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Zec 13.11 +

Zec 13.1

“In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David

& to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin & for uncleanness.

The highest service to which a man may obtain on earth

is to preach the law of God.”

– John Wycliff

God is REAL. He is most AUTHENTIC. God is GENUINE. To put this another way, the Lord is totally UNFEIGNED. There is nothing about Him that is not 100% SINCERE. Why am I saying this? Are you, yes YOU His child? If so you have an inbuilt desire to be Real, Authentic, Genuine, Unfeigned, Sincere. 

You want to be like your Father. I wish you reader could see (once & forever) The Almighty does not need fakery (it’s absolutely opposite Him). You, child of God, need no falseness about you either. – 5/4/22

“Ability is that sufficiency

which cometh from God.”

– John Wycliff


The mansion was tall and thick and wide

And built on a special secluded spot

When you walked inside the door

“What you see” was not “what you got.”

It was already well-know before they

Made it their high claim in youth

Adding to its spacious acreage

Adding to its established local truth.

They enjoyed its singular setting

Maybe a but more than they ought

Lived life there without questioning

The earthy joys they both highly sought.

Then one day, she silently slipped away

Away to a small plot on yonder hill.

He naturally returned back that night

But the mansion was so silent, so still.

He also passed in a couple of years

Was placed beside her grave over there

The house they’d love way too much

Stands cold, and quiet, and bare.

So sadly it was their *only mansion

‘Cause they failed in their “getting” and mirth

To submit – Christ promised a heavenly one

After they left fading, fleeting earth.

– eab,  5/5/17

DRAMA. I don’t understand Christians being attracted to falseness. The fakery of earth is so opposite God. BUT harken – this world’s drama, acting, make-believe is a lot like satan. If drama had no near – nudity, no bad words, portrayed (or insinuated) no sex scenes, had no smoking / drinking / gambling / murder / lying, Christians should avoid it because of it’s similarity to satan: false, False, FALSE. (This was new “light” to me [last yrs] so I need to be patient with you. But please, PLEASE walk in the Light!) – 5/4/22

“Ignorance of the Holy Scriptures is the cause of all evils.

If we go unarmed to battle how can we escape”

– Chrysostom

DOCTOR. “Why write about this – are you jealous?” If (before God) I know my heart I’m not. Why write? 1.) Those with earned doctorates from worthy schools have what they have – may God guide HOW they use the title. 2.) Those with “doctorates” from lesser “schools” &/or with honorary “doctors” – may they be very conscious it was conferred & seldom, if ever, use it. 3.) Those tempted to get earned “Dr” or tempted to pull strings for a conferred one – PRAY. God may NOT want you “doctored” – He didn’t want me with a doctorate (I started in the 90s) yet has used me. Praise Him!  May  2022

Mat 23.15

“Woe unto you, scribes & Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea & land to make one proselyte

& when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

You were “best buds” in the grades or roomed together at boarding sch. He married well but he pulled her Left (or she coaxed him Left, we may not know), today they’re fully compromised. Please, Friend exercise great care in actual or fb friendship. He has a “growing church” – you shouldn’t praise it; he may be making his followers “…Two-fold more the child of hell…”(Mat 23.15). Your (innocent as far as you’re concerned) *compliment may lead him to think you approve of their backslidden condition. – 5/5/22 

“Jesus is the Word. The Bible is Words about the Word. Theology is words about

the Words about the Word. All the time you’re getting farther from Christ.”

– Richard Wurmbrandt

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