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Mat 5.39 +

Mat 5.39

“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever

shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

It’s an insult to the intelligence of young people to give them the impression you have to cheapen the Gospel to make it understandable. The medical schools do not simplify their phraseology to please this set. The legal profession hasn’t changed its terminology”

 – Vance Havner

It’s so sad when a boy fails to turn into a man, instead turns weird. Regardless of his home it’s sad that he becomes a sodomite. It seems more sad when a boy enters the wickedness of perversion from a Christian home. One wonders why. What influences from mom? What lack of inspiration to be like dad? What books were read? What movies watched? What friend (even relative) was weird? What youth camp had a pervert unknown? We may not know but Watch Parents; Watch with both eyes. – 5/29/22

I went a friend’s house last night & looked at TV.

God convicted me with Psalm 119:37 ‘Turn away mine eye’s from beholding vanity’.”

– Jim Elliott


You may have the “best of sight”

And yet not see

Because you lack light,

Light – which shows reality.

– eab,  5/31/18

HOME SCHOOL. Teach your precious children to read God’s Words to them. That’s right – the Bible was written as much for your child as It was written for you. Show them their LETTERS in His Letters. Teach them consonants from the Bible. Let them learn their A E I O U’s from the most glorious Book on earth. God knows your child much better than you do, therefore ask Him where you should start your child reading His Word. Be patient (You didn’t learn in a day). Your patience will help them. – 5/30/22

“The Bible is the best of all books, for it is the word of God & teaches us the way to be happy in this world & in the next.”

– John Jay

PASTOR’s WIFE – PLUS. Many-a-man has been successful, in part, due to his wife. She prayed for him. She prayed with him. She prayed for the church. She was modest both in her appearance & demeanor. She backed him as he disciplined their children. She reinforced his requirements on the modesty & activities of both their sons & daughters. She attended service (except when ill). She did not involve herself in church business unless her opinion was sought. She was a true Help Meet. – 5/30/22

Heb 1.1-2

“God, who at sundry times & in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets,

Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son…”

Dear sister, is God calling you to the ministry of prayer? I’m glad for *your sake (it’s always an honor to be called into any phase of His service) & I’m glad for the *sake of the rest of us (oh, how our homes & our churches need more women to pray). Your calling is so a high calling – to be Heaven’s Ambassador. You’re being called to 1.) Bring ornery humans into the presence of the Holy God &  2.) Bring God into the presence of mere men. May your dying day find you faithful at this great task. – 5/31/22

“…Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even when there’s no river.”  

– Nikita Krushchev [true, tho not spiritual]

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Mat 5.37 +

Mat 5.37

“But let your communication be, ‘Yea, yea’ ‘Nay, nay’

for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

My soul is filled & overhelmed with light

& love & joy in the Holy Ghost”

 – Mrs Jonathan Edwards, quoted by Knapp, Christ Crowned Within

MALE & FEMALE. These started the *home as Husband & Wife. They continue the *home (Dad/Mom). Male & Female intimacy produces the next home. Dad/Mom – you’re responsible to see to it your son is Masculine. In western culture he should wear pants (not skirt). He should wear a shirt (not blouse – they button differently). His shoes should be masculine in style, color. While “Jr.” is home it’s up to you, Dad/Mom to see that he looks like a man. If you slack on this YOU ARE FAILING your son! – 5/26/22  

The will of God will never lead you

where the grace of God cannot keep you.”

– David Gibbs II’s mother

Book of Life

When the angel looks at the “Book of Life”

Will he find you had love – or lots of strife?

Did you love your neighbor across the way

Enough to smile, wave, enough to pray?

And the guy who went to that *different church

Or did not go – did you leave him in a lurch?

Actions not only speak here on this earth,

Judgment Day will find them of great “worth.”

– eab,  5/28/15 

The Bible doesn’t have one cartoon. It has many, many “pictures.” They are Word pictures, inspired by Almighty God & penned by His servants (prophets, kings, disciples, others). Modernity is overrun with cartoons: very few are true-to-life, several are animalistic (God doesn’t want us acting like animals & animals do NOT act like sinful men) & many are silly or worse, sensual. I wish you, Christian, would see you need to stop loving cartoons. Don’t post anything that smacks of disney/hollywood. – 5/27/22

“If God calls you to be a preacher

don’t stoop to be a king” (to his son)

– Wm Gladstone, qouted by Tom Reed

The images of old was stone, gold, wood – not right to bow to but all substantial things. Moderns bow to flimsy, film images. Supposedly the old image was about worship – they were trying to believe that image could do “x” for them, could serve their needs. Modern plastic images has stepped (it might appear) from “worship” to entertainment. But – hold on, silly man worships entertainment. People are conditioned to see mere actors as larger than life (they’re not), to see the stars as “gods.” Sick! – 5/28/22

Rev 15.4

“Who shall not fear thee, O Lord & glorify thy name? for thou only art holy:

for all nations shall come & worship before thee; for thy judgments are made manifest.”

There’s hoping you have a memory (maybe it’s not too long ago). You were in a service when God’s Holy Spirit settled in (He was being glorified – therefore He came). You praised Him. You raised hands & voice & honored His sweet presence. Yes, there were saints also there. Yes, they were praising Him too. You were aware of a Christian Bro or Sis but they were distinctly peripheral – God was the focus (both to you AND to them). Maybe this is a glimpse of how heaven is – God at the Absolute Center. – 5/29/22

“…Christ[’s]…challenge was not to save ourselves but to lose ourselves;

not understand Him but to have courage to follow Him.”  

– Wilfred Grenfell, MD

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Mat 5.16 +

Mat 5.16

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works

& glorify your Father which is in heaven.

…We have no assurance that any physical perfection can be made use of in the world above…neither have we any assurance that the perfections of the mind survive the day of death.”

– Wm J Bryan

Liturgical Calendar?  Hopefully it comes as no surprise that the word “liturgical” is not in the Bible. (It was not used until 1641, Merriam-Webster.) Ready for this? – – – “calendar” is not in the Good Book either. These are inventions of man. There appears to be a prescribed “month” or a selected “day” in the OT but these seem lacking in the NT. To follow some dude’s liturgical calendar could mean you’re obeying man rather than God. You don’t want to do that. – May 2022

One can afford to be in a minority

but he cannot afford to be wrong.”

– Wm J Bryan

She was born

She was born in a parsonage or a hospital near that place

She grew up hearing dad preach on forgiveness and grace

She slept on church benches her share of revival nights.

Speak of shouting or aisle runners, she’d seen those sights.

But the world cried “Come” and as a youth she listened

For a while it seemed all OK. For her it glistened

But satan’s strongest lie only lasts so long

Sooner or later one sees it’s all so wrong

For her it was later, in fact, it was too late.

Her heart’s love for a decaying world, sealed her fate.

Wise up, my friend; no longer reject the Lord’s way

For you too, will arrive, your dying day

satan’s lies will let you down, down into hell

Or lake of fire, where false prophet & beast dwell.

– eab,  5/27/16

MALE & FEMALE. Those are God’s categories for mankind (not “man-made”). Any attempt to blur that line is an attack on the Creator. Dad, you need to be man – ALL man. Mom, you need to be ALL FEMALE. An effeminate dad or a masculine mom leads to confusion in the home. A female “pastor” leads to confusion for a congregation. [No church should have a woman pastor.] No man should have a female prof in a college classroom. No senator should be female, nor governor, nor president. – 5/26/22

“Then I saw that there was a way to hell even from the gates of heaven

as well as from the city of Destruction.  So I awoke & behold it was a dream.”

– John Bunyan

Today we are cursed with medical doctors who are not trying to *Heal you, with teachers who are not trying to *Help you think, & with preachers who are not concerned that you be *Holy. Does the MD make more off of big pharm? Does the teacher gain status among his/her peers by being anti-american? Does the pastor draw a larger salary than he would if he preached “Holiness or hell”? Hello?!? – 5/27/22  

Pro 24.24

“He that saith unto the wicked, Thou art righteous;

him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him:”

You’ve heard of Sanctification. This word has flowed from quill of writers Baptistic, Lutheran, Wesleyan & more. Are you Sanctified? Or do you have the impression it’s only for men holed-away in mountainous caves? No, Bro/Sis, it’s for you. “…This is the will of God…your sanctification…”(1Th 4.3). Do not shy away from this Second Work of grace. No, you do not grow into sanctification. Once in, you DO grow (in a similar way to how you grew after being redeemed). Be sanctified today. – 5/27/22

“No man can become a saint

in his sleep…”

– Henry Drummond

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Mat 5.14 +

Mat 5.14

“Ye are the light of the world.

A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

“Holiness as an ethical reality

does not make one less than human but more fully so.”

– Ray Dunning, PhD

Why dear woman do you put paint on your fingernails? What, really, is the point? Why take time to make them an unnatural shine? Or worse bright red – you & I both know this is fake – so why? The face coloring? The red (beyond God’s natural coloring) on the lips? The red toenails? Are all of these to get attention? Did heathen women (mom/dad once took the “National Geographic”) used to wear colors? – has heathendom come to America? Has heathendom entered the church? – 5/24/22

“He’s the final destination

 of my soul.”

– Darwin  Edwards

Art is temporary (at its very best). And music, as pretty as it may be, is the most temporary of the arts – – – once it “sounds” & the sound waves move away that’s it. Don’t allow yourself or your offspring to become too involved in “short-term stuff.” Heaven is Forever. God is Eternal. Love & obey Him. He is much more important than any art form. Always has been. IS. And ever will Be. – May 2022  

powerful, pretty thing

When a certain her and certain him

(Chances of younger friendship? zero to slim.)

Become best friends, date and become “one,”

We stand aside; witness to a miracle begun.

Not all miracles are done in a day –

The miracle of marriage is one.

Weeks become months, months turn into years

Slowly it emerges – the current miracle appears

Till finally it is decades old, love never grown cold.

Love is such a powerful, pretty thing;

No wonder poets pen and songsters sing.

– eab,   5/26/16

Dad/Mom you have a JOB. With the exception of a minister, you’ve the greatest person-to-person job on earth. You have to instill in Johnny & Suzie how to Trust. It is important that you do this. B-U-T you also *have to teach them to not trust certain people. You need God’s Divine help, to teach them the difference between who they can trust & who they must not trust. This is huge. Please mind God yourself so He can Guide in this great task. – 5/25/22

Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

& when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

“The legalist believes

the supreme force behind salvation is you.”  

– Carl Eisenhart

MALE & FEMALE. Parents – look at a pic of your son. Really SEE it. What’s he wearing? Is the cut like feminine clothing? Are the colors feminine? Does the shirt, jacket, even pants (heaven forbid) have flowers? “Bryan, you’re being too picky.” As I see our young men looking less manly – I doubt it. Look at how he holds his hands. See how he has his feet – is that how a girl stands? How does he walk?  [Be honest.] Please Pray, Please give him the Male examples, Please raise a man – not a sis. – 5/26/22

“If man is not a free agent…God is as much the author of our actions

good or bad, as a show-man is the author of the actions of his puppets…”

– John Fletcher

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Mat 5.10 +

Mat 5.10

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake:

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

War is not a private affair; it disturbs the commerce of the world

obstructs the ocean’s highways & kills innocent bystanders.”

– Wm J Bryan

FEAR. 3 What has satan used to spread fear? (It might be wise to ask what has he not used?) TV, computers, smart phones (& before them radio) have spread a lot of fear. People who “bought into the media” have spread fear. Churches & stores have spread fear. STOP. Be ready to die & fear takes a back seat (or gets completely out of the car). Reading, meditating on, & memorizing from God’s Word helps reduce fear. Saints do not live with fear & we need to show a sad world how GLAD we are. – May 2022 

He warned against investments…which would divert

the affections from the great purpose of life.”

– Wm J Bryan

Nice Day     

What a nice day God has provided

For the chosen, and the yet undecided.

“Day” is true of the space – dawn till light’s last breath,

“Day” is true of the time between birth and death.

God has chosen you – when you choose Him, you’re “in”

“In” until you chose the “out” of disobedience, i.e. sin.

If through life’s little day you keep on choosing right

(In the brightest public day, or the darkest private night)

You can count yourself among His “chosen few.”

By sad contrast, you can backslide from the truth you knew;

You can choose to rename: wrong-right, right-wrong,

Claim a right song is “noise,” or wrong noise is a “song.”

– eab,  5/25/14 

Pageantry, regalia, formal actions with music to set the “mood,” display of colors (showing institutions or degrees), high-sounding speeches, *even read “prayers” (lest ritual be rent by an extemporaneous gaffe), flag marching, pecking-order among peers – evangelicals & “holiness” schools drop to such at no time more than ending ceremonies. Yes, I’ve been a part of this (even helped) but DO I SEE it getting bigger? More impressive? More prideful? Does this please the Lord? Give it serious thought. – 5/24/22

“…According to the strength or weakness of his faith in his Saviour so is his joy & peace

so is his love to holiness so are his desires to know Him more & also to serve Him in this world.”

– John Bunyan

Guard against someone trying to “re-name” you. Your parents named you what they saw best (whether you admire it or not J). They owned you & therefore had the right to name you. When a man or org, wants to re-name you they may be seeking to own you. The obvious exception to this is when human love becomes active – my Martha became “Sweetheart” or “Babe” etc. She likewise re-named me & She took my last name. Other than love, someone may be trying to control you. Only God has that right. – 5/25/22

Rev 21.1

“And I saw a new heaven & a new earth: for the first heaven

& the first earth were passed away; & there was no more sea.”

Yours truly is not a “greenie.” I am for conserving trees if you don’t need to cut them down, for using less “energy” (some homes are too hot in winter & too cool in summer), & for being frugal with your money AND God’s world. Drive a car/truck which uses less petro & is paid for. Live in a house that’s debt free & one smaller rather than bigger. Grow your own food &/or forage – living off the land may not be possible but it’s a good goal. Treat God’s creation as He would have you to. – 5/25/22

“…To enter heaven

a man must take it with him.”

– Henry Drummond

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Mat 5.9 +

Mat 5. 9

“Blessed are the peacemakers:

for they shall be called the children of God.”

“Perfection is what God says about Himself, attributes are what man says about God;

God is not obligated to live up to these.”

– John F Dorsey

Schooling #4  Some men called “Dr” were “doctored” because they did this or that & a school wanted to honor them. There may be a degree (not meant as a pun) of legitimacy to this but it can *easily be overdone. In some cases the recipient had no college but is not called “Dr” or his life work had nothing to do with academics. Or a School may want to not only “honor him” but also to be known as the School which “doctored” him, picking up on the fame he already had. Questionable? Maybe. – 5/21/22

“Christian perfection

does not indicate finality but fitness.”

– Samuel               Chadwick

FEAR. 2  Fear is a means of control. It can be Good – We’re to “…Fear God & keep his commandments…” (Ecc 12.13) “…Fear God & give glory to him…”(Rev 14.7). We’re to fear parents. It can be Bad – bad gangs try to control by fear & men in evil governments can also try this. Please, Sir, Please Ma’am, get your fears straight – – – when you’re living right i.e. fearing God (in a right & holy relationship with Him) you don’t need to fear man. They find this frustrating. But God is pleased when you don’t fear men. – 5/23/22


It matters not the long valley

From which your family hailed,

Nor the salty ship, on ocean lip

In which that family sailed.

It matters not about their grub

Rhubarb or roastin’ ears,

Nor if their shack, was by an old track

In Greek-Roman suburb.

It matters not if long they stood

By slowly sifting sands,

Nor if their soul, was close to a “pole”

In frozen, far, white lands.

Were they “bad” warriors (I hope not)

Who have shed angry blood?

Were they worshipper (not much better)

Whose sword raised a small flood?

Were they farmers who knew the smell

Of soil newly turned?

Or bakers whose bread, the hungry fed,

Light brown, but never burned.

Did they know an ancient wisdom:

Parables and proverb?

Or did they just spurn, such light to learn,

Adjective, noun or verb.

Did your family? – ah, there’s no lack.


None mattering, not a single thing,

If they missed salvation.

Brag not of where your family’s been:

Valley, plain or high slope,

If they fled or felt, the angry welt

Of gen’ral or of pope.

~ Ÿ ~Ÿ ~ Ÿ ~ Ÿ ~

Did family know here below

The Lord in His glory?

OH, if they knew, the One the Jews slew,

Tell, tell ALL their story.

– eab,  5/24/09

Do you pray? About what, for whom do you pray? Have you dropped into the rut of “me & my wife, our son John & his wife…”? Seriously, if someone heard you praying, does it be center ‘round a tight little circle? The other day a man in his 70’s told me he’d prayed for Africa since he was 12. (He is not, BTW, of African descent.) For about 60 yrs his praying has included a continent 1000s of miles away. Does your praying include a land not yours or a people to whom you’re not related? – 5/24/22

Pro 16.5

“Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD:

though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished.”

“Where the law ends,

Christ begins.”  

– Adam Clarke

God is not happy His holiness people are being “proud.” Facebook records so often “I’m proud of …” followed by a child’s name. Give one (1) place – chap. & v. – where Jesus said, “I proud of…” Or show where Paul wrote “I’m so proud of…” Brothers/Sisters you’re borrowing the language of the world. You can simply write, “I’m happy God gave us (& name a son/daughter).” or “We’re so pleased with the achievement of So-n-So.” Please stop using this Wicked World’s Words where you can. – 5/24/22  

“Reader, magnify God for his law, for by it is the knowledge of sin;

&magnify him for his gospel for by this is the cure for sin.”

– Adam Clarke

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Mat 5.8 +

Mat 5.8

“Blessed are the pure in heart:

for they shall see God.

A Christian is to be prepared constantly

to express the gospel of peace.”

– Andrew Blackwood

If your state made it legal to steal, would you steal? If your country said t’was OK to kill selected men would you feel free to kill? Does the state/country set your parameters on right or wrong? Watch Out! Americans (assuming US to be “christian”) are closer to this than we realize. Some may accept divorce & remarriage because “the state” allows it. Too many holiness sons join the military thinking its fine to kill since they’re “in the army.” Christ & His NT writers do not agree. Watch Out! – May  2022

The sanctification of the Church means

its separation from all that is unholy, from sin.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

I’s and T’s

No, they don’t have to dot all my “i’s”

Nor cross all my “t’s”

But they DO have to daily, willingly

The blessed Holy Spirit please.

– eab, 5/18/15

Schooling #3 The degree whither academically-above-question or from a lesser school, or even one honorary is further complicated by the stand of “said” school. Is the school secular? Is it now secular but once was religious? Are they religious but a cult? Is this cult-ness openly know or one that’s not called a “cult”? Did a man whose roots are “labeled Protestant” get a degree from an institution known to be less? Some received more than a “degree;” they were (forever?) tainted by their education. – May  2022

“He…that hath his portion first must needs have a time to spend it;

He that hath his portion last must have it lastingly.”

– John Bunyan

One of the last things a congregation needs is a man who “looks/sounds” good on the Lord’s Day but who spends no time alone with God in the week. If you have that, you may have an actor. He may know psychology, he may be “good” at playing on people’s emotions, he may have a huge vocabulary, he may have a very mobile & expressive face – hence an actor. Men of God are not, repeat, NOT actors. They represent the God of Heaven & that is The. Most. Serious. Assignment. on earth! – 5/22/22

1Jo 4.18

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:

because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”

FEAR. 1 “…Fear not…” was in Genesis. It is in Revelation. “…Fear not…” is in 61 vv (63 total) between. satan (to whom you have no reason to listen – unless you’re sinning) wants you to fear. He is damned. He wants you to be damned & one way of doing that is to get you to live in fear. I beg you confess & FORSAKE all your sins. “Impossible.” No. “For with God nothing shall be impossible”(Luk 1.37). You don’t have to fear satan nor any agency of man trying to control you by fear. Fear Not! – 5/23/22

“Freudianism is a comfortable philosophy. Everything wrong with me is someone else’s fault.

It is also a completely hopeless philosophy for it is the denial of personal responsibility.”

– Andrew Blackwood

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Mat 5.7 +

Mat 5.7

“Blessed are the merciful:

for they shall obtain mercy.”

“It is easier to be a fanatic than a faithful soul because

 there is something amazingly humbling…in being loyal to God.”

– Oswald Chambers

Schooling #2 There are second-rate schools who “doctor” men with much less than “Schooling #1.” They may attend class “on campus” 2 wks in one semester with work done before & requirements met afterward. Other “schools” may have men attend campus once before receiving “their degree” & later to march. More & more “work” is being done “online.” There are varieties of this but many are undesirable. The desire to be called “Dr” can be VERY dangerous. Only seek a degree IN God’s will! – May 2022

“Spirit-filled hearts are always tender & they

see men through the tears of holy compassion.”

– Samuel  Chadwick

An end is coming. An end to the world; Revelation will be fulfilled. An end to American is upon us – happening (in a sense) as I type. But whether you live to see the world or USA end, *Your End is coming & could be here before either the world or country ends. Are You Ready? You may or may not be able to fully prepare for the end of the first 2. You MUST & CAN prepare – So Help You God, for your personal end – this is the MOST important thing you’ll ever do. Pray & Obey as you haven’t for yrs. – 5/21/22

Live – Then LIVE       

If your soul/mind/life pleases

The Only Holy Jesus

He’ll let you live with Him on earth

(It’s called the “New Birth” J)

And let you live with Him on high

After earth bids you “Good Bye.”

– eab,  5/22/15

When a church has a revolving door (changing pastors every “whip-stitch”) a board member rises in importance in that congregation. It is almost, if not fully impossible, to be otherwise. If said board man is Godly he can lead but not “take over.” If he is carnal, there’ll be a strong temptation for him to become too important (in his own eyes or the eyes of the rest). God’s plan for church leadership is the pastor. Thank the Lord for a good “bell sheep” but he shouldn’t replace nor try to replace the pastor. – 5/22/22

Jer 3.15

“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart,

which shall feed you with knowledge & understanding.”

“Ritual always appeals to the nursery.  The…drapery, processions

& awesome ritual impress those who have no deeper vision.”  

– Samuel  Chadwick

Dear preacher/teacher friend – has it occurred to you that YOU are responsible to tell your congregation /class the TRUTH? Do you realize if you know “x” is sin but refuse to tell them its sin you are almost, if in fact, not lying to them? Do you not see that just because you no longer think of “x” as sin (though you once did) that does not stop your obligation to be honest with your hearers? Repent. But – – – if you’re not going to tell the truth please, PLEASE leave the pulpit/teacher desk & drive truck. Now!!! – 5/22/22    

“The works of Moses…have been a kind of textbook to almost every writer on geology, geography, chronology, astronomy, nat.histort, ethics, jurisprudence, poltical economy, theology, poetry& criticism.”

– Adam Clarke

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Mat 5.6 +

Mat 5.6

“Blessed are they which do hunger & thirst after righteousness:

for they shall be filled.

…Whom shall I wed? A daughter of the King or a child of the world?

…choose well! Your choice is brief yet endless.”

– Andrew Blackwood

Are you exercising? Exercising patience – – – with your wife? No? Yes? Maybe a little? Give her more – be more forgiving with her shortcomings. “But she ought to ask ME before she spends that much.” I think I understand (we’ve lived frugally for yrs) but ask God for grace & love her. Never *write her off.* Never listen to satan recount her faults to you. Never, NEVER allow the word “divorce” to dwell in your mind. God can help you forgive her. God can renew your love for her – Let Him, O Let Him. – 5/15/22

Earthly goods are given to be used

not to be collected.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer


You will serve God or you will serve gold.

Make your contrary assertions ever so bold,

And claim the truth has not been told.

But the love of money is the root of all evil,

The love of gold leads directly to the devil.

Gold can be shaped in various known forms,

It can appear average or far from the norms,

One is pulled to the sciences, another to the arts,

One is lulled to amalgamations, one leaves things in parts,

One seeks gold directly, another seems it to “hate,”

But gold’s the one attraction of sinners, early or late, 

And – – – you will serve God or you will serve gold.

– eab,  5/21/08 

What one thing OF this world would you take to heaven with you, if you could? I hope there was a quick “Nothing” came to mind – if not out of your lips. Let me remind you & ME, our children are not OF this world; they were made for heaven. May God help you & me to do all in our power to take them with us to heaven. – May 2022

“Every man is called separately

& must follow alone.”

– Dietrich Bonoeffer

Schooling # 1 Some congregations have insisted their preacher be educated & may expect him to be a “Dr.” There are Doctors; there are “doctors” – & there are “doctors so-called.” [Excuse my designations if you don’t agree.] Some attend class hour after hour, week after week, yr after yr, study texts of repute, under men of academic excellence in solid institutions. If ever “Dr.” is deserved, these men earn it. God can use such men – IF they got their degree in His will or, OR are minding Him with it NOW. – 5/21/22

1Co 10.31

“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,

do all to the glory of God.”

Are you looking at Graduation pics & wishing YOU had graduated? Rejoice if you’re a saint. You have the Greatest Teacher: 1.) GOD the Father – Deu 4.35-36 “God…out of heaven he made thee to hear his voice, that he might instruct thee…” 2.) GOD the Son – Joh 7.14 “Now about the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple & taught” 3.) GOD the Holy Ghost – Joh 14.26 “…Holy Ghost whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things…” Death will be the most Grand Graduation of ALL. – 5/21/22

“…A husband should give of himself

that his wife might be a saint.”

– Andrew Blackwood

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Mat 5.5 +

Mat 5.5

“Blessed are the meek:

for they shall inherit the earth.”

“Carnality may be bound

but he is always seeking his liberty.”

– V O Agan

Heaven, to the Lord be all the Glory, will center around its only possible Center: GOD. There may be greater understandings (IMO) in heaven of this person or that (or all souls, for that matter) but the very center for a-l-l eternity will joyfully be the One who created all & Whose sacrificial Son made possible, the redemption of us all, who will ever live & move in that wonderful realm of a New Heaven & a New Earth. – 5/16/22

“Nothing good can be said of carnality.

It is evil, only evil & always evil.”

– H A Baldwin

Schools tend to group children & youth according to age. This is done for the convenience of the teacher. This dividing by yrs of age (after decades of seeing it as “normal”) we tend to accept. The family is not all one age. With the exception of twins/triplets children many times are 2-3 yrs apart. If God had wanted humans to raise all our children at the same time he could arranged for us to have litters as He did some animals. The family is normal – Make sure the schooling is. – 5/19/22


Thank You God for loving the human race

Face, by face, by FACE, by f-a-c-e.

A Being would have to be God to love thus

It is totally impossible for *anyone of us.

– eab,  5/20/17


Not everything written in “history” is true;

Every book was penned from a writer’s point of view –

All except the everlasting Book of Almighty God –

His “view” is accurate across years, & sea, & sod.

– eab,  May 2017

Who’s the most dangerous man on a Christian sch/college grounds? Is it the guy sneaking around going to professional ball games or hollywood movies? He is dangerous & should be fired. But more dangerous is the man who tells students he’s sanctified holy, gives talks on holiness, may teach a class about the second work of grace, yet does not possess It. Whether he’s self-deceived or not, his false life (with pride, carnal anger, etc.) hurts the cause of holiness & may damn some students. – 5/19/22

Mat 5.20

“…Except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes

& Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

“Money rivals God.  Men turn away from Him that they may become rich

because they believe that money will do more for them than God ever can.”  

– Samuel  Chadwick

Non Biblical men – purposely so, or ignorantly so – try to convince themselves (& will try to convince you, if you let them) that man lives in a Horizontal “universe.” They claim man lives on the 3rd “planet” out (on somewhat the same plain) from the sun. etc. The man who reads & subsequently believes the Bible, knows that God’s system is Vertical. The face of earth upon which man lives has levels of damnation below it & levels of Divine heavens above it. Don’t listen to men. Listen to God.  – 5/20/22

“Do not have as your motive the desire to be known as a praying man

…Have no other motive than to know your Father in Heaven.”

– Oswald Chambers

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