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Mat 4.19 +

Mat 4.19

“…He [Jesus] saith unto them,

‘Follow me & I will make you fishers of men.’”

“There will not be any holiness in hell;

there will not be any sin in heaven.”

– V O Agan

You, Friend, have decided to live differently than your godly parent, sibling or other family member. Truth be known, you probably like dad, mom, or brother, sister etc. You may believe “in their religion” but you are not willing to trim your life to that degree of simplicity or holiness. STOP. Do you think heaven has a door for the saint & for the one who “ain’t”? Does God have a double standard??? Do you Honestly think God’s going to allow you into His Holy Heaven? Come back to the narrow way! – 5/12/22 

“A man can judge his spiritual standing

by the moral standard of the things his heart ponders with pleasure.”

– H A Baldwin

Hope you have some food stored away which (if kept dry & not too hot or cold) will last months/yrs. Hope you have 2-3 pair of workable warm (for winter) shoes to tide you over a shortage of shoes. Hope you have extra coats/hats (some lighter, some heavier) to keep you warm incase of fuel shortages. Hope you’ve figured out a means of staying warm in case electric is lost for an extended period of time. Hope you have a water supply beside the main one & some way to filter the new source. God bless. – 5/12/22 


Another year cycles around,

Without motor, without a sound.

Time – if anything – is profound!

Counting up – or does it count down?

Omitting no one in the town,

From the pauper to the high crown.

– eab,  5/14/08      

You are YOU. There is no one JUST like you in the rest of your state, no one in your country, no one on the whole of your continent, yea, in the entire world. Travel the world over & you won’t find anyone who is *you.* Nor – was there ever a soul in the past who was “you.” (There’s not a hair of truth to the heathen idea of transmigration of souls.) God made (via your “momsy” & “popsy”) you. “But I have siblings from the same parents.” Yes. They are not you & You are not them. BE YOU!!! – 5/12/22

Heb 12.14

“Follow peace with all men & holiness,

without which no man shall see the Lord”

“…Joy can & should be cultivated,

just as faith or any other fruit of the Spirit is cultivated”  

– Samuel L Brengle

No other human has to be there for a man or woman to be Redeemed. Nor is another person required present when a soul is Filled with God’s Spirit. These are THE most important spiritual deeds ever done on earth. They are prerequisite for heaven – the *only requirements* thereof. Yet God & you are the only Person & person, needed to there. HARKEN. This may be more significant observation than you at first see. You might read it again & chew on it a bit.  – 5/14/22

“Love is expensive.”

– William “Bill” C Carpenter

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