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Mat 5.3 +

Mat 5.3

“Blessed are the poor in spirit:

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“The sanctified Christian can do what he desires

& at the same time what God requires.”

– V O Agan

If you feel a pull toward the Lord, please Friend, respond positively to that pull. Encourage any hunger you sense to live clean, to be holy. Some (I fear) heard God less & less until now they hear Him only slightly or no more. Do NOT join their ranks – they may never be saved. If you have the slightest desire for God, thank Him & walk (run!) toward Him. Life ends for all mankind – you will NOT be an exception. Come to Him. Do not try to bargain with Him. Do what’s right. NOW. – 5/12/22

“The final word of judgment will be our final word to Jesus

& that final word will be either ‘Come’ or ‘Depart’.”

– Samuel Chadwick

God has chosen in His Infinite Wisdom to allow man to work with Him. Imagine that! The holy man (made holy by the God Who invited him to work with Him) senses God wants to “partner” with him, understands (in part) his unworthiness for this arrangement, & is humbled by it. The holy man doesn’t exploit this God-man-coupling. A man still carnal may use a pastoral position to his advantage. He may “play up” his eminence instead of the Eminence of the All Mighty. Pastors are vulnerable. – 5/14/22

Seen in life, or seen in death

A mansion of stone or brick, did you say,

Ov’rlooking the point where river meets bay,

With four-storied garrets, room for four cars,

And a high domed-room to study the stars,

A half-mile lane and personal tennis court,

Kentucky-fenced knoll were horses cavort,

An indoor pool with a European tub,

All this close, to the golf-course, country club?

The finest mansion you have ever seen,

With yard upon yard – green trimmed in lush green,

The highest castle on a curved mountain spine,

With stair cases, great room, stones to entwine

Or glorious condo above pure beach,

With “condiments” in commodious reach,

All appear huts, caves, shelters poorly made,

When death reveals truth, and life starts to fade.

-eab,  5/16/08

Some, it could appear, are working out their “own salvation” (Php 2.12) with a lot of EMPHASIS on this 1st part. Please friend, allow me to call attention to the last 4 words “with fear and trembling.” You have only one life to prepare for (or to reject) eternal life. If you take the words “fear” & “trembling” seriously you can gain peace with God both now & forever. If you fail to understand the importance of these words you could be tormented forever in the flames of hell. Please. Take. Heed. – 5/15/22

Php 2.12

“…As ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now

much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear & trembling.”

“…Issues are simple

when the heart is intense.”  

– Samuel L Brengle

To an easterner the lassoing, the holding down, the red-hot iron burning through hair (it stinks!) & scaring the flesh For Life can seem cruel. But it’s a part of cattle keeping. Branding shows ownership; that cow belongs on that ranch; this critter belongs here. Have you the noticed the HUGE increase in people “Branding”? Tattoos on men, tattoos on women (I have a hard time thinking of them as “ladies”) show who their master is. With few exceptions they belong to satan. Stop inking! – 5/16/22 

“We are indebted to our Lord’s controversies with the Pharisees

& Scribes for a considerable part of the four Gospels”

– John Fletcher

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