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Mat 5.7 +

Mat 5.7

“Blessed are the merciful:

for they shall obtain mercy.”

“It is easier to be a fanatic than a faithful soul because

 there is something amazingly humbling…in being loyal to God.”

– Oswald Chambers

Schooling #2 There are second-rate schools who “doctor” men with much less than “Schooling #1.” They may attend class “on campus” 2 wks in one semester with work done before & requirements met afterward. Other “schools” may have men attend campus once before receiving “their degree” & later to march. More & more “work” is being done “online.” There are varieties of this but many are undesirable. The desire to be called “Dr” can be VERY dangerous. Only seek a degree IN God’s will! – May 2022

“Spirit-filled hearts are always tender & they

see men through the tears of holy compassion.”

– Samuel  Chadwick

An end is coming. An end to the world; Revelation will be fulfilled. An end to American is upon us – happening (in a sense) as I type. But whether you live to see the world or USA end, *Your End is coming & could be here before either the world or country ends. Are You Ready? You may or may not be able to fully prepare for the end of the first 2. You MUST & CAN prepare – So Help You God, for your personal end – this is the MOST important thing you’ll ever do. Pray & Obey as you haven’t for yrs. – 5/21/22

Live – Then LIVE       

If your soul/mind/life pleases

The Only Holy Jesus

He’ll let you live with Him on earth

(It’s called the “New Birth” J)

And let you live with Him on high

After earth bids you “Good Bye.”

– eab,  5/22/15

When a church has a revolving door (changing pastors every “whip-stitch”) a board member rises in importance in that congregation. It is almost, if not fully impossible, to be otherwise. If said board man is Godly he can lead but not “take over.” If he is carnal, there’ll be a strong temptation for him to become too important (in his own eyes or the eyes of the rest). God’s plan for church leadership is the pastor. Thank the Lord for a good “bell sheep” but he shouldn’t replace nor try to replace the pastor. – 5/22/22

Jer 3.15

“And I will give you pastors according to mine heart,

which shall feed you with knowledge & understanding.”

“Ritual always appeals to the nursery.  The…drapery, processions

& awesome ritual impress those who have no deeper vision.”  

– Samuel  Chadwick

Dear preacher/teacher friend – has it occurred to you that YOU are responsible to tell your congregation /class the TRUTH? Do you realize if you know “x” is sin but refuse to tell them its sin you are almost, if in fact, not lying to them? Do you not see that just because you no longer think of “x” as sin (though you once did) that does not stop your obligation to be honest with your hearers? Repent. But – – – if you’re not going to tell the truth please, PLEASE leave the pulpit/teacher desk & drive truck. Now!!! – 5/22/22    

“The works of Moses…have been a kind of textbook to almost every writer on geology, geography, chronology, astronomy, nat.histort, ethics, jurisprudence, poltical economy, theology, poetry& criticism.”

– Adam Clarke

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