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Mal 3.8 +

Mal 3.8

“Will a man rob God? Yet ye have robbed me. But ye say,

Wherein have we robbed thee? In tithes & offerings.

They that deny a God

destroy man’s nobility”

– Francis Bacon

A pastor needs wisdom – please pray for him. If he opens up the service for testimonies some dude may tell his life’s story (details & all) *again & your pastor may wish he could stop him. On the other side, some pastors tend to tightly hold the reins of the service (perhaps fearing the above or *otherwise) until the meeting is almost – if not in fact – stifled. This *otherwise can be a desire (yea, nearly a demand) that the service be Formal. Pray that pastors will know when to “open” or not open a service. – 5/6/22


Always a picture in the first sentence…”

– Bruce Barton

God “Paints” with Light

God made solid forms – they appear left and right

Hill, mountain, stone, rocks, shrub and tree

Then he splashes them with varied light

Till same-ish-ness is lost in variety.

He made more mobile forms – apparent to sight

Waves which roam the sea, clouds the sky

Different they look today than last night

Light glances on low tide or up on high. 

On his firm forms He “paints” – with brushes slight

They are light or dark at His supreme will

And sea or sky look dull or quit bright

By the light, His light He allows to “spill.”          

– eab,  5/5/10

TRANS. This insane idea of girls wanting to be boys & boys wanting to be girls has roots. This didn’t “pop-up” all of a sudden. The cross-over from being a lady to being a mannish woman was not over night. Evangelical churches caved to woman wearing pants a long time ago. Sadly the compromising “holiness” churches were not far behind. The church world is partly (only God knows how much!) responsible for this horrible age of “trans.” People repent. Pastor REPENT. Come back to God. – 5/6/22

“The door of the visible church

is incomparably wider than the door of heaven.”

– Richard Baxter

I wish no one dead but death is one thing (one of several) over which I have no control. What I started to write was, I don’t mind too much seeing a pic of a former peer, pupil, parishioner if I have strong hope they’re in heaven. What I hate to see is a pic of one with whom I once associated now dead & I realize they drifted (or almost “ran” from) the life of Christian Carefulness toward the world. Hell has no escape hatch. There’s no possible way they can leave. It’s sad to see a pic of one I fear is LOST. – 5/6/22

Jas 1.15

“Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin:

& sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

One of the greatest lessons you can learn is to call things by their right names. In stead of a tree it becomes a maple (or oak etc.), instead of a cow it becomes an angus (or hereford etc), instead of a house it becomes a colonial mansion (or brick rancher etc.). Now bring the ability to call things their right names into your inner life. Call sin “Sin.” Yes, there may be a time to call sin “Sin” in another’s life but make very sure you’re calling sin “Sin” in your life. Name it what it is. – 5/10/22

“…The Roman system encouraged [senses] with its appeal to formulas, rituals,

architecture, artwork, vestments, mystical sounds, candles…”

– John A Bjorlik

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