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Hag 1.5 +

Hag 1.5

“Now therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts;

Consider your ways.” [emphasis – eab]

No man is to be credited for his mere authority’s sake unless

he can show Scripture for the maintenance of his opinion.”

– John Wycliff

DRAMA. There are those who’d argue Job (Bible Book) is drama. It is not – – – its REAL! There was a true Job. As soon as you have drama you have actors – actors are not real; fake – fake as a Greek clown. One of the main reasons I oppose (now, I’ve not always had this light) drama is so much of it is make believe. The background looks like a house – it’s a façade, mere cardboard. The tree looks real – it’s plastic. The thunder sounded real – it’s a piece of metal. Worse by far – the people are false – Playing as if they were real.  

“We are immortal

till our work is done.”

– Geo. Whitfield


Rain has its place

It is a greening grace.

But sunshine is also nice

Variety: like sugar and spice.

– eab,  5/3/10


If your mind is constantly on death

You could correctly be called “morbid.”

If you refuse to ever consider death

You might correctly be termed “stupid.”

– eab,  5/3/16

HOME SCHOOL. This may sound “old school” but it works – Use index cards (cut into two: making them 3”high x 2.5”long, or use whole). Have child look up state & its capital in World Book, World Almanac or other *printed source. (This helps them learn how to use these “tools” & subtracts a bit from electronic gadgets.) Have them PRINT state on side 1 & capital on the other. You could also use “state flower” cards, or “state bird” cards, or major rivers/oceans/lakes at edge, or “main products” etc. – 5/1/22

“Sin is a want of conformity to the law of God

 [as] blindness is a want of sight…”

– Isaac Watts

If you have to choose between (I hope you don’t) a church with a preacher whose sermons are average-to-below-average but the song leader is committed to 2-3 solid holy hymns every service, OR a church with “superb” preaching but the song leader has sold-out to singing modern ditties, you possibly should choose the former. You can pray for & encourage a “so-so pastor” & his preaching may improve but a church which puts up with – even now, revels in its modern, frothy “songs” may be hopeless. – 5/3/22

Psa 47.6

“Sing praises to God, sing praises:

sing praises unto our King, sing praises.”

DOCTOR.  “Doctor” is in the Bible once (Act 5.34, title for Gamaliel). Luke’s Gospel contains the only use of “doctors” (2.46 & 5.17). It’s obvious these occurrences are all Jewish. Jesus, who knew more than all (He IS God) was never called “Doctor Jesus.” Paul is not referred to as “Paul, PhD” – if any NT man could’ve had that behind his name (IMO) he could’ve. Why have moderns (both Wesleyan-Arminians & Calvinists) *increasingly gravitated toward such titles? Have you thought about it? – 5/3/22  

“4. They affirmed that the altars were…unworthy of any marks of veneration…

5. They disapproved of the use of incense…

6. They looked upon the use of bells in the churches as an intolerable superstition.

7. They denied…the establishment of bishops presbyters [etc.]…

8. They affirmed that the institution of funeral rites was an effect of sacerdotal avarice…

9. They looked upon…penance as unprofitable & absurd.

10. They denied that the sins of departed spirits could be…atoned for by…masses…”

– Johann Lorenz von Mosheim

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