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Mal 2.15-16 +

Mal 2.15 – 16

“Therefore take heed to your spirit & let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth.

“For the LORD, the God of Israel, saith that he hateth putting away:”

“It is absolutely wrong to pray about something

 you already know is wrong.”

– V O Agan

HOME SCHOOL. Teach older students geography. Instill a love for maps. Have a wall in the kitchen or other room (if you don’t have the luxury of a “Class Room”) with a local (village, city or county) maps. Also have a state map. Make room for a United States map. Old National Geographic magazines came with a map folded inside – you might find a map of North America – that’d be good. A world MAP is better than a “globe.” Students can learn much about their Father’s world from maps! Blessings. – May 2022

“It us not possible to pray with confidence toward the Lord

without being aware of His presence.”

– T M Anderson

Many of us know to watch our friendships – but, what if we’re related to the person: he’s your brother or b-n-l or close cousin?  1.) Try to ascertain if *he is moving or *you are. [Sometimes on water or even in traffic the other guy moves OR you do, & for a second, you’re not sure which.]  2.) Honestly look at his “position” – is he Biblical? [It may be hard to admit but he could be BEING more true to the Teaching of Christ than you are.]  3.) Is he adding to the NT, Is he subtracting from the NT? Be Honest. – 5/5/22


Christ was once timely born on earth.

Oh, what rejoicing angels must have had

Their fellow, lesser creatures, where now redeemable.

Angels found men likeable, though disagreeable

But Oh what Joy, what hilarious Joy

Filled the Halls of Heaven. The whole sky was glad.

Christ was unkindly killed on earth.

Seraphim, cherubim, angels were sad.

Man the sniffling, lesser being had slain his own Lord

Sinful flesh (whatever that was) killed the Living Word

What horrible murk, what hideous murk.

If ever Heaven had it – – – that day was “sad.”

Then – could it be – Christ rose from earth!

Death, un-understanding angels saw “bad”

Had lost its grimy grasp; Christ gave it a killing flip.

At Word of the Creator its power HAD to slip

Death lost its hold; it’s since-Adam’s-sin-hold

Glory! Heaven’s never been so “gladly” glad.

– eab,  5/6/22

When a guy begins to like a gal he wants to see her – again — soon. If her dad (or a boarding sch.) only allows 1 or 2 dates a week (I know whereof I speak) you want the days to hurry by till you can see the little Miss again. Do you love God less? ? ? The saved soul wants to be with God, often. The heart, after filled with God, loves that sense of Being with, Being in Christ, & Christ Being in him. AND this is in this life only; Some Bright Tomorrow we’ll be FOREVER with the Lord. Praise His Name! – 5/6/22

1Jo 5.2

“By this we know that we love the children of God,

when we love God & keep his commandments.”

“The weak points in a strong man

are more liable to be copied than the strong ones…”  

– H A Baldwin

TRANS. I hope there’d be serious consequences at home if your 10 yr old son came out wearing a skirt. These should include a prayer mtg., paddling, tearful counseling session & him making a trip to return in boy britches! (Order of the above may not matter.) READY for this? Dear compromising Dad, Mom, WHY have you started to allow your 10 yr old daughter to wear pants? “Easy, Bryan, she wears girl’s britches, zipper’s on the side.” Would you accept a son in a skirt with a “front-zipper”? Please get serious. – 5/6/22

“If God be for us

everyone else might as well be.”

– Charles Bennington

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