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Mat 5.10 +

Mat 5.10

“Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake:

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

War is not a private affair; it disturbs the commerce of the world

obstructs the ocean’s highways & kills innocent bystanders.”

– Wm J Bryan

FEAR. 3 What has satan used to spread fear? (It might be wise to ask what has he not used?) TV, computers, smart phones (& before them radio) have spread a lot of fear. People who “bought into the media” have spread fear. Churches & stores have spread fear. STOP. Be ready to die & fear takes a back seat (or gets completely out of the car). Reading, meditating on, & memorizing from God’s Word helps reduce fear. Saints do not live with fear & we need to show a sad world how GLAD we are. – May 2022 

He warned against investments…which would divert

the affections from the great purpose of life.”

– Wm J Bryan

Nice Day     

What a nice day God has provided

For the chosen, and the yet undecided.

“Day” is true of the space – dawn till light’s last breath,

“Day” is true of the time between birth and death.

God has chosen you – when you choose Him, you’re “in”

“In” until you chose the “out” of disobedience, i.e. sin.

If through life’s little day you keep on choosing right

(In the brightest public day, or the darkest private night)

You can count yourself among His “chosen few.”

By sad contrast, you can backslide from the truth you knew;

You can choose to rename: wrong-right, right-wrong,

Claim a right song is “noise,” or wrong noise is a “song.”

– eab,  5/25/14 

Pageantry, regalia, formal actions with music to set the “mood,” display of colors (showing institutions or degrees), high-sounding speeches, *even read “prayers” (lest ritual be rent by an extemporaneous gaffe), flag marching, pecking-order among peers – evangelicals & “holiness” schools drop to such at no time more than ending ceremonies. Yes, I’ve been a part of this (even helped) but DO I SEE it getting bigger? More impressive? More prideful? Does this please the Lord? Give it serious thought. – 5/24/22

“…According to the strength or weakness of his faith in his Saviour so is his joy & peace

so is his love to holiness so are his desires to know Him more & also to serve Him in this world.”

– John Bunyan

Guard against someone trying to “re-name” you. Your parents named you what they saw best (whether you admire it or not J). They owned you & therefore had the right to name you. When a man or org, wants to re-name you they may be seeking to own you. The obvious exception to this is when human love becomes active – my Martha became “Sweetheart” or “Babe” etc. She likewise re-named me & She took my last name. Other than love, someone may be trying to control you. Only God has that right. – 5/25/22

Rev 21.1

“And I saw a new heaven & a new earth: for the first heaven

& the first earth were passed away; & there was no more sea.”

Yours truly is not a “greenie.” I am for conserving trees if you don’t need to cut them down, for using less “energy” (some homes are too hot in winter & too cool in summer), & for being frugal with your money AND God’s world. Drive a car/truck which uses less petro & is paid for. Live in a house that’s debt free & one smaller rather than bigger. Grow your own food &/or forage – living off the land may not be possible but it’s a good goal. Treat God’s creation as He would have you to. – 5/25/22

“…To enter heaven

a man must take it with him.”

– Henry Drummond

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