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Mat 5.14 +

Mat 5.14

“Ye are the light of the world.

A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.”

“Holiness as an ethical reality

does not make one less than human but more fully so.”

– Ray Dunning, PhD

Why dear woman do you put paint on your fingernails? What, really, is the point? Why take time to make them an unnatural shine? Or worse bright red – you & I both know this is fake – so why? The face coloring? The red (beyond God’s natural coloring) on the lips? The red toenails? Are all of these to get attention? Did heathen women (mom/dad once took the “National Geographic”) used to wear colors? – has heathendom come to America? Has heathendom entered the church? – 5/24/22

“He’s the final destination

 of my soul.”

– Darwin  Edwards

Art is temporary (at its very best). And music, as pretty as it may be, is the most temporary of the arts – – – once it “sounds” & the sound waves move away that’s it. Don’t allow yourself or your offspring to become too involved in “short-term stuff.” Heaven is Forever. God is Eternal. Love & obey Him. He is much more important than any art form. Always has been. IS. And ever will Be. – May 2022  

powerful, pretty thing

When a certain her and certain him

(Chances of younger friendship? zero to slim.)

Become best friends, date and become “one,”

We stand aside; witness to a miracle begun.

Not all miracles are done in a day –

The miracle of marriage is one.

Weeks become months, months turn into years

Slowly it emerges – the current miracle appears

Till finally it is decades old, love never grown cold.

Love is such a powerful, pretty thing;

No wonder poets pen and songsters sing.

– eab,   5/26/16

Dad/Mom you have a JOB. With the exception of a minister, you’ve the greatest person-to-person job on earth. You have to instill in Johnny & Suzie how to Trust. It is important that you do this. B-U-T you also *have to teach them to not trust certain people. You need God’s Divine help, to teach them the difference between who they can trust & who they must not trust. This is huge. Please mind God yourself so He can Guide in this great task. – 5/25/22

Pro 22.6

“Train up a child in the way he should go:

& when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

“The legalist believes

the supreme force behind salvation is you.”  

– Carl Eisenhart

MALE & FEMALE. Parents – look at a pic of your son. Really SEE it. What’s he wearing? Is the cut like feminine clothing? Are the colors feminine? Does the shirt, jacket, even pants (heaven forbid) have flowers? “Bryan, you’re being too picky.” As I see our young men looking less manly – I doubt it. Look at how he holds his hands. See how he has his feet – is that how a girl stands? How does he walk?  [Be honest.] Please Pray, Please give him the Male examples, Please raise a man – not a sis. – 5/26/22

“If man is not a free agent…God is as much the author of our actions

good or bad, as a show-man is the author of the actions of his puppets…”

– John Fletcher

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