God made them.” In the rough, yes, but man polishes & “sets” such into his man-shaped metals. You’re bedecking your God-Made body with a bit of junk a little man tarnished? That’s too bad. – 2/24/22

1Pe 3.3

“Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair,

& of wearing of gold or of putting on of apparel;”

“The wars of Israel were the only ‘holy wars’ in history

for they were the wars of God against the world of idols.”  

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

Could you make a living as a professional “Fault-Finder”? Is the store always too crowded? Is the meat never done right? Does the sun come up too late? Too early? Is the church unnecessarily warm (therefore wastes money) or is it always too cold? Please resign this position.  YeStErDaY.  Learn to see a positive in situations. “I can’t.” Have you tried? “Yes, I tried – – – once.” Please try again. There is many times a brighter side. Look for it. Be glad for it. Rejoice that things aren’t worse than they are. – 2/24/22

“The ‘last days’ began with Christ’s first advent

& will end with His second advent.”

– F F Bruce

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Isa 53.3 +

Isa 53.3

“He is despised & rejected of men; a man of sorrows & acquainted with grief:

& we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised & we esteemed him not.”

“Touch no drink, tobacco or snuff. Eat very light if any supper. Lie down before 10 rise before 5, everyday use as much exercise as you can bear…

– J Wesley

If you’re a parent there’re times to play with your children. Yes, also times for grandparents. Can you play with them too much? Yes. Seek a balance – especially regarding “free time.” So much time is spent in playing which – aside from time with offspring – may displease God. America is cursed with play. “Adults” spend more dollars & hours playing than any generation before us. Not only do “adults” play but they watch/listen to other “adults” play at what must be a record amount. Be Careful. – 2/16/22

“Rules for a ‘helper’…2)To be serious; his motto to be Holiness to the Lord;

to avoid all lightness, jesting, & foolish talking.”

– John Wesley (fr. Able Stevens)

A little child has not yet learned the artificial “values” of the adult world. He doesn’t know that “x” is too expensive or that he should not ask for it. A little child just knows that he goes to “Dad” for what he needs & as a little child he believes “Dad” can do anything. (We learn later in earthy life, that Dad can’t do anything, can’t afford everything.) Christ wants us to be “as little children” (Mat 18.3ff). Our GOD can do anything. He can afford anything. Pray for BIG things. Today. Blessings. – 2/20/22  


Looking for the final reason?

Greed is the cause of high treason.

Bad men pimp and woman so sin

Much money is to be gained within.

Trying to robbery understand

‘Cause man loves money more than man.

Money’s the cause (found bye-n-bye)

That man will tell a “bold-face” lie.

Know the reason for horse betting?

It’s a way of money getting.

The greed for money’s my guess

You’ll find a basement printing press.

Easy money is the sad cause

Men sell a product with bad flaws.

Connived religion also makes 

Money for religious fakes.

Some will a baby place for sale

Trade money for its coo or wail.

Some have actually faked a wreck

To claim a big insurance check.

Another money-making trick

Sell booze, which makes men deathly sick.

People will terminate a life,

Making money with pill, gun, knife.

Put out a contract for a kill?

Give enough money, someone will.

Money’s behind some “Bible” buys

Copyright the Book? “That’s cheap, guys.”

Government funds involve killing

False patriotism’s too willing.

Riots, street violence, those who lute,

“The love of money is the root.”         

– eab,  2/22/11  

Recently conversed with a lady & her husband. After my wife (also present) & I were away from them I found it interesting (AND refreshing) that I did not recall her dress (or blouse) neckline. Ladies, that is exactly how it ought to be. A man shouldn’t have to see a dress neck so wide it shows underwear straps. Worse yet a neckline so deep he has to purposely focus on your face or above your head. If your response is “That’s his problem” YOU are part of the immodesty problem in our churches. – 2/22/22  

1Jo 2.17

“And the world passeth away & the lust thereof:

but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

“A sanctified man can sin, he may sin,

 but no Christian must sin.”  

– Howard Sweeten

Why call so-n-so  “r e v”? “That’s what the big churches call their preacher.” Does that mean its right for a more Biblical church? Or “That’s what catholic priests, at times, get called.” Should you use a “title” because catholics do? Is the longer word (for which “rev” is an abbreviation) in the Bible? Matter-of-fact it is. Psa 111.9 says “…Holy and reverend is his name.” Reverend is God’s name. It’s not a label for men. “Pastor” is a honorable title for your pastor. – 2/22/22

“Carnal Christians are always more fascinated

by the showy than by the holy.”

– Richard S Taylor

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Isa 53.1 +

Isa 53.1

“Who hath believed our report? &

to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed?

“The marriage is between two souls

stamped with God’s image.”

– W B Godbey

Please Bro., Please Sis. Do not listen to radio/tv “preachers” who claim some god (“g” is purposely lower case) spoke to them directly but what they “heard” does NOT agree with the Bible. They are false prophets. Don’t read books/articles which sound “sort-a-ok” but disagree with Scripture. Nor watch movies/you tubes after you see they’re non-Biblical. I know, I know, it’s hard to stop – satan plays on your curiosity. Man-up (“woman-up”), turn it off AND never see the end of such garbage. – 2/16/22

“If you don’t love them

you can’t preach to them.”

– J Belvin Green

CAUTION. The higher you rise in the churchy world (ritualistically formal, or ultra informal) the harder it’ll be for you to go to the altar & get saved. Get *actually saved. The same is true about becoming Filled with the Spirit. Few men (I fear) who rise in their denomination & then come face-to-face with the fact that THEY are not saved or Spirit filled (or have backslidden) after reaching “said height,” have the manhood to admit their spiritual dearth. Some (?) will go to hell rather than confess their lost state. – 2/18/22


Beyond accountability

God gave a year or was it ten?

Ten years you stalled and did not yield

Fully knowing that sin was SIN.

One decade soon turned into two;

In sin you danced, ate, slept, and played.

God called you once, or was it twice?

You stayed on. On in sin you stayed.

You cursed and took His name in vain;

Sin had you in a vise-grip hold.

There were few things you wouldn’t do;

Filthiness was common and bold.

Four decades, make that five, now six,

Deep inside you knew you were wrong,

Unholy habits held you chained.

Who knew they’d ever be that strong?

“I’ll quit when I want to,” sounds good;

It’s not honest – you were enslaved.

The man who once attended church

Do you know how, now, to be saved?

Age has mounted up in your life;

The “big C” is now on your chart,

(Things begin to look uncertain)

Or was it trouble with your heart?

Fun has vanished out the back door;

Years of folly pass by your eyes.

Is this how my dirty years end?

Death’s at the door, you realize.

If you hear God’s slightest whisper, 

Jump to answer, grasp His blest call.

Deserve mercy? None of us do.

Yield to the One Who died for all.

May God hear you from your death bed

And grant you a last-minuet-birth.

– – – Others reading this, please don’t wait 

Till your final hours on earth.

– eab,  2/21/17

NUMBERS. Don’t become fascinated by numbers. Use them as needed in life for simple math. Avoid them in some of what’s called “higher math.” Math guys playing with numbers, creating new symbols, combining strings of such, has, one might say, given mankind his “technological age.” (Oh, how scientists & mathematicians [twins] “glory” in this, & want YOU to praise men.) “Higher math” has not drawn man closer to God. It is to too many, a substitute for God. Technology saves no one. – 2/21/22

“…scholar who has no God, no unction, & not freedom,

no message on his heart & no earnestness in his soul.”

– Glenn Griffith

Joh 1.1-2

“In the beginning was the Word & the Word was with God & the Word was God.

“The same was in the beginning with God.”

NUMBERS. So – – – tomorrow is two, “twoty-two, twoty-two” (2/22/22). Don’t think this a big deal. The next is 2/23/22 (yawn). I said “tomorrow is” & “next is” as if it were correct. Calendars are *man-made. The pope ordered 10 days added & though England didn’t jump then, they did later. So Washington was not born Feb 22, as we’ve been taught but 11 days earlier (2nd & 3rd pres. birthdays were also changed). Don’t allow numbers – including dates – influence you. Lean on the WORD & His written Word. – 2/21/22

“Always look at your need

in the light of your God.”

– James Ward (was buried today, 2/21/22)

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Isa 51.11 +

Isa 51.11

“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return,

& come with singing unto Zion; & everlasting joy shall be upon their head:

“I feel & grieve; but by the grace of God

I fret at nothing.”

– J Wesley

Be discerning. If a quote shows up on fb it’s so easy to type (or “cut/paste”) that name into a search engine & see WHO he/she is. You can’t tell everything from “such” but you may see he/she is part of a cult or a group with whom you disagree. DO NOT USE A QUOTE 1.) Because it’s cute. 2.) Because “Bro x quoted him – he must be OK” 3.) Because you found it a “trusted” book. Please look at his/her life. Do not help make a quote popular if the one who said it, is on his way below. – 2/17/22  

“I enjoy such fellowship with God

as I thought could not be had this side of heaven.”

– John Downes, quoted by Able Stevens

“Are. You. Ready?” His name was Andrew Johnson; a short, old (b.1876) Methodist preacher who came to God’s Bible School chapel & spoke during my first years of h.s. He carried a small wooden block (I’d guess 3-4 inches square) & a gavel. He rapped a couple of times on the block & in an authoritative voice asked, “Are You Ready?” That, reader, is a great question: whether for a test, a job, or marriage but better yet, To Die?  Bro. Johnson’s been dead since 1959 – we soon will be. Are. You. Ready? – 2/18/22


There ought to be a holy fear

For preachers not to say

Only what people *want* to hear.

Speak the Word – with thought; 

Sometimes “yea,” sometimes “nay.”

Always God’s Word – – – no matter what!

– eab,  2/19/18

In the yrs 1958 -1965/66 I heard, in person, the Blackwood Brothers (best), the Statesmen, the Oakridge Boys, the Spears, the LeFevers, the  Imperils, & (I think) the Blue Ridge. Not every time was I on top spiritually but whether or not, I “enjoyed” them. So – – – I speak from experience. It’s too easy to “enjoy” a singing group, too easy to fill “half-way religious” though you know you & God are not in perfect accord. Please Sir, Please Ma’am, do NOT be fooled by “singing” emotions. Truly Mind God! – 2/19/22   

“He [A Clarke] always preached extemporaneous…was even more interesting as a man

than as a scholar…none commanded larger congregations…”

– Able Stevens

Gal 5.1

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free,

& be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.”

Do you attend a rich or a poor church? “We’ve a Mercedes, a BMW, & a Jag. in the parking lot – our church is NOT poor!” Does your church have a shouting saint? I like cars (so would enjoy seeing these auto) but allow me be honest – if your church does not a saint who now & then shouts, or quietly walks the aisle hanky in the air, or gets “free” in the Spirit some other way, your church is poor. Go to prayer & don’t stop daily praying until your congregation gains a saint. – 2/19/22

“The Methodists (at Barbadoes) were called ‘Hallelujahs’

 & were hooted by that nickname in the streets.”

– Able Stevens

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Isa 45.22 +

Isa 45.22

“Look unto me & be ye saved, all the ends of the earth:

 for I am God & there is none else.

“There is always in it [act of sin] an attitude of defiance &

 rejection of authority & the decision to go ‘one’s own way.’”

– L D Wilcox

The Vertical “Marriage” (God & the holy soul) is the Extreme EXTREME. What huge opposites: The only Eternal Being united to a temporal human. The Perfect Being linked to one only perfect because of a faith-connection to God. What a Delight, for us, to have this Upward Union. We delight in being His. The last sentences make sense. But – if I understand – God Almighty – – – dare I say it(?) delights in us. The God of Heaven is happy to be united to mere (but holy) mortals? Yes. ‘Twas His idea.” – 2/5/22  

“…One thing tht [sic] will mark Christian perfection…

will be a willingness & readiness to apologize…”

– L D Wilcox

The Christian, horizontal marriage is comparable to the Vertical “Marriage” like this. We delight in God & He delights in us. The Christian husband delights in his wife (he chose her, because of his delight in her person). And the Christian wife delights in her man (she accepted the invitation to be his wife because she was delighted with him). Never, NEVER forget that human marriage is GOD’s “Idea.” satan hates it, therefore, but Christians love it, & refuse to pollute it with adultery. – Feb. 2022


Praise the Lord this morning,

He who reigns on high.

Who could have been unknown;

Distant, never nigh.

Instead He chose to reveal Himself

In thunder, light, and storm,

In the miraculous, and the norm

In symmetry, structure, and form.

Praise Him – in joyful “sigh.”

– eab,  2/17/06      

I believe the NT & that, of course, includes the Book of Revelation. To say I understand It, would be incorrect but I believe It! John was inspired to write there about a beast which (AIU = As I Understand) is the “antichrist” – about which John writes in 1Jo (2.18, 2.22, 4.3) & 2Jo 7.  MAKE SURE you’re following the True Christ – this false “christ” will deceive many; perhaps a relative of yours, or a fellow-church member. Friend, leave worldly ways. NOW. Do *all* Jesus is asking you to do. – 2/16/22    

“Christians begin to backslide when they feel it their duty

& see it their privilege to seek holiness & refuse to do it.”

– J A Wood

1Jo 2.28

“And now, little children, abide in him; that, when he shall appear,

we may have confidence & not be ashamed before him at his coming.”

Christian, draw close to God!  Set aside a ½ day or whole (tomorrow or VERY soon) & have a Holy Love-Date with Jesus. Tell Him you love Him & make sure nothing, repeat Nothing hinders your fellowship. (If you’re a “christian” in name only, ask His forgiveness & return.) Never thought I’d see what we’re seeing in Canada. Wake up. A similar “crisis” could be declared here. “Bryan, things are improving,” (Thank God for any help.) But please prepare your soul for harder days. They may be sooner than you think. – 2/17/22 

“Sanctification requires no greater degree of faith

than justification.”

– J A Wood

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Isa 41.10 +

Isa 41.10

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

“The soul & the body are so united

that they have each of them power over one another in their actions.”

– Wm Law

HOME SCH. “Why do our children have to home school – there’s a “christian” sch. here in town.” [What’s “christian” is a huge subject in itself – I pass it for now.] Hopefully a “christian” sch. is better than a state sch. but the average parent knows little (if any) about what goes on there too. At least one parent knows what’s going on in the home sch. – he/she is right there. Some “christian schools” have been good – some not so much. You have to let your child decide what’s best for *their* child.  – 2/14/22

“God is to be glorified, holiness is to be practiced,

& the spirit of Religion is to be the common spirit of every Christian…”

– Wm Law

HOME SCH. Every home needs (as much as possible) to pay their own bills; live within their budget. But when you, grandpa/ma, know they’re making a trip to a good museum or a zoo or a tour of a farm (especially if they’re “city-slickers”) pass along some cash for gas &/or a little for their lunch/picnic. Buy them a set of encyclopedias [used are better than new in areas where “history is being re-written”]. Offer to teach them home skills, grandma. Offer to show how to use your tools, grandpa. – 2/14/22


Search hard enough, you possibly can

Find a “good” quote from a sinner man.

You *should* care how he treated his wife;

(Or did he run off with another?)

Don’t just see what he had to “utter”

Don’t only see words – look at his LIFE.

– eab,  2/15/22

Dad, Please raise the level of your Family Altar. Pray (in your private devotions) for wisdom to know how to make the Family Altar more effective. Look at the right Time to have it – maybe move it to a better time. Look at the right Place to have FA – change rooms/settings. Increase the amount of actual reading by all involved. Increase the amount of Scripture memorization. Out of your home could come a Godly pastor (your son) or a praying pastor’s wife. Do your part to prepare them now. – Feb. 2022

“Take away the Bible & our warfare with oppression & infidelity & intemperance & impurity & crime is at an end:

our weapons are wrested away–our foundation is removed–we have no authority to speak & no courage to act.”

– Wm Lloyd Garrison

Rev 1.3

“Blessed is he that readeth & they that hear the words of this prophecy

& keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.”

Why do I post? To try to help an old Peer (not being “nasty;” if you’re my “peer” you have to have some age on you J), a former Pupil, a Parishioner of yester yr, or other Precious soul, turn to God. I hope some post helps YOU see this is a fleeting world – Do. Not. Attach. To. It. The Almighty, by wonderful contrast, is not fleeting. He is the same, Yesterday, Today & Forever. Please, if you’ve left Him, return. If you’ve never been saved; Come. Salvation awaits you TODAY. Let US meet in Heaven. – 2/15/22

“…I am persuaded that the translators of the Bible were masters of an English style

much fitter for that work than any we see in our present writings.”

– Jonathan Swift

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ISA 40.31 +

Isa 40.31

“…They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings

 as eagles; they shall run & not be weary & they shall walk & not faint.”

“Everybody Talk’n ‘bout Heaven Ain’t g’inThere”

Yes, But Everybody GoingThere IsTalking about it.

– Orlow Webb

Been deceived? By a door-to-door salesman, used-car shark, & old girlfriend/boyfriend. You say you lost a hundred at the door, a thousand at the lot, or lost “face” in a relationship. Make sure that’s the worst deception of your life. satan wants to deceive you – – – so you lose your SOUL. Sadly books, films, videos can deceive you. More sad, if anything, are the preachers who once preached in holiness churches who now are on platforms not as holy. – 2/5/22

“Only use the world

but enjoy God.”

– John Wesley

Do you love Truth? Was there a time you loved Truth more than you do now? [Be honest.] Allow me to urge you to fall in love (Again?) with Truth. “But Truth hurts.” You’re right – glad you recognize this. Far, FAR better, friend for you to accept Truth today & let the God of Heaven & Earth correct you than to wait till a death bed (some die instantly & never have a “death bed”) & realize its too late to get right with God. Seek Truth. Walk with Truth. If need be die for Truth. – 2/6/22


To repent is to not just stop

It is to totally turn

(To no longer yearn)

To leave satan’s “sweat shop”

And now God’s ways learn.

– eab,  2/14/13  

Pastors too often only preach – they don’t teach. When you preach you don’t expect to be interrupted with a question. Teaching – if true teaching, not just lecturing – opens into questions. Those questions (if sincere) show the listener is thinking. These same questions force you to think. Of the hundreds of Mid-week services, I lead as pastor, between 95-99% were teaching times. People were free to ask for details, free to discuss the Bible verse at hand. Teach. Start sending out equipped, young Preachers. – 2/14/22   

Eph 4.11

“And he gave some, apostles; & some, prophets;

& some, evangelists; & some, pastors & teachers;”

“The only authority we have in life

 is this Book.”  

– John Whiteman

HOME SCH. If you’re a grandparent, encourage your son/d-n-law or daughter/s-n-law who’re doing home school. “I made it through public sch. – they can too.” Easy. Please. You called it “public sch.,” if that was once true (I’ve used the term also) it’s a misnomer – they’re more correctly a “state sch.” They are, along with state colleges/univ. responsible (probably more than we know) for the decay in America. No offense please, but the fact you defend them, shows they’ve to some extent, blinded you. – 2/14/22 

“…God is ready to share

His holiness with men…”

– L D Wilcox

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